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Thread: Characteristics of Good Parents: Please correct my essay. Thanks:)

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    Characteristics of Good Parents: Please correct my essay. Thanks:)

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    1. What are the characteristics of a good parent? (Word Count 351)

    Parents play a major role in the life of a child. Although, the invention of so many toys and the influence of peers have greatly affected childrenís behavior of modern time, parents with good traits can use these influences to mold the personality and behavior of a child for the good. I believe that ideal parents should be of good moral character, good listener and patience.

    Parents should have good moral character, because they are the role models of children. It has been known that children are the reflection of their parentís trait. For instance, my parents do not smoke, gamble or drink. They express virtue in all their actions. They taught us how to respect to elders, and be sensitive to other peopleís feelings all the time. They have been my idol all my life, because they were able to raised six children so well and none of us went astray.

    Furthermore, being a good listener is very important. When parents have time to listen to their children, the communication is open between parties. To illustrate, my brother failed his science subject in school. My parents did not judge or scold him, instead they talked to him and listened to his concerns. They found out that he did not understand his lesson well because of his assigned seat. He was sitting next to an air conditioner, and it bothered him.

    Having patience has a lot to do with parenting. Although children behavior gets out of hand sometimes due to certain issues like mood, parents exert extra mile of patience to comfort them with love and care. For example, my sister when she was in her elementary years, she refused to attend school. My mother was always late for work, because of my sisterís action. She would always try to bribe her with something so she would go into class.

    Parenting is a tough job comes with big responsibility. Therefore it is crucial that parents should have outstanding character, a good listener and patience, so that they would have wonderful children.

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    hi ..you have written well giving examples from thy personal life.
    you should pay little more emphasis on grammar

    i too agree that parents should be patient and be level headed.
    children too shuld be more open towards sharing their feelings with their parents obeying them whenever they something if they feel their children are doing wrong..
    mutual understanding has to be there on either side.

    u can also give examples of nowadays students becoming addicted to drugs and porn etc due to lack of proper parent counseling.
    they have started dictating their parents.

    anyways well written..
    hope u do well...

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    Hi thanks for your comments. Will you point out to me my grammar mistakes? Thanks will greatly appreciate your effort.

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