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  1. please evaluate my profile: masters in computer science: from st xavier's college kolkata(autonomous),calcutta university->72.42%(highest was 81.5%) bachelors in computer science honours calcutta university->68.25%(marks are usually low) class XII(ISc)->82% class X(ICSE)->80% papers:submitted one,awaiting acceptance on a modified version of merge sort with a best case of O(n) projects: i) uncharted terrain navigation using swarm intelligence...lead the group ii)distributed programming software for a system of homogeneously connected nodes or machines iii)buffer overflow protection where stack protection is not feasible. recommendations:from head of the department of computer science at st. xavier's college from two professors from our dean of science who has published numerous books on computer science and electronics i want to apply to the following: michigan state university university of illinois urbana champaign purdue university university of washington... please inform me whether i am aiming too high and what are my chances of getting in.
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