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  1. Yeah I can find their Phd placement but could not find their just masters placement and it is crucial since 2/3 of the students fail. I also wanted to ask since their econometric courses are strong so doo they act as a good pathway for phd programs in USA as compared to BGSE?
  2. I have a dual degree in Economics and Engineering. I had not motivation in my first year that's why I didn't perform well in preparatory mathematic courses and then got interested in economics. I have performed decently in the engineering courses that used the preparatory mathematics, so I think I have a decent knowledge of mathematics required of Phd. My full profile is: Type of degree: Integrated first degree (Msc Economics + Bachelor of Engineering in Electronics and Instrumentation) from reputed university for Engineering in Indai Undergrad GPA: 7.31/10 GRE: 169 Q 159 V Math Courses: Calc 1~3, Linear Algebra, Diff Eq, Probability Research Experience: Personal RA to professors, Thesis, two publications in tier 2 journals
  3. I have got admit from MSc economics program at BGSE (not advanced track) got rejection from their Phd track and also from master of economic analysis program at UC3M. Economic analysis program at UC3M leads to their PhD program but I am not sure how good their PhD program as it doesn't seem they have a good placement records but they pay a monthly stipend of 900 euros. I was wondering how good BGSE's master program to prepare for a good PhD program in either US or Europe? as I had horrible grades in mathematics in undergrad. Also how much sense it makes to go to BGSE instead of a PhD track program and waste additional one year after graduation for application to PhD programs and then enter one? PS: I am not from Spain
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