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  1. Hi all, I have planned for some time to apply to PhD programs in economics a year from now after I finish a two-year RA stint. I’ve recently been debating, however, if I should also look into applying to political science PhDs. I’m primarily interested in political economy, so I believe that I would enjoy doing either program (although I realize that there are trade-offs in choosing one program over the other). I know that it’s not uncommon for econ applicants to also apply to PPOL PhDs, but I rarely hear of them also applying to political science programs. My question then is this - would it look bad in anyway to apply to both programs potentially at the same school(s)? I don’t want to give off the impression that I’m not serious/committed enough to one particular field, but it’d be nice to keep my options open and learn more thoroughly about the pros/cons specific to each department. Thanks for any advice!
  2. Hi: If I am only planning to apply to 2 schools both located in the same state for my PhD because of many reasons why those are the only schools I would apply to (at least the initial cycle), would it look favorable if I disclose on my personal statement that they are my only schools I'm applying to, would they take it the wrong way as a sign that I'm not serious (hopefully this will be dispelled by my transcripts, research) about getting a PhD (maybe not?), or would it be ambiguous how the adcoms would interpret this? I'm not terribly familiar with the general consensus of adcoms and the dos and do nots... much appreciated!
  3. Hello ladies and gents, I am thinking to apply for PhD in Economics in top 60-70 or more specifically CUNY - SUNY range of school. I can only apply to schools within NY region and my profile is not as good as like the ones applying to top 10 schools such as NYU, Columbia. Anyway my question is that if you could suggest 3 to 5 mathematical classes for such an applicant, what would you suggest me to take? At the end of this semester, I will share my background but right now it is not good enough to post yet :) Good day!
  4. Hi everyone, this is my first time posting in this forum. The level of support available from folks in this chatroom is so high, so I decided to post a thread to see if I could ask for some guidance/ advice from folks! Thank you in advance for your support! :) Long story short, after working for a few years in the financial sector, I have decided to apply for a PhD program and embark on an academic career. I have always wanted to be an academic, but due to financial reasons (supporting family etc), I couldn't take five years out of my life to be a grad student, and had to stay in the industry in order to make money. Now that I have some money saved up, I have decided to give PhD a shot! Because I'm away from academia for awhile now, I feel like I want to give myself about 2-3 years to improve my profile. Turning 32 this year and will be 34 when I submit my application. I am thinking that I might retake some calculus, maybe linear algebra courses to refresh my math skills. I also want to also start reading journal articles and try to get involved in research to get some research experience, and hopefully a good letter, but I don't know how best to approach this. My question to folks is, if you have had 2 additional years to make your application stronger, while you're working full-time, what would you have done? Here is a profile to give folks a better sense of my background: Test Scores (GMAT/GRE): (Expired, used this to apply for policy masters awhile back) Q 167, V 160, AW 5.0 Undegrad GPA: Big 10 Pure Mathematics & Economics, 3.64. Couple of Cs but they were difficult math classes. Graduate GPA: HYPS Public Policy (concentration in Economics), 3.64. Research Experience: 2 years working in an economic research think tank focusing on consumer finance Teaching Experience: taught an advanced microeconomics course for a summer program at HYPS couple of years ago Work Experience: Prior role as a financial regulator in a developing country (for three years). Currently a data scientist at a large US bank working on payment technology Concentration Applying to: Still deciding. Seems like Applied Economics is the best fit for now. Outside of that, I have been reading journal articles from professors in Innovation & Technology, and can see myself involved in the topics there (as a result of my current job i'm now deep in the world of payment technology, fintech, cryptocurrency etc) Number of programs planned to apply to: Undecided. Will likely cast a wide-net. I will try to shoot for the moon but am happy with a mid-low tier admission as long as placement into universities is good Dream Schools: the usual ones What made you want to pursue a PhD? If I apply at 35, I most likely will graduate when I am 40. I am now quite certain that I want to live next 20 - 30 years of my life as an academic Questions or concerns you have about your profile? I don't have any academic reference letter/ recommendation letter at the moment, hence I am giving myself some time (2-3 years) to get connected with universities, but not sure how best to approach this... Any additional specific questions you may have: How can I best use these two to three years to prepare for an application Thank you folks for your thoughts and suggestions!!
