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  1. Doesn't seem like there are any Roll Call threads anymore, but I'll still use the format from the old ones. I'm a rising 3rd year, and will be graduating in 3.5 years: PROFILE: Type of Undergrad: Honours Economics, Minors Mathematics and Urban Systems at a Top 3 Canadian University Undergrad GPA: 3.5/4.0, 3.8/4.0 for Econ Type of Grad: N/A Grad GPA: N/A GRE: Yet to take Math Courses: Calc 1 and 2 (No grade, AP credit exemption), Calc 3 (D, B+, I'll explain later), Differential equations ©, Linear Algebra (B+), Algebra 1 (A), Algebra 2 (A), Mathematical Statistics (A), Analysis I (taking next fall), Analysis 2 (taking next winter) Econ Courses (grad-level): Game Theory (A-), Micro I & 2 (next fall & winter) Econ Courses (undergrad-level): Honours Micro, Macro, Stats, and Econometrics (A- in all 4), Honours open economy macroeconomics (A), Political Economy of Trade Policy (A) Other Courses: Foundations of Programming (A), Urban Field Studies (may be relevant? taking next fall), will take a few more Computer Science courses, particularly Data Structures. Letters of Recommendation: Haven't asked yet but will be my pretty well known metrics prof, my game theory and open economy prof, and a younger prof who will be supervising my undergraduate thesis. Research Experience: Research internship with a well known think tank, undergraduate thesis Teaching Experience: Going to try and find a TA position in either the MATH or ECON departments this year, have worked as a tutor for the econ students association Research Interests: Urban Economics and Game Theory SOP: Haven't thought about it yet Concerns: My grades in computational mathematics suck lol. I got a D in Calc 3 during the first semester of my second year. I took a supplemental exam (essentially counts as retaking the class in one exam) and got a B+, which is decent I suppose. Other: Sorry that a lot of this is speculative. I'm really just trying to get a feel for where I should be looking for a PhD, or if a masters first would be better. Also, just to clarify, the linear algebra I got a B+ in was the 100-level version, Algebra 1 and 2 are the 200-level majors version. Applying to: Please tell me where I should be looking. I'd prefer to stay in Canada or go to Europe, but am not against somewhere in the US.
  2. Beginning Math camp in a few weeks. I spent a few years out of school, so I'm rusty on my Calc1-3 and Linear Algebra, although I'm starting to recap it now. My fear is about Real Analysis. If I get through Calc and Linear Algebra, then I plan to self-study Analysis. What's the best way to balance everything? I've been told two different ways of proceeding: 1) Carry on with Calc and LA, and self-study relevant RA as I go through the PhD. I.e. designate 1/2 hours in the evenings during the PhD to focus on Math. Will I have enough time on top of the existing material to do this? 2) Someone said do this course now instead of refreshing Calc and LA (which I can use Math camp for). However, will this course be too much for me? Any advice would be really appreciated. Thanks!
  3. Hi all, Hoping to get some opinions on the strength of my profile. For reference, I'm aiming for a Canadian Masters. Not too interested in a PhD at the moment, but could change my mind afterwards. As you'll be able to see, I had a very bad first couple of years. Profile: Type of undergrad BA Economics from a top Canadian University. Strong economics program here. cGPA: We don't use a GPA system at my uni but I believe it's around a 3.6/4.0 Math courses: Linear Algebra (A), Calc III (A) Stats/Econometrics: Intro to Stats (A), Intro to Stats II (A), Econometrics (A+) Econ courses: Intermediate Micro I-II (A-, A-), Intermediate Macro (A-), Game Theory (A+), Research Paper course (A+), Development Econ (A+), Public Econ (A-) Less relevant econ electives: a mix of A and A+, with one B in Monetary Policy Concerns: all the courses above were from my last two years. My main concern is my first two years. Most of my core econ courses and electives back then were a mix of As/A+/B+, EXCEPT in these courses; Calc I (B-), Calc II (F, retaken then got a B), Intro to Game Theory (D). Recommendation letters: I have 3, all econ professors who know me fairly well so I believe they will be decently strong. Interests: Econometrics So, as you can see I've tried to remedy my (very) poor performance in my first two years with getting good grades in harder courses later on, but not too sure how much that will help. I'm really quite happy to get into any decent Masters in Canada, so any advice on what my chances would be is appreciated. Thank you!
