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  1. hi barath nice to see you here. when are u planing to take otr?
  2. Hi all, I am planning to give the otr in a month or two. I graduated in the UK and now practising as OT in acute hospital setting. I would like to be in with this forum and stay in touch with the otr exam takers.
  3. hye rash, congrats, finaly u are in the line.. cheers. love to hear a lot more from you. I am gonna start preparing for otr now..
  4. samdav7

    Study Help

    Hi donna, Cottrel book is a concised info from all the books!! Few suggested me to onlygo through the cottrel book!! That isn't enough!! I would suggest you to brush up Willard, Trombley and other books too!! Regards, sam
  5. Hyee roddy, thanks for th power point u had sent!!Couldnt reply you back!!! The test question sounds moderate and would require more trying questions to practice!! Sam
  6. Hi Rashmi, In response to the e mail i had sent to NBCOT the director has replied stating no new sylabus were added nor did the exam pattern has changed. They have only done an analysis of exisitng practice!! But, that doesn't affect the exam sylabus!! NBCOT has published the new NBCOT prep guide 2007 Edition and has added test taking strategies ,adult learning that would help to prepare. The new guide is to take much time to reach you after you order!! Me in India, is gonna take much time to get it purchased!! Would be good if someone can send the sample prep exams thro mail!! I havefew other practice CDs.If someone is interested can e mail me to samdav7@hotmail.com Watchout guys!!! There are many fake nbcot prep guides in the market! Dont get cheated!!Many clear majorly by getting the original nbcot guide. So, keep going!!! And, sorry folks its been quite some time I visited this forum!! Regards, sam
  7. Hi, I heard from somone saying that Courses equivalent to pg courses are considered, provided credential evaluation is done and is accepted. But don know if this a valid information. Contact nbcot for more details!! Regards, sam
  8. samdav7

    Study Help

    HElloo all,, In case someone is looking to be in touch with me, kinldy do so to my hotmail id: samdav7@hotmail.com. I would be able to communicate bettter thugh it!! Sory for few pals i couldnt reply!!! sam
  9. samdav7

    Study Help

    Hi shing, please look into the nbcot site in the exam candidates form.
  10. I have few CDs but they are no way near to the exam standards! Not even the nbcot prep cd sampler! Hve u got the 2007 nbcot prep guide? Yes, i followed the fleming's!! The questions were more on Spinal injuries, approach oriented qs, much focu were on treatment and eval than on documntn and basics. A question has two conditions ni a single patient, asesment revealing a problem and pt needs his need prioritised for Rx. wchih would be approp!!These were the kinds most times.Very few were direct and moderate to answer!! I am in chennai and if things goes well should leave U.S.So, which batch are u? Who do u know in S.R.M? Where ar u now? Are u working? Have u filed ur H1B? sam :)
  11. Hye Rashmi, I am from S.R.M coll. WEll, the exam was quite different thatn the ones ni simulated CDs. The nbcot prep guide isnt enough to prepare. They have added few more topic to the sylabus and the questions were more concentrated.. When are u giving the exam?
  12. Hyee Resh, nice to know about you. I just gave the exam 5 days before an the exam was quite tuff. Should be booking for the exam soon. Do update urs!! Cheerss!! :tup: sam
  13. samdav7

    Study Help

    Hii guyss!! I am new to the thread!!! Regards to all!!!! sammy
  14. samdav7

    Study Help

    Hi kim, I am sam from India. I gave otr exam on April 3rd.It was very very tuff. They had revised the sylabus. No book in market will help clearing. sam
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