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  1. Hi, there are certain things you need to take into consideration. Firstly, most people only went to one of the two so the comparison doesn't make much sense. Secondly, considering the class size of GSE, which is 288 in my cohort, it is unreasonable to expect the same rate of placement as CEMFI, who has a cohort of 25. Thirdly, GSE has renewed their program structure which explicitly required people interested in doing PhD taking advanced sequences now. Fourthly, GSE has a much larger faculty arsenal and the research fields they are covering are almost everything now. Fifthly, full funding from GSE means a lot, since it's only 10 out of 300 students, and this will give you some advantage. Sixthly, given your research interests, GSE is definitely a better place to go. They have interesting people in macro and political. CEMFI does not. Lastly, I graduated from GSE and I am definitely biased and asymmetrically informed. Best
  2. Institution: CEMFI Program: Masters in Economics and Finance Decision: Rejected Funding: N/A Notification date: 04/01/2013 Notified through: Email Posted on GC: No Comments: Rejected by the same place for two consecutive years.
  3. Institution: Warwick Program: Econ MRes/PhD 2+4 Decision: Accepted Funding: Full TW + Stipend 10k for the first two years Notification date: 03/30/2013 Notified through: Email Posted on GC: Yes Comments: Kept on Waitlist for 3 days...Will probably attend...
  4. Institution: Warwick Program: Econ MRes/PhD Decision: Waiting List Notification date: 3/27/2013 Notified through: Email Posted on GC: Will do Comments: I thought I would get an outright acceptance. I have a higher master score than any of current students there with same degree.
  5. Most are true still, but placement is not super good anymore because of systematic risk..more and more people apply for a PhD these years..... They really care about students, all my friends there say so...
  6. I'm a GSE student. And I'm assure you that the first semester courses are not that difficult. As it for second semester, well, you can choose. The standard choice for PhD enrollment is adv micro, macro, metric methods. However, you can substitute one of them with field courses, which are excellent! As for micro part, we have increasing strength in behavioral/experimental economics. We also have some reputation in network. For other parts, hum........it's hard to say. I mean, we have some faculties doing labor, public, urban, political, but none of them are big names yet. Finally, I would like to comment on the structure. The structure here is super flexible. You can simply avoid doing advanced macro in your 2 years if you are not interested in them. Just choose standard master macro and then acing the exam. The whole point is to get more than 8.5 in your first two semesters. But I believe 8 is sufficient if you took adv micro+macro+metric method I in your second semester. Or if you get super grades in field courses, I think it will also do. Talking about the stress. I don't think it is that stressful here. You can always find some weekends go to the beach. But the real stressful thing here is rarely do people speak English! But most speak French, so I guess if you come from French speaking part of Canada, you will be fine. Well. I don't have much to comment on now. Hope that helps.
  7. They will send rejections after all slots are full.
  8. CEMFI sent out first round of offers at third week of Feb, and deadline of reply are set at 11 March, but they can ask for extension to 18th March. It is said the second round should be out around 11 March. Third round I guess would be 25 March, fourth round around 10 April and etc. Good Luck!
  9. Institution: LSE Program: MRes/PhD Economics Track 1 Decision: Rejected Funding: NA Notification date: 03/13/13 Notified through: website Posted on GC: YES Comments: Expected result....
  10. nothing on funding...best luck for your funding application to Ox! : )
  11. For those of you who hold an offer from UCL, please keep in mind that the 4 week deadline does not apply. U can reply until the start of the course. But to make it sure, please email the officer to confirm. I am not responsible for any consequences if you don't ask by yourselves. : ) Best of luck to rest applications and funding applications.
  12. Institution: Tilburg Program: Econ PhD Decision: Rejected Funding: I guess no : ) Notification date: 03/12/2013 Notified through: I emailed the Director, and he told me the result Posted on GC: Yes Comments: Well, one of my dream school, but reality always sucks. At least I was waitlisted last year, I thought I had a chance this time...Apparently not....
  13. They said 15-18 students enrolled.
  14. It was. But rules changed this year, as I was told by my referee at UK. Besides, I've applied for one. And my friend has applied for two. Neither of us are from Europe.
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