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  1. Hey guys: What are my possibilities to get into PhD in economics in Europe? Like Zurich, Bocconi, SSE or EUI? I am not considering US My grades are pretty low: Masters in economics (8.2/10) at Carlos III Bachelor in economics (7.3/10) at Carlos III But I have a lot of research experience: Research intern at Bank of Italy Research assistant at UPF (Pompeu Fabra) Research intern at a famous German institute Research Fellow at Barcelona school of economics Soon I will join DG Research at ECB Really good recommendation letters Do I have any chance? I did not take GRE yet.
  2. I've been looking for some advice regarding my current profile as I prepare for PhD applications. I'm planning to apply for Fall 2022 admissions. My goal is to narrow down or add to (if necessary) the schools I'll be applying to. Thank you for your feedback in advance. Profile: Degree: B.S. Economics with a minor in Mathematics from Utah State University GPA: 3.70/4.00Econ Courses: Principles of Micro (A), Principles of Macro (B), Intermediate Micro (A), Intermediate Macro (A), Econometrics (A), Applied Econometrics (A). Math Courses: Calculus I (A), Calculus II (A-), Calculus III (currently enrolled, but I have an A- which could change to an A), Linear Algebra (A-). I'm taking Differential Equations and Probability Theory in the fall. Additionally, I'm taking Foundations of Analysis and Mathematical Statistics in the spring. GRE: Will take in the fall. LOR's: one from my Applied Econometrics professor, not a well-known professor. One from my Development Economics professor who I've done research for and bounced ideas off of, graduate of Yale. Also, not famous. One from my Mathematical Economics professor who can attest to my mathematical ability and research ideas. He's also not well-known. There really aren't many popular economists at Utah State University. Research Experience: Worked on application of Malthusian model to colonial Haiti. Additionally, I used Bayesian econometrics in an effort to predict stock market returns. Research Interests: Labor, Development, Macroeconomics, and Economic History (only at some universities because many don't offer this emphasis). Planning to apply to: University of Illinois University of Notre Dame Purdue University Texas A&M University University of Colorado Boulder University of Arizona University of California - Irvine University of Oregon University of Kansas Vanderbilt University Concerns: My GPA is nothing stellar. I attended a community college two years prior to attending Utah State where my GPA was 3.33/4.00. My Utah State GPA on the other hand is 3.95/4.00. Additionally, I have four W's on my transcript from dropped courses. I dropped Linear Algebra, Calc II, Differential Equations, and a history general. I dropped Linear Algebra and Calc II because my wife was very sick during the start of her pregnancy and I needed to be more available. I ended up taking both in a later semester and received an A- in both. I dropped Differential Equations and my history class this summer because I found I overloaded myself with the birth of my daughter. However, I plan to take Differential Equations this fall and the history class again in the spring. None of the research I've contributed to has been published. I also feel like I have weak research experience as a whole. However, I have spent the last six months as a data analyst for the company I work for (not sure if this adds to my profile). I'm also concerned about the classes I'm taking in the fall and spring not being on my transcript given the application deadline for some of the schools I have in mind is prior to the end of the fall semester. I might be overthinking this given schools can admit you provisionally. Thank you so much for reviewing my profile. I look forward to your advice.
  3. Hi everyone! I'm currently in the process of preparing my applications for Econ Ph.D. programs to start in the fall of 2022. However, I don't know if my profile is strong enough to get into a good program (T50 is my target). So here it goes! Please let me know if you believe this will be enough or if I'm most likely doomed to fail. Bachelor's degree in economics with minor in public policy. I hold a master's degree in economics. BA GPA: 4.26/5 MA GPA: 4.5/5 I did generally well in my math courses, but I slipped during my first semester and that worries me. Will that cost me the chance of getting into a Ph.D.? Differential calculus (first time): 2/5 Differential calculus (second time): 4.24/5 Integral calculus: 4.2/5 Calculus 3: 4.4/5 Probability and statistics: 4.3/5 Math for economists: 4.1/5 Real analysis: currently taking this class My thesis got a 5/5 grade and is now published as a working paper. My second publication is a book chapter (co-authored along with three other people) published by a university. I have done mostly RA work. Two years in an economics consulting firm and 1 year in an economics think tank (currently working here). I believe my LORs are pretty strong: my thesis advisor, one of my MA thesis referees, and one of my former bosses. All three hold PhDs in economics from good universities and are known in their fields of work. Since I'm from a non-English speaking country I took the Toefl test and got 120/120. GRE: in September All feedback and comments are more than welcome. .
