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  1. gre-download.blogspot.com check this site, can find many useful stuff...
  2. hey no one on Earth is giving GRE Chemistry Test? Just at least give a click if yes...plz
  3. Hi, I was wondering anyone is taking gre chemistry test by 12th nov 2011?
  4. guys, yeah everybody - " GRE landers + visitors " are aware that there revised gre test is coming up as " aficionado" says just toring the current gre with the so to say revised one... my concern is that well, in academic view - its perfect, no words. as a matter of fact, there is no solid material and it will not be untill mid July 2011, before the tsunami... so is it enough just to conceive ourselves, telling hey man new test is coming up, relax there is 50 discount etc, to take the exam ? power prep 2, is just a start up material, so what you say ? please write somethings )
  5. Cjherren, thx for the reply, there meaning as the owner i just meant "putting the zip files into amazing order". well, its time to back to the quiz. have best study times ~
  6. Cjherren, yeah one thing to ask, being the owner of the quiz what strategy you suggest. first of all, look up the list then do the quiz or what? i`d appreciate any suggestions. those 3500 list is the biggest thing on my list those days ~
  7. Cjherren, just downloaded the programm, and voila ~ it`s perfect. as you said, 20+hours. nice job. thx again. when you giving up the gre. mine is by 1st nov and its so little time left ~
  8. Cjherren, nice job. frankly to say, umh what is the extension i mean which programm opening those files saved in zip files, txt or what? i just opened with txt format, just only vocabulary went out, not the quiz you promised :) anyway, write back
  9. hey, yeah me too, just little bit looked for Lehninger. well, are you following the List if ETS for Biochemistry and Molecular Biology on Subject test? or just studying?
  10. hey, same stuff also giving decent scores, around V:450-550, Q:500-600. but i believe that if its harder, on the real gre everything will be ok and as well expected
  11. meyerk in the link below, you can find very useful materials for your gre study. just go to the main window, and you can find useful sources for both verbal and quantitative. best studies Dr Raju's Institute of Graduate Studies Abroad :: Index
  12. nice job mine is by 1st november. hey how about subject test, you wont take it or what?
  13. nice job mine is by 1st november. hey how about subject test, you wont take it or what?
  14. @daniella my gre subject test on biochemistry is on 13th november. which materials you are studying? it`d useful for me, because i really need some study partner or at least some advice on subject test. thanks
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