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  1. Hi everyone long time since i visit the site again. Anyway, took the exam last july and fortunately, i passed it. THANK GOD!!! The reviwers i used were Cottrell (old edition, copyright 2002), sladyk (again, old edition) and johnson (as you have predicted..... old edition). I reviewed for a month and the first two weeks I devoted it to cottrell. the third week and fourth is for the johnson and sladyk. I did not memorize as what my friend had said. I just tried to understand what the really is the question of the question in the reviewer and after answering the review exam I make it a point to read the explanation and really understood why it was the answer. Also, i also tried to understand why the other answers in the multiple choice are not the answers. I hope this help to those who are planning to take the exam. Best of luck!! and most of all MAY GOD BLESS YOU!!!
  2. Hello OTR! This information was emailed to me which was taken from the NBCOT: NBCOT® Policy Change for International Occupational Therapist Eligibility Determination (IOTED) Program On January 1, 2007, the following change to the education criteria of the NBCOT International Occupational Therapist Eligibility Determination (IOTED) Program will take effect: All occupational therapists applying for eligibility to take the NBCOT Certification Examination must have successfully graduated from a post-baccalaureate accredited occupational therapy professional program recognized by NBCOT . Programs should be accredited by either the Accreditation Council for Occupational Therapy Education (ACOTE) of the American Occupational Therapy Association or the World Federation of Occupational Therapists (WFOT). As a result of this policy change, December 31, 2006 is the last date that NBCOT will accept any new or reactivated IOTED applications from occupational therapists holding diploma/baccalaureate degrees. Active applications from diploma/baccalaureate applicants that are approved to take the NBCOT Certification Examination for OCCUPATIONAL THERAPIST REGISTERED OTR®, will be given a one-year period—until December 31, 2007—to take and pass the examination. Candidates who do not take and pass the examination by this deadline will be required to repeat the eligibility determination process, and must meet the new education criteria. This examination deadline also applies to repeating candidates who have failed prior exam attempts. Inactive applications from diploma/baccalaureate applicants that are on file at NBCOT as of December 31, 2006, will become permanently closed from further review. I hope this will help. mel
  3. Hello fellow OTs i am very happy that we have a forum here in test magic. [dance] [bounce] THANKS NISHA!!! :tup: I am now reviewing for NBCOT exam. I hope i will pass it. please pray for me.:luck2: In regard to the toefl /tse, what i can advise is that just visit the tse forum here in testmagic. its really a great help. just follow the advice of those people who had taken the exam and passed it. the twe part of the toefl exam, i also used this site to guide me on how to compose an essay in an appropriate, passable twe essay. as for the nbcot requirement, as I know of, one should complete all the requirements before taking the exam. if one has submitted the toefl score to nbcot and has not yet passed the tse, then they will inform the person what else should be completed. if the nbcot have already received the scores from ets then they will inform the applicant. I hope our other fellow OTs will give us information, advices and other helpful tips in order to pass the nbcot. Thanks very much and God bless us all. mel [banana]
  4. mel


    HI everybody! I am very happy that I stumbled in this website. I was surfing the web last night and I happen to read the forum. I, too, have my share of failure and also have many questions regarding TSE questions and how to answer them. I would like to know if someone could help me on how can I begin my answer to the questions. I find it difficult in starting to answer the questions because I am very nervous. What are the effective approaches in beginning your answer/opinion? I am very anxious in my coming exam this May because it will be my third take. It costs me a lot. I got 45 in my previous exams. [V] I hope someone will help me in this matter. Thanks very much. Also I would like to congratulate Sixto in passing the exam. [banana] I am also from the Philippines and I am very proud that a fellow Filipino has passed. I am an Occupational therapist here. Thanks every one and please do pray for me. only me, mel :)
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