  4. PROFILE: Type of Undergrad: BA in International Relations (Top 10 IR school, terrible for economics) Undergrad GPA: 3.55 Type of Grad: n/a Grad GPA: n/a GRE: 163 Q /165 V/4.5 AW -- Retaking and pretty confident of getting a Q166 or 167. Don't think I can get a perfect score, though. Math Courses: Stats I (A), Calc I (A), currently taking Calc II (at Harvard Extension) but I already know most of the material and I'm pretty sure I'll easily get an A. If I do get an A I'll be able to take a class that combines Linear Algebra and Real Analysis next semester, along with Calc III (multivariable). If not, I'll only be able to take Calc III and Linear Algebra next semester. Econ Courses: Macro I (A), Micro I (B), International Economics I (A-) Research Experience: Only political science research, 6 months at a DC think tank (internship) and 2.5 years in industry. Teaching Experience: n/a So clearly my profile is nowhere near enough to get into a decent PhD program (particularly because I haven't really even studied economics that much), so I'm going for a Master's as (hopefully) as a stepping stone to a PhD. Here's the list of masters I think I'd like to apply to, ranked in order of preference: Duke MA Economics PSE PPD UCL MSc Economics Bocconi MSc Economics and Social Sciences Barcelona GSE Masters in Economics and Finance Yale IDE SAIS MIEF Cornell MS Applied Economics and Management IHEID MA International Economics Columbia MA Economics BU MA Economics Tufts MA Sciences Po Master's in Economics Warwick Diploma + MSc in Economics Sciences Po Master's in International Economic Policy Simon Fraser MA w/ qualifying year Mcgill MA Economics w/ qualifying year Now, obviously this list is kinda long, I can't apply to 17 programs, but which ones do I cut? 14-17 I consider "safeties" that I think I should easily get into. 10-13 I'm fairly confident about these, 50-50 I guess? (Except for maybe Columbia, but I know nothing about how competitive this program is). 1-9 Are all dream programs but I'm kinda skeptical about getting into any of them. Maybe you guys can help me out here? Do I even have a chance with those? Thanks in advance for the help!
  5. Hello everyone, I was planning to apply for the 2020 cycle and would like an evaluation on where to expect acceptances (or rejections). PROFILE: Type of Undergrad: Top 30 USNEWS Econ, BS Econ Undergrad GPA: 3.45 (Econ GPA ~3.8) Type of Grad: Top 60 USNEWS, M.A. Econ Grad GPA: 4.00 GRE: 162 Q (Ouch)/159 V/5.0 AW Math Courses: Calc I ©, Calc II (B-), Calc III (A+), Linear Algebra I (A), Discrete Math (A+), Intro to Proofs (A-), Differential Equations (A+), Optimization (A), Linear Algebra II (A+) Math Stats I (A+), Math Stats II (A-), Real Analysis I (A-), Real Analysis II (A). All at MA school except Calc I and II. Econ Courses: The standard for undergrad and grad in econ. These grades are A/A- Letters of Recommendation: The best part of my profile, I think. 3 well-known economics professors who can speak firsthand to my abilities in research, all graduated from top 20-30 programs. One is my thesis advisor, the other two were my research supervisors during the master's program. Took econ classes with all of them, earned A's. Research Experience: Master's thesis, 2 years in research center through my graduate school in areas of public finance. Research Interests: Labor Economics, Public Economics. My biggest concerns from my profile are the low GRE scores and the first two calc grades (I did not have my head on straight when I started undergrad several years ago). Is it realistic to be aiming for schools in the top 30-70 range? My feeling is that the GRE score will get me filtered out of the higher schools in this range (~30-50) without a second look at the rest of the profile. Is it better to try again in the next cycle with a higher GRE score (and perhaps another math class)? The undergrad GPA is low primarily due to low grades in hard sciences in my first two years - my GPA went up dramatically after that. I would appreciate candid advice on what to expect and how to move forward. Thanks to anyone who can answer.