  4. Hi I have started considering applying to Finance Ph.Ds as a diversification option for Econ phd applications or perhaps as a first choice given some of the advantages that business school phds seem to have. A profile evaluation is appreciated. All advice pointing out differences or similarities between the two application processes is welcome. Stats: University of Southern California Double Major in Mathematics and Economics Overall GPA: 3.88 Math Courses: Calc 1-3: A Linear Algebra: A Probability Theory(MVC prereq): A- Mathematical Statistics: A Real Analysis 1+2: A Topology: A Advanced Linear Algebra B+ Econ Courses (All A grades): Intermediate Micro + Macro Econometrics Advanced Econometrics Thesis course I've taken 3 programming courses for A grades. I was in the honors research program at my Economics department and have good contacts with the professors there if that is relevant. I have never taken a business or finance course. I'm currently working a finance job in a boutique asset management firm and plan on staying here for two years. Not sure if my profile is appropriate at all? Or if it is, where I should be applying. Thanks all.
  5. Hi everyone, I'm an Indian woman aiming for PhDs in Public/Social Policy or International Development. I'm unsure of where to start looking for universities in USA or UK because I cannot figure out where I'd be a strong candidate. Profile as below: Undergrad in economics, 1st rank from a top Indian university Masters in development studies from a top UK university but an overall Merit (about 60-65%), not the highest grade. Working for 2 years now as an RA with young profs/economists from the USA. Have also held internships with large non profits and government in India. GRE 165 quant, 160 verbal. Also completed some additional math coursework in linear algebra, vector calculus and real analysis from Harvard Extension. Have a co-authored publication in a local journal on labour / gender. My dream programs would be Stanford's Economics of Education or MIT Urban Planning PhD's International Development focus (my research is education and labour in cities). But wondering if I'd be a a more realistic strong candidate at NYU Wagner or Duke Sanford? Could anyone help with what universities I should be looking at? Thank you
  6. Hi, I am considering applying for PhD in Marketing for Fall 2021. I am looking for advice on whether my profile needs some work and which schools might be feasible options. Test Scores (GMAT/GRE): GRE Quant: 168/170 (94th Percentile), Verbal: 170/170 (99th Percentile), Writing: 4/6 (60th Percentile) Undegrad GPA: 7.74/10 or 3.57/4 (as per WES) in Electronics and Communication Engineering Graduate GPA: 3.85/4 so far (another year remaining) in Master's in Business Analytics Research Experience: No published papers but working with a professor in the Marketing department as RA for an ongoing research project Teaching Experience: None, but worked as TA for a Marketing and Supply Chain course Work Experience: 3 years work experience in the field of Analytics, with focus on Marketing Concentration Applying to: Marketing Number of programs planned to apply to: I hear 20 is a reasonable number Dream Schools: Wharton, Harvard, Columbia, Stanford, University of Chicago (I don't think my profile is exceptional enough to be accepted, but this is the dream) Other Questions: What made you want to pursue a PhD? A PhD would give me the opportunity and resources to pursue business problems that I am interested in Questions or concerns you have about your profile? 1. I realize my profile is not very exceptional, but I still want to target some of the top schools- is there anything I can do that would increase my chances? 2. What would be some reach or safety schools for someone with my profile? Any additional specific questions you may have: With respect to the Letters of Recommendation- I have worked closely with one professor as an RA, I think he would give me a good recommendation. For the other 2, can I reach out to professors whose courses I've taken but not necessarily worked closely with or is that a bad option? I hear reaching out to old managers or stakeholders from business is a bad idea for PhD applications, is that true? Thank you so much for your time. I am hoping to get some sense of direction with my applications because this is my only shot practically.
  7. As the cycle is mostly over for most people, starting this thread now. Some people have been interested in knowing whether some programs have shrunk their target cohort size, so if you have that information and are willing to share, please do! PROFILE: Type of Undergrad: Undergrad GPA: Type of Grad: Grad GPA: GRE: Math Courses: Econ Courses: Other Courses: Letters of Recommendation: Research Experience: Teaching Experience: Research Interests: SOP: Other: RESULTS: Acceptances: Waitlists: Rejections: Pending: Attending: Comments: What would you have done differently?
