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Thread: 720, 47 quant, 42 verbal

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    720, 47 quant, 42 verbal

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    Sorry for the error in reporting my score. I got a scaled score of 42 in verbal and not 44. Guess was quite exited yesterday.
    The break-down of the score is-

    Scaled Score Percentile
    Quantitative 47 82
    Verbal 42 95
    Total 720 96

    My preparation for the GMAT-

    Problem Solving:

    Took the Diagnostic Test from OG-11 and zeroed in on the topics that I realised I was resonably comfortable with. Percentages, Ratio an Proportion, indices, numbers and Geometry. Luckily these are the critical chapters for GMAT. After The initial diagnoses I realised that I made some unforced errors- errors that happened not because I could not understant the question but because I rushed the solution and made mistakes like multiplying rather than adding. Focussed on eliminating these during practise tests. Also, aimed at understanting the concepts at a higher level for the topics mentioned above. I used OG-11, KAPLAN premier course and a regular mathematics book. My preparation for CAT( common Admission Test for the Indian Institutes of Mangement came real handy). Another useful preparatory material was quant material of T.I.M.E, a coahing institute in India that prepares students for the CAT.

    The next step was to focus on chapters like probability, permutation and combination, absolute value and coordinate geometry. I knew if I get a tough question from these chapters I could still get it wrong. So rather than trying to make these chapters the focus of my preparation, I aimed to get a decent amount of proficiency in these topics. Aim being not to let a simple question floor me from these topics. I did get around 6-7 questions from these topics and I am quite sure that I got 5 of them right.
    Lesson, donot leave any chapter out totally from your preparation, the decision to be taken is which chapters are essential and require greater focus and which chapters can be prepared at a more basic level. For example in coordinate geometry if you know how to calculate the slope of a line, the meaning of -ve and +ve slope and equation of a line, you are quite OK to hanle most basic coordinate geometry questions.

    Data Sufficiency:

    My weak link. The basic fundamentals remain the same as PS. The learning is how to formulate the question in a simple to understand format and how the statements fit into the question stem.

    I broke the DS questions down to four components-
    1. What info. does the question stem give, I called this -given.
    2. What is the question asking- The Question.
    3. Statement 1 and does it or does it not provide a link between given and the question.
    4. Statement2 and does it or does it not provide the link.

    Of course an interplay of above answers decides your final answer.
    I realised greater the clarity in the basics of topics better the success rate in DS.

    Reading Comprehension
    I think this is the single most important area in GMAT preparation. This links the entire GMAT exam. Proficiecy in reading helps in a better understanding of not only sc/cr questions but also Quant questions too.

    I spent a lot of time reading. And, concentrated on editorials of various newspapers. After reading I made it a point to summarise the editorial in my words. This I followed by writing down how much I agreed wit the stand taken in the editorial and if did not, the reasons thereof. This exercise helped me prepare for critical reasoning, sentence correction (I made a concious effort to be gramatically correct when I wrote down the summaries) and Analytical resoning in one go. And, it helped me in improving reading comprehension.

    Sentence Correction:

    Found the strategies and the step methods given in Kaplan and Priceton quite useful. The GMAT mostly tests the given eight errors only. The aim is to spot what error is the given question testing.

    Critical Reasoning:
    The aim here is to understand what is being asked -really. The rigour in my RC preparation really helped me in handling these questions.


    This is one area thatI prepared for because of psychological reasons. A good solid start to the test helps build momentum for the rest of the exam. I practiced on topics given in the OG-11.

    Some Dos and Dont's

    1. Leave for the test centre early. Cater for unforseen delays. I almost missed the test, had got caught in traffic.
    2. Check out the location of the test centre in advance. This saved me precious time on the day the test.
    3. Take something to eat during the break. I took a couple of energy bars, they kept me up last night !
    4. Relax a day before. I watched two movies Dirty Dancing and Jerry Maguire.
    5. Believe in yourself.
    6. Donot cancel the score.

    Material I used

    OG11, OG QUANTITATIVE, Priceton review, Kaplan Premier Programme and T.I.M.E. quant material.

    I am a commerce graduate. Have done a Diploma in Management from SYMBIOSIS, Pune, India. Have had experience in Sales at L'oreal. Own a small transport operation for the last eight years. And, I am 34 years of age.

    Iwould like to thank Erin for creating such a wonderful forum. Plus, all those who contibuted their experiences to the forum. Thank you for all the congratulatory messages.


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    Excellent. All the best to you. Your score profile is what I think I can achieve on my second attempt. On my first attempt (last year) I got V42 which was 96% but I fell apart on quant. It is going to get harder for me to achieve a decent score the longer I wait to try again!

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    Goodluck with your apps. I like your thorough study technique.
    Aiming for 750+

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    thanks for the de-brief... unique in way you prepared for RC

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    congratulations to your success. I'm happy for you.

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