  6. Hey folks Hope all is well. Hoping to get some feedback on my profile. I am applying for a Masters in Financial Economics. I can't recall specifically my GPA, but I know it is close to or equal to 3.70 overall and 3.50 for Econ and Math Specific. I have taken the following math classes: Calc I (A), Calc II (C, I know low mark, but this class was tough for me), Calc III (B), Differential Equations (A), Probability Theory (A), Linear Algebra (B), Statistics (A). For those who would like to know my econ grades, Econometrics (A), Intermediate Micro (B+), Intermediate Macro (A), Advance Macro (At least at our university, the professor said it was) (A). I am looking at Master's in Financial Economics and would also like to end up doing work in International finance. Took a class and got an A in the course and absolutely loved it. I would share my GRE scores, but I am taken it at the end of this month. based on projections from practice test (160 Q) and paper test (162), which I would like to score higher of course. Thank you for the feedback and if any of you know a program that I should look into as well, let me know. Take care everyone.
  7. Hey folks, Hope all is well. Hoping to get some feedback on my profile. I am applying for a Masters in Financial Economics. I can't recall specifically my GPA, but I know it is close to or equal to 3.70 overall and 3.53 for Econ and Math Specific. I have taken the following math classes: Calc I (A), Calc II (C, I know low mark, but this class was tough for me), Calc III (B), Differential Equations (A), Probability Theory (A), Linear Algebra (B), Statistics (A). For those who would like to know my econ grades, Econometrics (A), Intermediate Micro (B+), Intermediate Macro (A), Advance Macro (At least at our university, the professor said it was) (A). I am looking at Master's in Financial Economics and would also like to end up doing work in International finance. Took a class and got an A in the course and absolutely loved it. I would share my GRE scores, but I am taken it at the end of this month. based on projections from practice test (160 Q) and paper test (162), which I would like to score higher of course. Thank you for the feedback and if any of you know a program that I should look into as well, let me know. Take care everyone.
  8. Hi everyone, I am planning to apply to accounting PhD program this fall and looking for advice about the best way to improve my profile at this point given that I still have a few months before starting applications. Brief background: Went to a top 20 undergrad accounting program, also got my masters in accounting at that school, have my CPA, will have 6 years of experience at time of application (including time in Big Four audit). Undergrad: GPA between a 3.5-3.6. Only took a few math classes in college: Calc 1 (grade: A), business Calc (grade: B), and statistics (grade: A). Have not touched math since these classes (nearly 10 years ago!) but have always enjoyed math and pick up on it pretty quickly. GMAT: took recently and scored a 730 (46Q/44V, 8 IR). Could make plenty of excuses for underperforming on Quant that day but I won’t. I’m very interested in research (still not decided on method or specific areas of interest). I’ve been reading different publications and starting to refine my specific interests but I am ultimately hoping to end up at a school where I will have some flexibility as I don’t know what will ultimately interest me the most/ what I will be good at. Any advice for best ways to improve my profile at this stage? I think my math background could appear weak given the time away, so I’ve start a Calculus class on Coursera and plan to complete that class as well as another Calc and Linear Algebra course (or at least have them in progress at the time of application). Would focusing on taking these classes be the most beneficial or should I focus on re-taking the GMAT in hopes of scoring closer to my practice tests (~760) with a higher Quant score? thanks for any advice! Stalking this forum has been very helpful haha
  9. Linear Algebra original grade: C Multivariable Calc original grade: P IB Math (calc): taken in high school (don't even recall my grade...A or B Just took "Linear Algebra and Real Analysis": A- Should I retake a standalone Linear Algebra course? Should I go back and take undergraduate Calc 2 & Differential Eqs? At this point is it sufficient to just retake Multivariable Calculus? Also- Micro theory: B+ Macro theory: C+ Should I retake Macro or Micro? These were both the 'more advanced' versions of micro and macro available to undergrads but this is not necessarily clear from the course names.
  10. Hi all, I am hoping for guidance in applying for my Phd in Economics. I would also appreciate feedback on how to strengthen my profile. I am still in school and will take more classes than I have listed below A little about me: Double Major in Math and Econ from a top 30 public school. High GPA (3.93) Math Coursework: Calc I, Calc II, Vector Calc, Differential Equations and Linear Algebra, Discrete Math, Number Theory, Stochastic Processes I and II, Analysis I and II, Topology I and II, grad probability, Applied Number Theory Econ Coursework: Intro Micro and Macro, Intermediate Micro and Macro, Econ Stats, Econometrics I and II, Game Theory Will complete an honors thesis in econ department. Research in economics with guidance from math faculty GRE Scores: 162 Quant, 167 Verbal, 5.0 Writing Programming experience I still have time to improve my test scores, but I am worried that I won't be able to raise my quant score by much. Please respond with advice on where to think about applying and what to do to strengthen my profile. I am interested in studying mathematical economics and econometrics and would like to work with policy economics.
