"Both the development of technological tools and the uses to which humanity has put them have created modern civilizations in which loneliness is ever increasing."

In today's fast growing world, technology does have its impact on the modern civilizations. Although it has several disadvantages in the field of environmental and health issues, it has more advantages towards the easy lifestyle a human could ever have. It is because of the modern technological tools which are increasing in both quality and quantity, we humans using them do benefit from them. One such way in which they help us is by decreasing our loneliness amongst one another. I am presenting three examples before you which i feel convincing enough for us to use the modern technological tools.

Firstly, due to the increase in the academic as well as corporate competition in today's generations, we tend to move away from our homes to some another locality. Having moved here, we tend to get lonely at times. But, by using modern devices like a web-camera or a microphone with the aid of an internet connection and a compatible computer system, we are able to communicate with our loved ones within no time. Using modern technological devices like a cellphone also helps us decrease our loneliness. Also, having devices like radio and television sets, people using them are less lonely as compared to people not using them.

Having mentioned earlier, due to the increase in distances because of various reasons, one might feel the need to visit his/her relatives, friends or even some places where he would love to spend some time thinking about special moments. Inorder to decrease this loneliness, use of modern technological vehicles like a car, bike or an airplane for example would help him him reach his desired place in a relatively less amount of time as he would without the aid of any of these.

In the earlier generations, having nearly no means of transporting a parcel to another location other than to transfer it by land and on foot, if someone would be missing the company of a desired person and wished to interact with him/her through any sort of a parchment or a letter, it would nearly take this letter 3-4 months to be delivered on the other side of the globe. Whereas, in today's modern civilization, availing the use of faster means of communication like delivering the letter by using airways as a medium, it takes nearly one-fourth of the time it took earlier. Hence, decreasing the wait for the arrival in letter would mean decrease in loneliness .

Clearly, by stating the above examples, we see that despite of technology having its disadvantages in other fields, it certainly has its advantages in the field of communication thus preventing loneliness from increasing.