  8. Edit: This is for applications to a PhD in Economics Edit2: And GRE is 170Q, for what it's worth. I've posted something similar on Reddit, but I since discovered these forums. My profile is "strongly mixed," to say the least. I have a very high grad average (only comprising a few classes over two years; the rest of the time I was a predoc at a strong department.) And a ~3.2 undergrad GPA from a recognizable place, including a litany of graduate math and economics classes. Some of these I did very well in, some not. The discontinuity is due to a chronic health condition, which was finally treated late in my undergrad. My predoc has led to a publication. And one of my undergrad professors (who wrote me letters for this predoc) described me as "by far the best undergrad I've ever seen," so I have some hope that my letters are strong. Perhaps I should have asked this prof to referee me for PhD applications, but I figured recent is better. The other thing to mention is that I probably have unusual skills in computer programming. I'm the maintainer of some "big in Japan" (i.e., popular amongst a small set) open-source economic packages that have been accepted for talks at conferences. I've applied to about 15 well-known departments in the 10-30 range, including some Master's programs, and a smattering in 30-50. My predoc institution is probably my best shot for a good placement, in my mind. Mainly I'm opening this thread to calibrate my expectations, and get advice on how to approach this profile in any remaining applications. And to see if there are any schools I should apply to before the Jan. 1/Jan. 15 deadline. Thanks in advance.
  9. UNDERGRAD School: Top 30 LAC, 3.98 GPA Major: Mathematical Economics (Highest Honors), Concentration in Statistics, Phi Beta Kappa Math Courses: Calculus I (A-), Calculus II (A-), Calculus III (A), Linear Algebra (A-), Probability Theory (A), Mathematical Statistics (A), Mathematical Modeling (A), Advanced Econometrics (A) Econ courses: I got all As/A- except for in Intermediate Microeconomics, where I got a B+. This is actually very bad because my interest is in micro Research Experience: Was an econ RA for 2 years as an undergrad, was also a psychology RA, did honors economics thesis (graduated with highest honors), got small grant for independent research, 1 peer-reviewed publication (not econ-related, it was oddly a CS thing) LORs: 2 of them very very strong, 1 will be good but not mind-blowing. All profs went to Top 10 schools. But they are not super famous in their field. Research Interests: Behavioral Economics / Applied Micro POST GRAD Worked as a data scientist for 1 year. This was not directly related to economics, but I actually did a fair bit of A/B testing, experimental design, and forecasting. So it is somewhat related to econometrics. And the industry that it was in (ad-tech) is somewhat related to behavioral economics, so it fits with my interest Where should I be looking to apply? I am applying to a three (3) T10 (just the ones my recommenders knew somebody at, vouched for me) and then three (3) T20 and five (5) T30. Is this too ambitious? EDIT: Included numerical breakdown of schools in ranges
  10. Hello! Can you evaluate my profile? Currently freacking out about the entire application process. TestScores: GRE 159V (82%), 160Q (72%), AW (not received yet) UndegradGPA: 109 out of 110 (minimum is 66) in a European university. Major was Economics and took classes in both statistics (got an equivalent of an A) and econometrics (got an equivalent of an A+) Graduate GPA: 98.2 out of 100 in a top3 university in East Asia and top 70 in the world. Majored in Business Research Experience: I wrote a bachelor and master thesis and now I have finished to write a paper on what I want to research about during my PhD together with my grad advisor (we have submitted for publication, I think it will be at least peer-reviewed once by the time I submit the application) Teaching Experience: none Work Experience: internships abroad and currently working in East Asia (manager level) Concentration Applying to: OB (micro) Number of programs planned to apply to: 15-20 Dream Schools: Stanford, Duke, Columbia, Toronto, Cornell, Ohio State, Penn State Other Questions: What made you want to pursue a PhD? I have always wanted to become a professor. I love researching and I keep researching even if I have a full-time job and that means sacrificing your weekends and nights after work. Questions or concerns you have about your profile? 1) not having a GPA due to the fact that I graduated outside of the US 2) GRE. I tried to take it the first time and I got 157V and 160Q. I tried to take it again and only scored two more points in V although I focused on improving my Q score (that remained the same) Any additional specific questions you may have: I wonder whether I can pass the cut-off desk due to my GRE scores
