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May 23,30 Games Workshop NYC


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Hello all,


I am holding a logic games workshop on May 23rd and 30th in NYC. I graduated from Columbia Law, and scored in the 99th Percentile of the test. I have been tutoring for many years, and am looking to help others at a discount!

The workshop will be 16 hrs of intensive care dealing games. I will teach how to quickly set up the games, answer questions faster, and increase your accuracy. This is an intensive, small group workshop. Thus I can help you all on an intimate level.

As it is over two Saturdays, I will give you homework for the week- and you can figure out your weaknesses. On the next Saturday we can go over them and help put you over the top.

Even if you have taken a class before, this is still for you. My method is different. I have taken what I learned from Powerscore and created my own unique method that I know can help everyone out on this section.

After this lesson, you will know its the easiest section!


If interested please email me

at info@axistestprep.com

or call at (800) 758-0986



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