I will likely be attending a 100-150 RePEc ranked institution in Canada in fall 2018 for an MA degree. I wasn't able to get into Toronto and haven't heard back from Western, although I doubt I will get in here. I have a pretty low undergrad GPA (3.0) with grades all over the place:
My Profile:
Calculus B+, Calculus of Several Variables A, Linear Algebra B+, Intro to Proofs A-, Stats I A-, Stats II C, Differential Equations C, Groups and Symmetries B+, Vector Calculus C-, Combinatorics B-
Intro Economics B+, Intermediate Micro (No grade basis), Intermediate Macro C-, Urban Economics A, Public Economics A, Econometrics A+, Advanced Micro A+, Advanced Macro B+.

My question is what should I do with the MA? Let's assume best case scenario and I get very high marks in the MA for which I am confident I can as well as high GRE scores. Do I have any chance at a top 30 Ph.D. in my field? Or even top 50 Ph.D.? I want to end up in academia somewhere that is strong in my field. My fields of interest are in econometrics, micro theory, and experimental economics.

If I cannot get into such a program should I take some time off to get some research experience with professors or work in government?