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  1. Thank you, YaSvoboden. I appreciate the insights and hope to hear TaxPhD's thoughts on this matter as well. As a follow up, I have a couple more burning questions: 1. I have a plethora of quantitative subjects from undergrad and grad schools, with fairly strong GPA for both (3.8-3.9). My concern is that both programs are from D2 state schools with little emphasis on research. And, of course, it's been almost 10 years that I opened a statistics textbook last. Is there any way to compensate for this lack of pedigree while compared to other applicants? Clearly neither factor has affected my very strong growth in public accounting but academia is a different animal. E.g., what GMAT score should I aim for? 2. Do schools welcome "practice oriented" research? What I mean is that I would like to capitalize on my experience to research topics that are currently "trending" in the real world and will have a long lasting impact on the capital markets whether we like it or not. Think digitilization, data analytics, AI and robotics, etc. but all in the tax realm. Thanks!
  2. Hello everyone, To give you a quick background, I have almost 8 years of corporate tax experience at a Big4. I am considering a move to academia but, due to personal reasons, will start the application process next year. I hope that this forum will shed some light on a few questions that I have. Any recommendations on programs that have strong interest in tax research? Most of the research papers published by schools that I have seen so far (granted I just looked at a few schools) are focused on financial accounting / capital markets. Is it worth pursuing only those programs that have been publishing in tax (which I would prefer), or do I need to "branch out" to other accounting fields, i.e., FA, audit to broaden the pool. Correct me if I am wrong, but as far as I can tell from the discussions on this forum, practical work experience doesn't play that much of a role once you are past the 2-3 year mark. Would 9 years of public accounting actually hinder my chances of acceptance by T40? Thanks much!
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