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  1. Hello, Reading the posts from well-prepared candidates from all around the world, I thought I could give a try and hopefully, I hope I would get some useful advice from you! I am a senior student in Korea Univesity, majoring business administration. My GPA until now is 3.95/4.0. My mathematical background is Calculus, Linear algebra, PMA, Real analysis, Mathematical Analysis, Stochastic process, and DE. Though inadequate, I did take micro, macro and econometrics, international finance. Since it deemed appropriate, I plan to take linear regression, probability, multivariate statistics, elementary computational statistics, and two more courses to get a minor degree in Statistics. I know how to use MATLAB, R, SAS, C/C++ pending:) My GRE score is 160/170, but since my writing score is so frustrating that I plan to take another test... I plan to enroll for the PhD in finance, but it never seems enough to get prepared for the place. I already know that I need to supplement my resume with research experience, since I would only have a research experience as a RA under a professor in the college when I apply. What would you like to recommend for me to increase my chance to get accepted, given that I aim for finance in top 20? Or top 10? My second goal is to apply for Econ, since it was also fun to study in economics department. Could you recommend me some advice on this as well?
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