I'll be applying to University of Toronto for PhD in CS (AI and ML) and would really appreciate it if you could please guide me.

Undergrad Degree: Manufacturing Processes and Automation Engineering
Undergrad Univ: University of Delhi
Undergrad CGPS: 7.99/10

2 Years of Workex in Data Science and Analytics

Post Grad Degree: MBA (International Business)
Post Grad College: Indian Institute of Foreign Trade, Delhi (Government college)
Post Grad CGPA: 3.67/4.33

I'll be soon joining a firm as an Analytics Consultant.

So, following are my questions:

1. Is my profile good enough for a PhD in AI and ML from UoT?
2. If not, then what should i do to improve my profile i.e. get more work ex, pursue some certifications etc.?
3. What should be my test scores i.e. what should i aim at scoring in GRE in order to get into the PhD program?