  5. I've been looking at the websites for UC Davis, UCSB, UCSD, and other UC schools, and I'm quite confused about funding. I am a US citizen and resident of another state. I understand that I should be going through the process to apply for California residency. I understand this may differ from school to school, but for example, for UC Davis & UCSB, am I correct that TAships just cover resident tuition (or do they cover non-resident fees) and provide stipend? At UC Davis, can you get both a Non-Resident Tuition Fellowship (to offset the cost of the non-resident fee) and a TAship? Obviously I'll be reaching out to the financial aid departments at whatever institutions I apply to, but information from students who have attended would be quite helpful.
  6. Any professional advice for my situation? I got dismissed from my previous PhD program at a top B-School not due to my academic performance (my GPA for for the year is about 3.8) but because of some relational misunderstanding with my supervisors who then found some reason to exclude me:sorrow: Please kindly help advise if I can apply to other PhD programs in the US. My major was management and have had a B+ journal publication. My GMAT was 730. SOS!
  7. Hi everyone , I graduated from UAE . i didn't Practice as pharmacist in UAE since i was working at the university and i don't have a licence from my country of origin Yemen . I am trying to apply for the FBGEE but one of the requirement is the registration or licence. is there a way i can apply ? i will appreciate help
  8. As I've mentioned in a post before, I do have an offer for EME LSE which I'm deferring until next year due to financial constraints. This means I can also apply to other European schools in the meantime, especially because they're often cheaper. Which others would you recommend? I plan to apply to (on top of LSE) UCL, Oxford, Cambridge, TSE, PSE, UPF, CEMFI. The ultimate aim would be to apply to a strong school in the US after or get admitted to a strong PhD programme in the UK. Any others you would recommend?
  9. Does anyone have any information on likelihood or proportion of American Economic departments hiring international students as research assistants. I'm to enter a MSc program in UK this autumn and I'm definitely interested in doing a PhD thereafter but am interested to apply for some of RA jobs (plenty posted on NBERs websit) to gain experience as well as added value to application. However given that I'm an International student, do you know how many students generally apply, how many get accepted or will they sponsor a visa? Also, as most of these jobs look like data type work along with editing and managing projects and papers; while I'm extremely proficient in Stata, a lot of them emphasize on some kind of mathematical/finance/macro modelling done in Python or R, for which I'm inexperienced in. Hence I would appreciate some information on chances of being employed as If more than likely, I would expend a lot of time during the MSc to also train and code in Python/R.
  10. Hi Guys, A colleague of mine has an open RA position for quant marketing. This would be a great position to strengthen your profile if you're looking to apply in the next year or two. Dropbox - RA job description.docx
  11. It is a well-known fact that external funding sources can have a large influence on admissions outcomes. Does anyone have information on fellowships that prospective applicants can apply to? The following are under my radar: - NSF Graduate Research Fellowship (deadline passed) - Soros Fellowship (for 1st/2nd gen immigrant applicants) - Ford Foundation Fellowship (for minority applicants) Are there any else that people are aware of?
  12. Hi guys, I am planning to apply to PhD in Economics programs this fall. But the thing is, I am only an average student from a top US master's, which severely limits my chances of admission to top 30. So, I am thinking about applying as if I had no master's education and just an undergraduate degree. This idea looks fine to me as I was one of the top students at my undegrad institution in Asia, and even got a PhD offer from Texas-Austin at the time (I declined it at the time because I was way too confident about myself). What do you think? If I had performed better in PhD courses - I took 4 of them and got B+ in all - what I have done at my master's could be considered very good. I wrote a quality capstone paper and have been an RA since June. But the GPA of 3.50 ruins everything. I am also considering full-time RA positions. But can those compensate for my average master's performance? And if yes, how much? Will top 30 be my ultimate limit? Thank you.