  11. Hi, I'm a rising 5th year (lmao) and I'm going to apply to PhD programs this cycle. I was wondering on where you guys think I should apply, more specifically what range. Large public university, not very competitive PhD program GPA: 3.69 Major: Econ (BBA) Minor: Math GRE: 160Q (I realize this is super low; I'm retaking and I'm confident I can get around a 166). 161V, 4.5 writing Econ Coursework: Principles of Micro (B), Principles of Macro (A-), Intermediate Macro (A), Intermediate Micro (A-), Econometrics (A), Economic Theory of Networks (A), Economics Writing Seminar (semester long research paper course. A) Mathematical Economics (A-), Money and Banking (A) Math Coursework: Calc I (A), Calc II (A), Calc III (B+), Basic Concepts of Math (intro proofing & discrete math, essentially. A-), Linear Algebra (A), Probability Theory (B+). I also got a C+ in a business statistics class first semester sophomore year. it was a bad time in my life (classic excuse) but I wonder how much that will affect my chances. All of my grades were trash that semester, but I've been doing a lot better since. Courses I'm taking this semester (the semester in which I'll apply): Advanced Calc (real analysis, essentially), Differential Equations I, and a Graduate Econometrics course (PhD level). Research Experience: Very little. I was an RA for a summer with a poli sci professor, kinda just did lit review and data entry, some basic STATA stuff too. I also wrote my "senior thesis" for that writing seminar class. I was, however, nominated by my prof to present at my school's undergraduate research forum. I have a basic knowledge of Python, R and Stata. My undergrad metrics class used Eviews but I don't even think that's relevant. Letters: I'm prob gonna ask my Intermediate Macro & Money and Banking prof (both As). He knows me decently well and I was a very good student in his classes. He's also a really good, productive, younger economist. I'm also going to ask my Networks (A) and Math Econ prof (A-). I did an honors module for him and I think he will write a good letter. Lastly, I think I'll get one from my senior writing seminar professor who nominated me to present my research. Overall I think I will have decent letters, not great though. Any ideas on where I should apply? I'm thinking like 40s-60s range? I am interested in labor and health. My reaches are University of Washington and USC. My "fits" are Georgia, Kentucky, ND, Georgetown, UC Boulder...
  12. I struggled with introductory calculus (B's in both Calc 1 and Calc 2) but did a lot better in Calc 3 (A), Mathematical Modeling/ Optimization (A), linear algebra (A-), discrete math (A) and anticipate at least an A- in Real Analysis. How do you think this will be perceived by admissions committees?
  13. Hello, I am a rising junior at a top 10 US school currently studying Econ and Math. I was wondering if you guys could give me a little direction/ to let me know where I should think about applying when the time comes. I'm mostly interested in public/applied micro. Profile: Major: Econ and math with an english minor Current GPA: 3.81 Math Courses: Intro Stats (B+) AP Calc I, Calc II (A), Calc III (B+), Linear Algebra (A), will take Real Analysis, DiffEq, Probability, Mathematical Stats, Abstract algebra, basically a bunch of math Econ Courses: AP Econ, Intermediate Micro Pt. I (B+), Intermediate Micro Pt. II (B+), Econometrics (A), Philosophy of Econ (A+), Independent Study (A) Research Experience: Co-authored a working paper with an untenured professor at my university who went to Princeton, I know letters of rec are supposed to be from tenured professors but this guy really likes me and knows me well. Currently RAing for a Law Professor who also has a finance PhD from Yale on corporate governance stuff, may lead to a co-authorship. And will work with a tenure-track professor on local public finance. I'm also planning on writing a thesis. Target Schools: here's kinda where I need some direction. Where should I plan on applying? Do I have a shot at top 10-20 programs? I'm just worried because I've gotten my fair share of B's. Do I really need to shoot for A's for the rest of my math/econ courses to stand a chance? Should I go more in-depth with the untenured professor or try to find someone whose name carries a little more weight? Thanks for your help!
