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  1. Hi, Thank you very much for your reply. My GRE scores are Q:168 V:142 AW:3. I applied Bonn Graduate School of Economics.
  2. Hi everyone, I am currently a Ph.D. student at one of the top school in Economics in Turkey. However, I applied 7 schools for Ph.D. in Europe( SSE, Maastricht, Lund, EUI, PSE, BGSE, MGSE). I am very nervous about taking rejection all of them. Since I don't want to pursue my education here, I am searching one safety option in Europe. I will be very appreciated if someone helps me. My profile: Undergrad GPA: 2.77 in Economics (a French spoken university in Turkey, I am ranked top 1000 among 2 million people at university entrance exam) Grad GPA: 3.11 in Economics (one of the top three universities in Turkey) Published paper in Economics Letters. Current GPA in Ph.D.: 3.39 (one of the top three universities in Turkey) References from well-known professors who took their Ph.D. from top universities.
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