  13. I received an email invitation to apply from HBS for their doctoral program (I believe using data from my GRE profile). This is a random mailer blast to anyone who scored above a certain score on the GRE isn't it? I wanted to apply for Harvard, but decided against it because I felt like I would not have a chance despite research fit. Now, I am struggling against spending $105 for the application. Someone please tell me what I can make of that email.
  14. Hi all I’m currently in my first year, thinking of my re-application for NSF GRFP. I applied last year and got Honorable Mention, so I know I’m marginal, hoping to make it over the edge this time. I’m on the fence between applying this year or next year (note now you can only apply once after starting a program). Looking for tips, especially from any faculty lurking who may have more direct insights into how NSF apps are reviewed. There are two main Q’s that I think would help clarify things for me: - Does it look weird to not include a rec letter from anyone at your current institution? As a first year I don’t know any profs that well, so they wouldn’t be able to write a terribly informative letter. But does it look weird then if I apply this year with no letters from my program? If I apply next year instead, I could RA this summer and include a letter from my school that way, which I imagine would be a solid letter. I think my letters this year are pretty strong, so I’m not overly concerned about adding a strong letter; I think the strength of letters could marginally improve if I wait a year, but the larger factor might be whether or not I actually just need to have one letter from my current school. - If I apply next year instead of this year, how much will reviewers weight my first year grades? I’m sure I’ll do fine, but I’m guessing more in the B/B+ than A range. Maybe that would be taken as a negative if that’s the case? So the main tradeoff seems to be a possibly better set of letters next year versus the risk of non-strong grades being weighed heavily. Any insight on how reviewers weigh these things would be helpful. Also open to any other thoughts on applying first vs second year that I haven’t touched on. Thanks!
  15. Hi, Title says it all! I did my undergrad in the U.S. and graduated with research-oriented masters in Germany this year. Due to language barriers and limited options, I can't stay in Germany to pursue academic work. Given I don't have enough funds for PhD applications (those U.S. application fees do add up!), I want to apply next year. For the mean time, I was wondering if I can apply a full-time RA position in the US. Do you think it's possible to obtain it without being a PhD. student?
  16. What kind of value an undergrad can provide as an RA to a theorist? It seems like most of the typical data related tasks don't apply to theorists. Do theorists ever hire undergrad RAs, and if so, what do they do?
  17. Newbie here! I've finished most of my preparation and am just working on PS and RL, but still am a bit hesitant about my school choices. All advice are welcomed! If anyone else is applying the OB phd for fall 2019, please feel free to reach out and connect! Test Scores (GMAT/GRE): GMAT 740(97%), v41(93%), Quant 49 (74%), AW 5(53%), IR 4 (38%) Question: my overall score is decent, however the new IR segment is fairly low, will this have a big influence on my overall chances? Undegrad GPA: 3.32/4 - Marketing, an unknown school in China Graduate GPA: 3.78/4 - Ms in Marketing, Arizona State University (Thunderbird school of global mgmt) Research Experience: one published paper as second author in 2013, Journal of Media and Communication Studies Teaching Experience: N/A Work Experience: 3.5 years in digital marketing in the U.S. Concentration Applying to: Organizational Behavior Number of programs planned to apply to: 7 Dream Schools: Harvard MIT Stanford Other Questions: What made you want to pursue a PhD? 3 years of corporate life made me miss the intellectual challenge and constant learning in school. as a high skilled immigrant visa holder, I witnessed how skilled immigrant workers are under-employed with multiple restriction, inspiring me to learn new ways to motivate, engage and max the potential of this group Questions or concerns you have about your profile? 1. I want to teach in a U.S. school after graduation, is it worth it to apply to EU schools? currently I'm looking into INSEAD but am a bit concerned about whether the placement/research will be heavily depended on your location. 2. Anyone familiar with INSEAD and Wharton's combined phd program? 3. with my profile, is it realistic to apply to all top 50 schools? my current plan is to apply again next year if I don't get to my top schools, but am def a bit concerned about my background due to low undergrad GPA Any additional specific questions you may have:
  18. Hello! Hoping to get suggestions on what types of PhD programs in business to apply to given that... I'm interested in the following application areas: negotiations, M&A, corporate strategy However, I'm specifically interested in applying alternative/rigorous quantitative approaches to the areas, such as: machine & deep learning simulation game theory & mechanism design algorithm & complexity analysis With these interests, where should I apply? A business Econ PhD program, Operations, Management? On the one hand I'm afraid the focus in management will be too qualitative, and operations too abstract or specific to supply-chain type problems (also not confident I have the background for it), and also not sure if this falls under the scope of economics... If it helps, my background is in mathematical economics and I have industry experience in risk analytics & modeling. Please let me know what you think!
