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  1. Hello all, If anyone has the latest Mercer Pharmacy Compensation Survey (Salary survey) 2011, or access to it, can you please share it with me? I really need it and am willing to share its costs. Regards, Rhea.
  2. Passed..score 118...does the score matter? Now I just hope someone somewhere sponsors my H1 and gives me internship! Any updates on which chains might sponsor H1s currently?
  3. Hi guys, Just done with TOEFL. I bought the latest Kaplan book in Sept, gave the test in Oct and now would like to sell the book. The book is in mint condition, not a mark on it, just used it for 15-20 days. Also comes with 3 CD ROMS and 4 full size practice tests. PM me if interested. cheers!
  4. Hi guys, Im happy I scored a good 116 in my first attempt and Im done with it (R and L: full 30, W:29 and S:27). I generally don't post, but reading through some of the posts helped me, so I thought I should be useful to others too.. 1. The Kaplan book helped me a lot. Though many prefer Barrons, I went through both and found Kaplan to be very systematic and helpful. Nevertheless, whichever book u decide to follow, make sure to go through it in detail and not just skim, even if u think u dont need to study English. I have realised that just knowing good English does not help in the iBT...U need to be well versed in the pattern of the exam. 2. Pay special attention to the Speaking section. I needed a high 26 on it. Just being able to speak in English isnt enough in iBT; u need to be able to think real quick and then get everything right the first time u even think it, because there isnt time enuf to improvise....so just search for as many speaking topics as u can, in the books, on websites and practice a lot...and yes, practice with a timer! For speaking, i found all the links for youtube given in this forum real helpful...thanks to all the guys who posted it! 3. I didnt have any issues with R and L, I guess like most Indians educated in English. 4. For Writing, i would def recommend the format given in Kaplan. It was much better and impressive than any other I came across on the net or in other books. 5. And yes, like it was mentioned in some video on the youtube, format for the first speaking section has really changed..and I think its for the better...now the question has become more specific... All the best to all everyone!
  5. Thanks a ton, Toni :) Its getting clearer now..
  6. Hi i too live in the bay area..santa clara... did u guys decide on something?
  7. Hi mission 2010, I too am from India. Did u send your original degree certificate or an attested and sealed photocopy of it? Also, what did u do fro the registration certificate? did u send the original or an attested and sealed photocopy? Did the Maha state pharmacy council agrree to stamp and seal your copy?
  8. Hi Toni, Im planning to take the Sept 2010 exam, and was a bit confused about the documents requirements. I have a couple of questions to ask you. 1. Did you send both the transcripts to ECE? 2. Did u send TWO originals of the registration certificate and proofs of degree? or did u send only 1...obviously everyone is generally issued only 1 original...but the NABP website asks for 2 copies...so i was wondering if u have to somehow get 2 originals issued from ur issuing bodies (which would be quite a pain)...or you can send 1 original and 1 notarized copy.....or 2 notarized copies will also do? Please do reply, as my confusion is really mounting reading all the posts :) thanks, Rhea pharmacist.
  9. Hi all, Im new to this forum and interested in taking the sept 2010 exam. I just bought the CPR book. Im from India and interested in joining your study group. Btw, I did put in a request to join your FB grp. SO is anyone based in CA bay area? If so, do let me know, maybe we can study together. Did any of you start with the application process yet? Collecting all the documents seems to be a long process... Rhea pharmacist
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