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  1. Thx a lot guys! You guy's advice really help me on my preparation. I guess at least I have another GRE to make up for my deficiency. @NBZ: Thx for your mentions. Actually, Engineering Calculus I and II has already included those topics (except Real Analysis). Unfortunately, most of those economics courses are restricted for only Econ undergrad so I can't take them T_T. For the GPA, it is true that this is not such a beautiful grade. Besides, my school doesn't provide any information about percentile. I guess I should looking for some lower ranked schools for a better chance. @chateauheart: Thx for an information :). I knew that there are very few SEA students on those prestigious schools, but I've never expected to be that few!
  2. Thx Sys! I totally forgot that part. 1. I'm from Thailand from Chulalongkorn University. I guess you might not know it, but it's the best recognized school in my country. I took tons of maths and several econ classes : Engineering Calculus I, II, Statistics for Physical Science, Linear Algebra, Macro+Micro. I got all 'A' in these classes. 2. Yes, my school is a very hard grader. For this GPA, I get a 1st class honor (maybe equal to your Summa Cum Laude), but not with a gold medal (1st ranked student of major). Unfortunately, they don't have any track about sending students to PhD except for the faculties. Some of them graduated from prestigious engineering schools : UC Berkeley, Stanford, UIUC. 3. Yeah, too bad I don't have any of that. 4. I guess so. Thanks for your suggestion. 5. I have some research background as an undergrad RA, not rigorously as Master's or PhD RA. Again, sorry that I forgot to provide these. Thx again Sys!
  3. Hi all, I'm about to apply for PhD in Economics soon (for the class of 2015). I would like you all comments about which school that I'm likely to be able to get in. I'm looking at several top schools, but I'm not sure if it's too far for me. Here's my profile. Undergraduate : Computer Engineering GPA : 3.56 -> expected to be 3.60 by the end of this semester Tons of school and social activities (mostly on teaching) such as School for Blinds, School for Slum Children, etc. TOEFL : 94 -> expected to be 100+ by this Saturday. Reading 22 Listening 26 Speaking 23 Writing 23 GRE Quantitative : 170/170 Verbal : 146/170 Writing : still waiting I'm looking at some prestigious schools listed below Harvard Yale Princeton MIT NYU Duke UMich etc. I'm not sure if I'm aiming too high so I would like you all considerations. Thanks!
  4. Thx Bread! That's helpful! I did look on the program just as you said. Well, they seem to be on Math side more than Computer side. Their research are mostly on math theorem with really few on Computer applications. If it possible, I would like to apply algorithmic thought on game theory in order to find the most optimize result, which is the reason why I chose to major on Algorithmic Game Theory :). If you have any more school suggested, it would be thankful!
  5. Hi guys, I've been in this website a lot, but this is my first post. Right now, I'm very interested in doing a PhD in Algorithmic Game Theory, especially which can be applied to Economics problems. I did several research and found an interesting fundamental book for this field, Algorithmic Game Theory, written by 4 professors : 3 is in the US. These are described as follows. - Tim Roughgarden : Stanford University - Eva Tardos : Cornell University - Vijay Vazirani : Georgia Institute of Technology Now my problem is since I wanted to apply them in economics problem, I should find a university where it has great faculty both in CS and Economics. I have considered 3 programs from these universities - Computational and Mathematical Engineering : Stanford University (I have looked in a CS curriculum and it's kinda strict to the CS courses, so I'm looking in this one instead. Also, it has great economics faculties) - Computer Science : Cornell University (This one is not as strict as one in Stanford) - Algorithms, Combinatorics, and Optimization : Georgia Institute of Technology (I found this one the most interesting, both in subjects and professor, but it's Economics was not well considered by outsiders) I would like to ask for opinions from you guys about which one I should considered the most in order to achieve my goal. My goal resides in both academia and industry, but more in academia. I plan to be both a teacher and a consultant for government sectors. Any feedback and comment will be very grateful!!! Best Regards, Donn
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