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  1. I spoke with NABP directly and the next exam is 7th October 2020. I think due to the changes they are making and no applications they have cancelled it. But this is very unfair for those who have already been accepted, or are retaking or aimed for the April exam.
  2. Anyone else very annoyed and frustrated at this?
  3. Hello does anyone know who to contact at Rite Aid who deals with recruitment? Any names, email addresses, phone numbers would be appreciated!
  4. Nis

    APRIL 2020 FPGEE

    No, not that I can see.
  5. Nis

    APRIL 2020 FPGEE

    I am unsure as it does not specify, but I’m quite certain they let you register until at least one month prior to the exam. Do you know how they are changing the program? Are they making changes to the exam or just the application process?
  6. Nis

    APRIL 2020 FPGEE

    Hi When you log in to your e profile on NABP website and I think I clicked on purchase FPGEE, it comes up with that statement. It states registration opens December 12th.
  7. Nis

    APRIL 2020 FPGEE

    Hello Anyone aiming to sit the April 2020 exam? Just confirmed the exam date is April 2nd. If so, would anyone like to buddy up and stay in contact. If there is an UK based pharmacists preferably in the north of England (Manchester area) that want to study together that would be great! Anyone who has just sat the October 2019 exam...any tips or helpful hints would be greatly appreciated :) Thank you :)
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