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  1. I wouldn't expect them to go back on offers they have already made, but I'm sure there are still a fair few people on waitlists whose decisions won't yet have been made.
  2. A friend on mine in the US said that if things don't go back to normal in terms of travel fairly soon, it's conceivable that universities might decide to defer the places of all foreign students for a year and give out more places to American students for this year, the idea being that it's better to do it now and make sure they have a full class, rather than wait until August, find out that foreign students still can't enter the country and have a half-empty program for the year. Does this sound like something they could do or is a pre-emptive response like that out of the question?
  3. For waitlists, if you were on a waitlist and also have an offer from a lower ranked school, is it best to say/is there an advantage to saying which school and program it is that you have an offer from, or do they only expect you to tell them whether or not you have an offer that you would prefer over the waitlist school? Also if you were on the waitlists for two similar schools, is there any advantage to telling them both that you're on the other's waitlist, or do you risk them putting you further down the list if they think you might receive and accept an offer from somewhere else that they might perceive as better? Generally I figure that honesty is the best policy but it also feels like it would be easy to do something silly without realising it.
  4. Hello everyone, I have an offer from UW-Madison for the AAE PhD program (environmental/climate change economics track), but I'm struggling to get a feel for how it compares both to other agricultural/applied programs, and to other pure econ programs as well. I remember reading a comment somewhere that any US top 50 econ program would be better than AAE at Madison, which surprised me a little as the core courses are taught by the economics department which is a top 15 department, and then all of the faculty in the AAE department are specialised in their respective fields (agri/environmental/development), so I don't really understand why that would be the case. If I was interested in environmental economics then would I really be better off going to a top 50 school on a straight econ program? I understand that it's not a PhD from an economics department so you'd be less likely to achieve an academic placement in an economics department that doesn't have a particular focus on environmental economics, but given that could someone please help me to gauge how reputable the program is overall? As an example, how would you say that it would compare with a PhD in Environmental Economics from the LSE (the geography department program, not the Economics PhD)? Thank you in advance for any insight that may put my mind at rest one way or another!
  5. Has anyone heard anything from UNC-Chapel Hill? They're another one that's way overdue compared to last year.
  6. Does anyone know what the score is with UT-Austin? There were a few offers last night but not too many - do you think there will be more to come or is it likely to just be waitlist and rejections now?
  7. Thanks for that, I finally received that email myself about half an hour ago - this is an emotional rollercoaster!
  8. I've been put on the waitlist for Virginia, but I can see on GC that people are talking about a "strong" waitlist and a "not strong" waitlist - does anyone know how I could tell which one I'm on?
  9. There were only two posts for Economics at Cornell on GC, they were both a while ago and posted at the same time so maybe they were fake. Even if they weren't, clearly they still haven't given out the bulk of their offers so fingers crossed! I'm hoping the responses will keep coming this week, I've still only heard from 3 out of 14 places (5 out of 14 if you include implicit rejections) and the suspense is really wearing me down...
  10. Institution: Yale University Program: PhD Economics Decision: Rejected Funding: NA Date: 02/17/2020 Notified through: Website
  11. Does anyone know if we're likely to hear anything tomorrow, or will everywhere be shut because of President's Day?
  12. Should I be reading this as an implicit rejection from Vanderbilt as well now?
  13. Do you think we ought to expect to hear from anywhere today, or are we now looking to next week for the pain to continue?
  14. If it's an implicit rejection when everyone else hears back and you don't, why don't they just make it an explicit rejection and tell you at the same time?
  15. Bummer :( Well done to everyone who got an offer.
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