  11. I requested a profile evaluation before but quite a few details have changed and I figured that it would be useful to request one again. My profile has some glaring oddities because I went through a very strange period in my life between 2012-2014 as a youth - I, more or less, dropped out of a school I got into and pressed the reset button. If you think this may matter a lot, let me know. That would be very valuable and useful to me - may be necessary to get a MA then. I'm not worried or concerned about this now. Profile Ethnicity: URM/Latino Type of Undergrad: Economics/Math (statistics option) low-ranked public university - you haven't heard of it. GRE: Quant 163, Verbal 167 (I'm going to retake it, obviously, and I expect to do better - I'm a much stronger math student now than I was when I first took it.) Undergrad GPA (overall): 3.82 Undergrad GPA (institutional): 4.0 Undergrad GPA (math): 4.0 Math/Statistics Courses: Intro to Analysis (A), Stochastic Processes (A), Mathematical Statistics (A), Probability Theory (A), Linear Algebra (A), Statistical Learning (grad course, A), Cal Series (A in all courses), Differential Equations (A), Discrete Math (A), Number Theory (A), Economics: Intermediate Micro (A), Intermediate Macro (A), Labor Econ (A), Industrial Organization (A), International Economics (A), Money & Banking (A), Math for Economics (A, grad), Advanced Micro (A-, grad, took through program), Econometrics (A) Research Experience: I'll be working as a RA in the Federal Reserve system for two years. I'm not sure who will be writing my LORs from there but I will be working with some economists with PhDs from top-ranked programs. I know Stata/R and some Python. I'd say I'm very proficient in R. Research Interests: Labor, Household Finance, Econometrics, Public Policy Concerns/Questions: 1. I have no idea which schools I should target or which schools I could plausibly target. I last thought about graduate school ~9 months ago or so - I try not to think about such things when I'm "in the trenches", it produces unnecessary stress - and my profile was much weaker 9 months ago! As a result, I'm pretty clueless about my current profile. 2. I'm interested in profile-strengthening tips. I can take classes/courses on the side rather easily and, if I really go out of my way, from good universities. I'm interested in continuing my Math/Stats education (I don't feel satisfied yet and I love Math/Stats) while also gaining more exposure to graduate-level Economics. If you see a weakness or have a recommendation, I'd love to hear it, though I refuse to do something solely to get a LOR or an "in". 3. The big question relates to the MA - do you think it's necessary if I want to get into top 20 programs? I suspect that it is. I have no idea though.
  12. Hi, I got GRE 315 (V-153, Q-162) GPA-3.68 Work ex-2+ years in same domain One international conference paper. Is it good enough for a PhD at UT Austin, Texas A&M or Colorado school of mines. TIA.
  13. Hi everybody, I'm planning to purse a PhD in Economics. My profile is as follows: 1) Undergraduate degree from a low ranked non-US university: I topped my undergraduate class with the highest overall grade. ----------------------------------------------------------------- 2) MA at top 50 worldwide non-US university : Advanced Macroeconomics : C- International Economics : B- Mathematical Economics : B Microeconomics : B Advanced Microeconomics : A- Econometric Analysis : A- Macroeconomics : A Applied Econometrics : A **Clearly, never got an A+ which is the highest grade possible. ----------------------------------------------------------- 3) General GRE Quant percentile : 93% GRE math subject percentile : 83% (NOT the general GRE) ----------------------------------------------------------- 4) Five years of experience in non-academic economic research. ----------------------------------------------------------- 5) One solo pub at a top 30 journal (top field) --------------------------------------------------------- 6) Since my MA is not fresh and was based on coursework I can't get LORs from my grad school. (Honestly, when I did it I was determined that this will be my last academic degree so didn't care too much). However, I can get great LORs from my current employer and from my undergraduate school. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ I want to apply to PhD programs reasonably: Based on my profile which PhD programs are: A) Too-high-but-worth-a-shot targets B) Reasonable targets C) Safe targets Thank you
