Although sound moral judgment is an important characteristic of an effective leader, it is not as important as a leader’s ability to maintain the respect of his or her peers.

Judging soundly the moral characteristics and maintaing the respect of peers are not same thing for a leader . Firstly, Judging moral characteritics gives the leader a unique quality that how fine he can give a decision regarding a factor . People can recognize a leader through the observation of his judging capabilities by this way . Again people also able to know how moral judgemental facts lies inside that leader. Its helps to bring enough faith for a leader if one is right in his ethics,norms and responsibilities. A leader himself know him better than outside people,thus applying moral characteristics during judgement of a issue is very important. Ensuring equal right for all people can only be get when a jugde is at its best ,right and responsible mood. Only in this situation authentic decision regarding a issue can be find from a judge.
On the other hand, It is not the only responsibility for a judge to give moral judgement but also to respect his peers . Respecting the fellows is an important factor in a human life . Because its not everything that i am performing my duties , so thats all. But one judge should also have a corner in his mind for respecting his peers. It will give him the accceptability to the mass people .People will be happy with such behave from judge because it satisfies their expected demand. Though it is found that many of our leader dont recognize the people after going to top managerial position , thus from this situation ,getting proper judgement become tough sometimes. If a judge remember in his mind that , we all are people of same flesh blood , so we should respect each other .And only when we can culture this in our mind and daily life ,we can be a real human being.
So,we should all try to be a good human while most of us try to be a leader and wants money,power . But being a true leader with moral characteristics and good respect to the peers will make a leader a perfect leader with enough human qualities. We will shoutly then tell , its a true leader .