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Ross & Duke admit R1 - Essay Editing


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Just wanted to let people know that I got admits from Ross & Duke and I am currently waiting for HBS, Wharton & Chicago GSB.


Similar to everyone, I also had lots of doubts about which essay editing service should be used. After my research about the various services available and some recommendations from my friends, I decided to go with [spammy link removed]. I used their Complete School Package service for all my schools and to provide the feedback - it was awesome. What makes them special is their professional approach and the fact that you get the essays edited directly from alums who were a part of the admissions committee at the school. Besides, compared to other expensive editing services, they are very reasonably priced and that is the reason I used them for all my school essays. In addition to that, I also used their interview prep service where I got to interact with the alums from each school and received real-time feedback on how to improve upon my answers for the interview.


I would recommend [spammy link removed] to anyone who is aiming to get into the top B-schools in the US.


You can reply to this thread to reach out to me if you need any more details about my experience with them or for guidance with the essays (now that I am free, I would like to help people out).

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