  14. Hi everybody, Could you please give me your opinions about my profile? I'll try to keep it short but informative: Degrees Bsc in Humanities (major in Econ): SciencesPo Paris. 3 years. No GPA calculated, but something like 14/20. Main weaknesses: no maths, an exchange year at San Diego State University where I did averagely (3 of GPA, one Econ class where I got a B). Main strengths: performed quite well in my econ classes. MA in International Economic Policy: SciencesPo Paris, 2 years (+ a gap year). No GPA calculated but something like 14.5/20. Main weaknesses: no maths, one failed metrics class in first year. Main strengths performed well in other econ and metrics classes. MSc in Economics: BGSE (Pompeu Fabra), one year. 8.5+ / 10 of GPA. Main weakness: no math per say. GRE 166Q/161V/ incoming score for writing part Courses 7 Metrics classes in total. Failed one at Sciencespo, did 1 point above median in advanced metrics at BGSE, and performed top 10% or even 5% in the other 5. Introduction to Micro at Sciencespo (14/20 - between 35th and 50th percentile). Advanced Micro at BGSE (7.7/10 - around median) 7 Macro classes: 2 in undergrad at SciencesPo (one 35th-50th percentile, one 10th-35th). 1 in my exchange year at SDSU (got a B). Two in my SciencesPo master (one at the median during 1st year, one top 5% in 2nd year). One advanced macro at BGSE (around 40th percentile), one normal macro at BGSE (top 10-5 %). Other Topic courses such as labour economics, sovereign debt, and few others, in which I did top 5%. Research experience 6 months in a French bank as an economist trainee (forecasting, etc). 1 year at the OECD as a research trainee. Some econometric analysis, mainly qualitative research. Supervisor was a Phd. Currently 6 months (maybe more) at the research division of the ECB. Most research supervisors have US PhD, and publish a lot. My work is mainly econometrics and data management. A bit of writing as well. Letters One from a young but rising economist (US PhD, publishing a lot). Ready to write me a strong letter for unis below top 5. Did around top 5% in his class. One from a more established econometrician who also publishes a lot. Top 8% according to ideas.recep. top 5% as well. He knows me less than the first one, but ready to write a strong letter. Probably one letter from the ECB. Other possibilities: young but rising economist (PhD harvard, assistant prof. at SciencesPo, visiting top 10 US uni right now). Scored 4th in his class of 25 student. One visiting macro professor from BGSE, also teaching at NYU. Does not publish a lot but I finished top 5% I believe. Other useful informations Starting this year the second year of a BSc in Maths from a French Uni (Aix Marseille, remotely). Won't have results before application deadline, but for potential interviews I will, and for next year as well. 2nd prize of a Banque de France student essay contest. In particular, which range of programs do you think I should I target? Should I retake the GRE? Should I try to perform good in this Math BSc and apply next year as well? Any opinion would be helpful! Thanks a lot, Cheers :)
  15. Hi all, I am a current Master of Science in Statistics student beginning the process of applying to Economics PhDs for Fall 2021, though I'm struggling to get a sense of the caliber of programs I should be applying to. Of particular note are an F in Calc II, a D- in Linear Algebra, and a C in Econometrics, due to then-untreated mental health problems (which I'm assuming I should not mention in my SOP, correct?). I'm hoping my GRE, strong econ (bar metrics), and more recent math/stats record will overcome my spotty undergrad grades. Many thanks for any input you can provide regarding program caliber. Graduate program: MS in Statistics, online program. Top ~25 statistics program. MS in Statistics GPA: 4.00/4.00 Undergraduate Degree: BA in Economics, Public Policy, Minor in Statistics. Top ~30 program. Undergraduate GPA: 3.47/4.00 GRE: Q 169, V 169, AW 5.5 Math Courses (reverse chronological): Grad Linear Algebra (ongoing), Advanced Calculus I (A), Diff EQ (A), Linear Algebra for Applications (D+), Discrete Math (A), Multivariable Calculus (B+), Calc II (D), Calc II (F). Stats Courses (reverse chronological): (Ongoing grad courses in Bayesian methods, regression, multivariate analysis, and spatial statistics), Grad Statistical Methods I (A), Grad Mathematical Statistics (A), Grad Statistical Computation in R (A), Spreadsheet statistical models (B+), Intro to Probability (B), Linear Statistical Methods (B-), Intro to Statistics (A). Econ Courses (reverse chronological): Senior Paper II (A-), Senior Paper I (B-), Advanced Micro Theory (A), Applied Econometrics ©, Advanced Macro Theory (A), Economic Thought (A), IO (A), Labor (A), Intermediate Macro (A-), Intermediate Micro (A), Economic Statistics (A-), Econ 101 (A). Related Experience: No RA. Undergraduate TA for intermediate macro. Private sector experience as an oil and gas research analyst at a reputable firm. Letter of Recommendation: Planning to get two from econ research faculty members: one under whom I served as an undergraduate TA, extracurricular chair, and pseudo-collaborator (nothing published), and one under whom I wrote my senior research paper (not published, and I didn't actually submit an honors thesis for defense, again largely due to mental health, but he liked my paper and suggested I reach out to him for a letter if I wanted to pursue grad school). Then either my Advanced Calculus I professor or my undergraduate Econ Department Chair. Research Interest: Very strong interest in empirical macro, but don't want to over-commit to an area. May pivot toward applied analysis of education/anti-poverty interventions once I start taking reading more literature/engaging with research more. Thanks again!
