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  1. Hello everyone, I received offers from the following master's courses in the UK and would be really interested in some comments about what might be the best route to take in my situation. Specifically, what I'm interested in are topics in macro modelling and computational economics, econometrics (especially time series) and machine learning and its applications to econometrics. My offers are for these courses: Oxford MPhil Economics LSE MSc Econometrics and Mathematical Economics (EME) UCL MSc Machine Learning Cambridge MPhil Economic Research I know there are already tons of posts comparing the relative merits of the LSE EME and Oxford, Cambridge etc. but what I don't really know is whether I might not be better off doing an MSc in Machine Learning rather than the more traditional economics courses since I think they have very little, if any, coverage on the computational and ML side. The EME might be the exception since I could do modules in the stats department on modern computational methods. Also, does anyone know of potential PhD programmes that have strengths in these areas? Would I lower my chances of getting into a top US PhD programme doing an MSc in Machine Learning rather than the EME? Or could that be a strength because it would give me the preparation to use these tools in my research? At the moment I am still undecided between LSE, UCL and Oxford. (I think the Oxford programme dominates Cambridge for me - am I wrong?) Funding is another issue - and should I get a scholarship for any of the three programmes I am likely going to do that. Thanks very much for your help!
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