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  1. I just subscribed to your TOEFL Speaking Mentor but unfortunately I haven't received any e-mail to go to your link or website. I sent an e-mail but got no reply.My mail's address is longbien86@gmail.com. Please check this for me. Please check renshaw's site all the recordings are new now, the old ones were all erased. Why? that is my question and Mr. Jason never replied to any of my inquiries.
  2. Hi Mr. Renshaw, it's been sometime now since I registered with your site... and I feel that if you really have problems with it the best is for you NOT TO accept students because instead of helping us to make it good in the exam, we are instead thinking of what really happened to your site and our payments to you. We are caught in this bad situation you made for us and it's so unfair because we have done all the things that you told us to do but it seems you are not serious in replying to your student's concern. Like what you said you are doing your best, I subscribed with your site since October and only now have I heard from you. How much more time should we wait for you? It's best, I believe for all us, for you to just return our payments instead, rather than letting us stand in the dark not knowing what will happen next. Anytime that you think you site is fully functional you can always email us and from there we will decide if we still want your service.
  3. thanks knok sorry for the late reply schedules during the christmas season is really crazy... yup i was really looking forward to jason's site for help on my exam. Two months after I subscribed to his site still no answer from him.. We'll I have you guys to give me real motivation to pass this exam.... God bless
  4. Congratulation! You are really a help us to be motivates by your story. Can you give details On your speaking pattern? I took it couple of times too and I always end up With a score of 24 on my speaking. thanks
  5. hi knok, I read almost all your posting and I discovered that you also watched jason renshaw's site. I dont know but I subscribe to his site and sadly to say I have a bad experience with him. I started last october and I noticed jason didn't scored his subscriber's voxopop recording since two months ago. I tried to email him 3x but so far I haven't received any reply from him. I asked for a refund on my payment on my last email but still no reply. Hope Jason will give attention to this problem of his tutorial site and not just let his subscribers be walking in the dark . Be responsible enough to reply to subscriber"s inquiry and complaints.
  6. hi Knok, finding an internship is really hard. My friends from new york and florida said that it is still best for you to seek international recruiter. Try to find one through net and try to get intership if you are willing to relocate to the eastern part of US. Thanks for the info, God willing I'll pass this. Please Keep me posted incase you find one. God Bless!!!!!
  7. Sototo

    ETS study

    Pharmaddict Thanks for such wonderful advice. I have problems with vocabulary too will google the books you mentioned and hopefully I would be able to get the 26 points for speaking. Thanks again and God bless!
  8. Libau If may memory serves me right nabp cancelled the two years policy for passers of fpgee. Just to be sure write a letter directly to nabp. I think i'll be in the same predicament if I dont pass this exam too. Wishing you all the best career and health. God bless.
  9. Hi Rainy_cloud I saw this site before I took my fifth toefl exam last october but still I got 24 It's really very frustrating on my part. Should we use our own words when summarizing the question 3 to 6? My score for these four questions are always 2.5 to 3 and not enough for me to get a 26. Im really scared to take it again though I really have to finish the exam before oct of next year. Please help me. Thanks
  10. Hi knok, Congratulations for passing the toefl. I know how you feel because I have the same predicament like yours And i'm glad you overcomed the exam. Can you please give me some advice i've been getting 24 for my speaking. My score for the two independent task are not bad 3.5 to 4 but i usually get 2.5 to 3 for the rest. It's been so frustrating and i would really appreciate your help. Thanks in advance. I'm making it my number 1 goal for 2011 to pass this. God bless.
  11. Hi guys I'm desperately in need of advice for the teofl speaking section. I have taken the exam six times and I always get 23 or 24. Can somebody give me advice how to answer questions 3 to 6. My score for these questions are always 2.5 to 3. Helllppppp.
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