  16. Hi! This is my first post, so please let me know if there's anything I did incorrectly. I'm hoping to get some insight on how strong my profile is and what schools I might want to target for a Ph.D in economics. I am hoping to apply in the Fall of 2021. PROFILE: Type of Undergrad: BS Math/Econ from Top-20 school in the U.S. Undergrad GPA: 3.95+ Type of Grad: N/A Grad GPA: N/A GRE: N/A Math Courses: Calculus I-III, Linear Algebra, Differential Equations, Discrete Math. Planned: Real Analysis, Probability, Systems of Differential Equations. Econ Courses (grad-level): N/A Econ Courses (undergrad-level): Introductory and Intermediate Micro and Macro. Statistics. Planned: Econometrics Other Courses: C++. Planned: Python Letters of Recommendation: None yet. I am planning to write an honors thesis and have my advisor write a letter. Research Experience: RA for Ph.D student (1+ year), RA for assistant professor (this summer) Teaching Experience: None. Research Interests: Not really sure yet. I like theory and market design. SOP: Not sure what to put here. I haven't written it yet. It'd probably be about my desire to do research and create some sort of new impactful knowledge. My dream would be to popularize a new field the way Alvin Roth did. Concerns: Both my research positions are in economic history, but I'm not really interested in going into that. Will admissions committees assume I am interested or wonder why I am not? Other: Proficient in Stata. Applying to: Not sure yet. I was thinking I could find a few in the top 10 that I liked, and then spread out some more in the top 50. Maybe
  17. Profile: Undergrad: First ranked university in Iran. GPA: 4. Ranked 3rd in the cohort of 35 students. Grad: the same university in Iran. GPA: 4. GRE: (168/152/4) (Q/V/AW) TOEFL: 110 (26 sp) Undergrad Math and economics courses: Math 1, Math 2, statistics 1, statistics 2, econometrics, Microeconomics 1 and 2, Macroeconomics 1 and 2. Master economics courses: Advanced Microeconomics, Advanced Macroeconomics, Advanced econometrics. Letters of recommendation: 1. Thesis supervisor and my current advisor at Central Bank of Iran. 2. Master Microeconomics professor. 3. Master econometrics professor. Research experience: - 10 years paid experience as a Researcher at Central Bank of Iran in Labour studies department. Attended tons of Banking courses and courses overseas offered by IMF. - 4 publications one of which in tier 3 journal and one in tier 2 journal related to my job. Teaching Experience: Bachelor Micro and Macro in a state university. I want to apply for phd program in US. Please evaluate my profile for which rank university I Should apply.
  18. Hey guys, I am currently considering whether I should apply for the following master programs (Mphil Economics Oxford, Mphil Economics Cambridge, LSE EME/Economics) next fall. To my profile: I am currently studying Industrial Engineering and Management at a European university (highly ranked in my home country, but internationally probably rather unknown). GRE: not taken yet GPA: 3.8/4 Courses in Economics: Microeconomics (A-), Macroeconomics (A), Game Theory (A), Econometrics (A+), Advanced Microeconomics (advanced masters course that I took in addition, B+), Mechanism Design (soon), Financial Econometrics (soon). In addition, I have many courses in math, operational research and statistics with very good grades, so the quantitative area should not be a problem. I spent one semester abroad (university internationally unknown) and did an internship in the production of a large technology related company. During my studies I worked as a tutor for two semesters but not in economics (computer science stuff). I have been working as a research assistant for 1.5 years (unfortunately not in economics), where I am currently working on a publication. I will be listed as co-author (although im not sure if the paper will be peer reviewed at the time of application). I see the biggest problems in my lack of research and teaching experience in economics and the B+ in Advanced Microeconomics. Do you think my research experience, although it is not in economics, will be taken into account? What do you think my chances are? Thanks in advance!
