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  1. I finally got into Chicago Harris with full funding, but then I realized the program wasn't really what I thought. So I decided to go elsewhere, in a different field.
  2. First of all, congratulations to those who are admitted! Since I am wait-listed and trying to figure out the odds of my getting off the waiting list, I would really appreciate it if you could let me know whether you would take the offer. Also, it would be great if you don't mind sharing the funding information too. (you'd do me a huge favor by replying to this thread or PMing me). From past results it seems nobody got off the waiting list last year. Going more years back it appears that the chances of wait-listed candidates being admitted were in general very slim too.
  3. Are you going to accept the offer? I have been wait-listed and want to figure out my chance of being admitted off the waiting list. Thanks!
  4. I didn't get a call either. I take that as an implicit reject!
  5. Are placement records and job prospects of the grads of those schools also a concern for you? I do feel skeptical about them, especially when the funding situation is not very clear.
  6. Also, as an MA student you can take the exact same courses as the MFE's (except the MGT courses in securities and corporate financing, which are courses that do not help you get into a Econ PhD program. Maybe they help a little if you apply to a PhD in Finance). Also the MFE is still too expensive. The paid internship and TAship together don't even cover all your tuition and fees, let alone your living expenses.
  7. Harris sent out their admission offers (3 PhD offers) yesterday afternoon. Impending rejection awaits me. They are also releasing decisions for Masters on Monday, but I don't even think I would get an offer for the Masters program either (maybe an unfunded offer, but an offer without funding is no better than no offer at all). Oh well, it seems like I should stick with doing a PhD in Marketing.
  8. Did you also apply to UofT's MA Economics? If you want to eventually do a PhD in Economics, I would suggest UofT MA Econ. It is really the best "stepping stone" program you can get in Canada if you want to get into the "big four" Canadian Eocn PhD programs and top 30 programs in the US. Given your profile, it's very likely that you will be admitted into the Doctoral Stream MA, which offers full funding (about $26,500 last year, covers full tuition and leaves a stipend of 16k). Another advantage of that is you get to take PhD level courses, and if you do well in those courses, you will almost certainly be offered a spot in UofT's own PhD program. The MFE is designed for people wanting to have a career in the finance industry rather than pursing a career in academia. It's more of a professional degree. To be honest I don't think it makes any sense for you to do an MFE especially given that your goal is to do an Econ PhD. Duke MA is way too expensive for what it's worth, and no body really does MA's in the US. So do an MA at one of the "Big Fours" in Canada: UofT, Queen's, Western, UBC, and then apply for a PhD in the US. This way you can avoid incurring any costs and you end up with a much stronger profile too.
  9. Decision letters have been made available since March 3rd. I saw mine online already.
  10. Chicago Harris made two PhD offers today! I guess that's it. They are done for the year. What made me think I might have a chance? So bummed.:cower:
  11. Yeah just saw that. Two admits. I guess they are done. And I am done too.
  12. Thanks! I re-tweeted that tweet @HarrisAdmission and wonder if Jeremy will respond to that. The PhD program had a much earlier deadline (Dec 1st!) and yet it seems Masters admission is their priority. :(
  13. Just wondering what people think about USC Marshall's marketing program? My impression is that it's a tier 2 program with some good faculty. Also I've heard only bad things about the safety issues of the neighborhood where the campus is located.
  14. Yes I applied to the PhD program and checked off the option for consideration for the MPP program if not admitted into the PhD program. I emailed Maggie a while back, and she said she would expect admission decisions to go out in early March, which is supposed to be this week. But according to past results on GC, either people got their rejections on March 8 or they were left to rot in limbo indefinitely. Quite a few people were still left in the dark in June last year. I am aware of that single rejection on GC and so I was just wondering if anyone else has heard from Harris since then. And yes, I know that admitted students will get a visit day in early April.
  15. This is not exactly the right forum for a thread about a public policy program, but I am just wondering if anyone has any experience with or information on the PhD Public Policy program at Chicago Harris (also the MPP program)? To be honest I am getting desperate. I started a thread in the poli sci forum but it's been dead for a while. I emailed Maggie but there's no response. I even thought of emailing the program director, but I guess that's probably inappropriate.
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