  14. I’ve been lurking here for a long time and trying to learn as much about the entire graduate school process as possible. Posts like this, this, and this have been extremely helpful for building an understanding of what a strong application looks like, and many other submissions have helped paint a picture of what research looks like in practice. It lines up with exactly with the type of career I’ve been interested in since I was young, but I never thought I was smart enough for it. After a lot of soul searching and working through a mental issue I’ve committed to getting a doctorate and pursuing a career in research. I’ve made some bad decisions and tripped over some hurdles up until now that have set me back, but here is what I will have at the end of this semester: GPA: 3.1 Math Courses Calc I Calc I Calc II Intro Stats Physics I and II Econ Courses Intro Micro/Macro Intermediate Micro/Macro International Trade Antitrust and Regulation Research Exp: Independent Publication Programming Exp: R, Python (weak) From there, I’m not sure how to proceed. My original plan before now was to join the navy as an officer (hence the phys courses), put in my 5 years, and use military benefits to pay for a masters. My ultimate goal was to work for the FED. That is still an option, and it would certainly be financially better than any of the other options. My concern is that it seems much harder to go back to school after you’ve left. Another thing I could do would be to delay graduation for a year, adding a math minor and finding a Research Assistant position. Delay Graduation Math Courses Calc III Linear Algebra Diff Eq Real Analysis Probability Econ Courses Econometrics Game Theory Behavorial Econ Money and Banking? Grad Courses Research Exp: RA With this, I’m not confident in my ability to get A’s in all those math courses. My university prides itself on having had almost no grade inflation over the last 50 years, and I’m not sure I can compete with the top-flight engineering and CS students for those A’s. I know I need to have a very strong math foundation, and I’m not trying to eliminate rigor from my course load, but I do want to give myself the best chance possible at showing that I’ve turned things around. Getting a bunch of B's doesn't help my GPA or make me look like the type of student a program should admit. Other things I could try would be graduating on schedule and then getting a research assistant position at the FED or NBER, or applying for a terminal master’s program, but it’s unclear to me if I have the background to be competitive for those spots, or if they are the best ways to get into a PhD program. Any advice you could give to help me build an actual plan to get my profile to where it needs to be is greatly appreciated. Also, If you have any tips for networking with professors/asking if they need help that would be beneficial as well. TL;DR: Currently have a weak applicant profile with only a year left of undergrad. I know what courses/experience I should gain to strengthen it, but I don’t know how to deal with a rapidly approaching graduation. Need help deciding where to go from here.
  15. I'm currently a 2nd year student at a top 100 state flagship US university majoring in econ. I know that I want to get a masters in economics, but the question is how. I have some interest in pursuing a PhD eventually, but it's not an immediate goal and definitely not set in stone(I want to go into industry, not academia) GPA: 3.95 Course specifics: Calc I/II and Statistics were taken as APs, and received scores of 5s on all. Calc III (B). I've received very high As in all economics classes taken so far. GRE: not yet taken, but based off past standardized test scores/practice tests, I'm confident I can score ~165-170 Research experience with 2 different profs, 1 in econ and 1 in finance Option 1: - Graduate in 3 years, with courses intermediate micro/macro, econometrics, economic forecasting and analysis, mathematical economics, linear algebra, and calc 1-3. Parents planned on funding my undergrad for 4 years, so I don't have to worry about going into debt for a masters if I graduate early. Option 2: -Pursue a dual BA/MA in economics/masters in applied economics, albeit in a very mediocre economics department. I'm currently on a full tuition scholarship at this school, so this degree would essentially be free. Based on people I know in the program and what I know about it, I will have no problem being admitted to this program. Do I realistically have a chance to get into a top econ masters program? The program would have to prestigious enough to be worth giving up a completely free program. Schools I would be interested in would Michigan's MAE(I would get in-state tuition), Duke, Columbia, Yale IDE, Toronto, UBC, McGill, Queens, Oxbridge, LSE, UCL, Imperial, etc. I'm pretty much willing to go anywhere, but would strongly prefer to stay in the US/UK/Canada. Anywhere else I should look as a possibilty?
  16. Hey guys, I'm an undergrad and this week I just finished up my Calc III final. It was brutal, mostly due to the fact that I really overloaded myself this semester. My question is, is everything in Calc III absolutely necessary for grad school? I understand where gradients and langrange multipliers can be extremely useful, and partial derivs are the absolute basics, but where do linear integrals, Stoke's theorem, and the Divergence theorem come into play? Thanks
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