  19. US Citizen Test Scores: GMAT, 710 Undergrad GPA: 3.6 at a T50 US state B-school Graduate GPA: N/A at a T10/T15 US private B-school Research Experience: RA in undergrad, working paper Teaching Experience: None Work Experience: Big 4 Internship Concentration Applying to: Information Systems Number of programs planned to apply to: ~10 Dream Schools: USC, MIT, Carnegie Melon, University of Pennsylvania, NYU, Emory, Columbia, Northwestern Questions or concerns you have about your profile? Is my research experience strong enough to make a convincing case for my PhD candidacy? Is my GMAT strong enough for a top PhD program? What would you rate my PhD chances at? Any additional specific questions you may have: Any general advice/tips are much appreciated, thank you for time!
  20. Hi all, I plan to apply for Ph.D. programs in Business - Marketing Fall 2021. I still have several months to prepare my applications before the new application round starts. I would be appreciated if you could throw in any advice or suggestions to improve my applications. Below is my profile: - Test Scores (GRE): 168Q, 158V, 4.5W - Undegrad GPA: 3.71/4.0, Bachelor of International Business Administration - Graduate GPA: 4.0/4.0 , Master of Business Administration and 4.0/4.0, Master of Science in Management Science Business Analytics - Research Experience: Research assistant during my first Master's program. One journal publication, the published paper is about Behavioral effects in supply chain contract . - Teaching Experience: Teaching Assistant for Statistics and Decision Modeling during my second Master's program - Work Experience: 3 years of industry working experience as a customer service staff - Concentration Applying to: Marketing (consumer behavior), Strategic Management or Economics (experimental/behavioral economics - this is the field that I researched during my first Master's program) - Number of programs planned to apply to: around 10 - Dream Schools: Georgia Tech, UF, Purdue Other Questions: What made you want to pursue a PhD? I want to have a career in academia. Questions or concerns you have about your profile? I am not sure if my profile is strong enough for Marketing. I did not have a strong academic background in Marketing or any research experience in this field. Any additional specific questions you may have: What are the chances that I will get into one of the top 100 Ph.D. business program? What can I do until the next application round to improve my profile? Thank you and I look forward to any advice that you may have! Regards
  21. Hi all, Hoping to get some opinions on the strength of my profile. For reference, I'm aiming for a Canadian Masters. Not too interested in a PhD at the moment, but could change my mind afterwards. As you'll be able to see, I had a very bad first couple of years. Profile: Type of undergrad BA Economics from a top Canadian University. Strong economics program here. cGPA: We don't use a GPA system at my uni but I believe it's around a 3.6/4.0 Math courses: Linear Algebra (A), Calc III (A) Stats/Econometrics: Intro to Stats (A), Intro to Stats II (A), Econometrics (A+) Econ courses: Intermediate Micro I-II (A-, A-), Intermediate Macro (A-), Game Theory (A+), Research Paper course (A+), Development Econ (A+), Public Econ (A-) Less relevant econ electives: a mix of A and A+, with one B in Monetary Policy Concerns: all the courses above were from my last two years. My main concern is my first two years. Most of my core econ courses and electives back then were a mix of As/A+/B+, EXCEPT in these courses; Calc I (B-), Calc II (F, retaken then got a B), Intro to Game Theory (D). Recommendation letters: I have 3, all econ professors who know me fairly well so I believe they will be decently strong. Interests: Econometrics So, as you can see I've tried to remedy my (very) poor performance in my first two years with getting good grades in harder courses later on, but not too sure how much that will help. I'm really quite happy to get into any decent Masters in Canada, so any advice on what my chances would be is appreciated. Thank you!