  19. Hi, I'm a rising 5th year (lmao) and I'm going to apply to PhD programs this cycle. I was wondering on where you guys think I should apply, more specifically what range. Large public university, not very competitive PhD program GPA: 3.69 Major: Econ (BBA) Minor: Math GRE: 160Q (I realize this is super low; I'm retaking and I'm confident I can get around a 166). 161V, 4.5 writing Econ Coursework: Principles of Micro (B), Principles of Macro (A-), Intermediate Macro (A), Intermediate Micro (A-), Econometrics (A), Economic Theory of Networks (A), Economics Writing Seminar (semester long research paper course. A) Mathematical Economics (A-), Money and Banking (A) Math Coursework: Calc I (A), Calc II (A), Calc III (B+), Basic Concepts of Math (intro proofing & discrete math, essentially. A-), Linear Algebra (A), Probability Theory (B+). I also got a C+ in a business statistics class first semester sophomore year. it was a bad time in my life (classic excuse) but I wonder how much that will affect my chances. All of my grades were trash that semester, but I've been doing a lot better since. Courses I'm taking this semester (the semester in which I'll apply): Advanced Calc (real analysis, essentially), Differential Equations I, and a Graduate Econometrics course (PhD level). Research Experience: Very little. I was an RA for a summer with a poli sci professor, kinda just did lit review and data entry, some basic STATA stuff too. I also wrote my "senior thesis" for that writing seminar class. I was, however, nominated by my prof to present at my school's undergraduate research forum. I have a basic knowledge of Python, R and Stata. My undergrad metrics class used Eviews but I don't even think that's relevant. Letters: I'm prob gonna ask my Intermediate Macro & Money and Banking prof (both As). He knows me decently well and I was a very good student in his classes. He's also a really good, productive, younger economist. I'm also going to ask my Networks (A) and Math Econ prof (A-). I did an honors module for him and I think he will write a good letter. Lastly, I think I'll get one from my senior writing seminar professor who nominated me to present my research. Overall I think I will have decent letters, not great though. Any ideas on where I should apply? I'm thinking like 40s-60s range? I am interested in labor and health. My reaches are University of Washington and USC. My "fits" are Georgia, Kentucky, ND, Georgetown, UC Boulder...
  20. Hi there I am strongly interested in working as an RA next year and I am trying to apply them. So for positions starting next summer, I just wonder it is normal to apply now? Becuase I have seen many recruitment adverts on NBER websites. Also, there are like, first round, second round, or something. Do professors hire RAs mostly from the first round? Frankly, I have missed some key dates so I am quite frustrated now, of course, they have the second round offer, but how chance is going to be? So, we are in the regular season for the RA applications, or this is a little bit early? Anyone knows the logistics of RA application??
