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Thread: New born baby : Essay the Third ;)

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    New born baby : Essay the Third ;)

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    Imagine that you are preparing for a trip. You plan to be away from your
    home for a year. In addition to clothing and personal care items, you can
    take one additional thing. What would you take and why? Use specific
    reasons and details to support your choice.

    Preparing a one-year trip is certainly more complicated than a 2 weeks holidays for knowing what I will bring. If I have the choice, I'll go to South America a continent that I have never been before. Indeed, place is limited thus my choice goes to a personal diary because one must remember the cultures, sceneries and people during the trip, so as to note down, to gather the information to prevent from forgetting them and to expose them to our friends once I am back.

    Making a one-year trip will surely be the occasion for me to discover a whole range of interesting things that is why they must be noted down in a diary. Not only will I need to note down the description of what I will see, the diary is a tool to put down my emotions and feelings at the moment during which I will be experiencing them. Notes will be classified chronologically and pictures can later be added when needed. People I meet will have the opportunity to write some words for me as well as contact information for further communication. Overall, the diary's purpose will ressemble to a second back-up memory since a one-year trip is really long adding to the fact that, as for me, my memory is not the brightest of all.

    Furthermore, when we go for a one-year trip, it always comes to an end. And when we come back to our home town and meet the old friends, the diary will be the tool to show and expose what we have seen as well as a way to remember all the good times I had. It will serve the purpose of a souvenir.

    So if there is one more thing to bring for a long trip, my choice will go to a diary. It is a tool that will help me to save my experiences and thoughts on paper as well as to present my trip to my family and friends once I'll be back. Of course, a personal diary for a one-year trip will surely be very heavy and contain lots of pages but that is another story ...

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    Re: New born baby : Essay the Third ;)

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