  22. Hello everyone, I was planning to apply for the 2020 cycle and would like an evaluation on where to expect acceptances (or rejections). PROFILE: Type of Undergrad: Top 30 USNEWS Econ, BS Econ Undergrad GPA: 3.45 (Econ GPA ~3.8) Type of Grad: Top 60 USNEWS, M.A. Econ Grad GPA: 4.00 GRE: 162 Q (Ouch)/159 V/5.0 AW Math Courses: Calc I ©, Calc II (B-), Calc III (A+), Linear Algebra I (A), Discrete Math (A+), Intro to Proofs (A-), Differential Equations (A+), Optimization (A), Linear Algebra II (A+) Math Stats I (A+), Math Stats II (A-), Real Analysis I (A-), Real Analysis II (A). All at MA school except Calc I and II. Econ Courses: The standard for undergrad and grad in econ. These grades are A/A- Letters of Recommendation: The best part of my profile, I think. 3 well-known economics professors who can speak firsthand to my abilities in research, all graduated from top 20-30 programs. One is my thesis advisor, the other two were my research supervisors during the master's program. Took econ classes with all of them, earned A's. Research Experience: Master's thesis, 2 years in research center through my graduate school in areas of public finance. Research Interests: Labor Economics, Public Economics. My biggest concerns from my profile are the low GRE scores and the first two calc grades (I did not have my head on straight when I started undergrad several years ago). Is it realistic to be aiming for schools in the top 30-70 range? My feeling is that the GRE score will get me filtered out of the higher schools in this range (~30-50) without a second look at the rest of the profile. Is it better to try again in the next cycle with a higher GRE score (and perhaps another math class)? The undergrad GPA is low primarily due to low grades in hard sciences in my first two years - my GPA went up dramatically after that. I would appreciate candid advice on what to expect and how to move forward. Thanks to anyone who can answer.
  23. Hi everyone, this is my first time posting in this forum. The level of support available from folks in this chatroom is so high, so I decided to post a thread to see if I could ask for some guidance/ advice from folks! Thank you in advance for your support! :) Long story short, after working for a few years in the financial sector, I have decided to apply for a PhD program and embark on an academic career. I have always wanted to be an academic, but due to financial reasons (supporting family etc), I couldn't take five years out of my life to be a grad student, and had to stay in the industry in order to make money. Now that I have some money saved up, I have decided to give PhD a shot! Because I'm away from academia for awhile now, I feel like I want to give myself about 2-3 years to improve my profile. Turning 32 this year and will be 34 when I submit my application. I am thinking that I might retake some calculus, maybe linear algebra courses to refresh my math skills. I also want to also start reading journal articles and try to get involved in research to get some research experience, and hopefully a good letter, but I don't know how best to approach this. My question to folks is, if you have had 2 additional years to make your application stronger, while you're working full-time, what would you have done? Here is a profile to give folks a better sense of my background: Test Scores (GMAT/GRE): (Expired, used this to apply for policy masters awhile back) Q 167, V 160, AW 5.0 Undegrad GPA: Big 10 Pure Mathematics & Economics, 3.64. Couple of Cs but they were difficult math classes. Graduate GPA: HYPS Public Policy (concentration in Economics), 3.64. Research Experience: 2 years working in an economic research think tank focusing on consumer finance Teaching Experience: taught an advanced microeconomics course for a summer program at HYPS couple of years ago Work Experience: Prior role as a financial regulator in a developing country (for three years). Currently a data scientist at a large US bank working on payment technology Concentration Applying to: Still deciding. Seems like Applied Economics is the best fit for now. Outside of that, I have been reading journal articles from professors in Innovation & Technology, and can see myself involved in the topics there (as a result of my current job i'm now deep in the world of payment technology, fintech, cryptocurrency etc) Number of programs planned to apply to: Undecided. Will likely cast a wide-net. I will try to shoot for the moon but am happy with a mid-low tier admission as long as placement into universities is good Dream Schools: the usual ones What made you want to pursue a PhD? If I apply at 35, I most likely will graduate when I am 40. I am now quite certain that I want to live next 20 - 30 years of my life as an academic Questions or concerns you have about your profile? I don't have any academic reference letter/ recommendation letter at the moment, hence I am giving myself some time (2-3 years) to get connected with universities, but not sure how best to approach this... Any additional specific questions you may have: How can I best use these two to three years to prepare for an application Thank you folks for your thoughts and suggestions!!
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