  21. Type of Undergrad: Top-Ranked Public Liberal Arts Undergrad GPA: 3.73/4.0 Major: Economics (with Honors), International Studies Master’s Program: International Economic Relations (More Policy than Quant) Master’s GPA: 3.9 GRE: Need to take (Over 5 years ago, scored in top 97pctile in quantitative) Math Courses: Multivariate Calc I (A-) Discrete Math (B) Differential Equations (B) Econ Courses: Micro Theory (A) International Econ (A) Intermediate Theory: Money, Income and Employment (A) Economic Statistics (A) Applied Econometric Analysis (A-) Advanced International Economics (A) Economics Honors Thesis Course (A) Letters of Recommendation: 1 from professor from my Master’s program 1 from Partner at my firm (quantitative consulting firm; partner is a PhD economist) Not sure about 3rd yet… Research Experience: 5 years of experience working on research projects for a quantitative consulting firm. Mostly program evaluations for the U.S. Department of Labor, as well as supporting econometricians and statisticians serving as expert witnesses in Litigation matters. Extensive experience in data management (Stata and some R), statistical sampling, predictive analytics, program evaluation, labor economics, report writing, and model validation. Teaching Experience: None Research Interests: International Development- Water Scarcity, Education Applying: I am limited to North Carolina (family reasons). I know most apply to 15-20 schools, but I will be unable to. UNC is my top choice; Will apply to NC State, Duke, Wake?, Please advise. Worries: - I have been out of undergrad for years now and have not kept up with many professors. I have one professor from my Master’s program who will probably write a strong letter, as well as an economist who founded the consulting company I work for. My other options are limited- there is a PhD statistician who I have supported on various litigation matters, but I am not sure how strong that one would be. I’m also limited geographically, so I cannot apply to multiple schools. I have to make these applications as strong as possible. Please advise on 1) whether I look like a good candidate for UNC Chapel Hill, 2) suggestions for NC schools to apply to, and 3) how to make my application stronger. Thank you in advance!
  22. Hello, I'm currently a junior in a college in the US (top 20 phd econ), double majoring in econ and math. I was wondering how much it will hurt me when I apply in the future if I drop Operations Research I and take a W(withdrawal grade) this semester, and take it again in the future and get an A. I've been struggling a lot this semester (frequent family/health issues) and I didn't do well on the midterms (expected to either get a C or B in the course if I continue). As to my previous math background, I didn't start strong (got a C in introduction to proof class and a B in matrix algebra), but ended up A's in Calc 1-3, Differential Equations, two Real Analysis courses, Linear Algebra, Abstract Algebra, Mathematical Probability, Statistical Inference, and a B in Discrete Math. (Planning on taking more math electives and some grad-level econ courses before I apply). Assuming that I would like to apply to a good number of top10 and top 20 schools, if I take a W now and make it up with an A before I apply to PhD programs, will it still hurt me? (I have no W's so far on my transcript.) Also, if I decide to apply to RA positions before PhD (still thinking about it), will it hurt me during that process as well? Thanks for your help.
  23. Hi everyone, I am currently a junior in undergrad, planning on getting a B.S. in Accounting and a B.S. in Finance at a state flagship university known for Accounting. I hope to apply next fall. I am interested in financial archival research. GMAT: 760 (49Q, 45V) Undergrad GPA: 3.85/4.00 Math Background: Calc 1/2 in High School, Calc 3, Linear Algebra, and 2 Calculus-based Statistics classes before I graduate Research Experience: None Teaching Experience: None Work Experience: 3 internships (1 in a data analytics role, 1 part-time during the school year, and 1 in financial modeling+technology role) LORs: 1 from an Accounting professor that does not have a PhD (I know him very well), and 1 from a Finance professor with a PhD. Other: Not sure how relevant this is but I am familiar with Java, and have experience with Python and R Schools: UChicago, Harvard, UPenn, Stanford, Yale, USC, NYU, Columbia, Northwestern, MIT, Duke, and Emory are on my list right now, but I intend to apply to 13-15. Right now my list does not include any public schools because from what I have observed, it seems as though they prefer candidates with work experience. Does anyone happen to know if that is true? Based on what I know about admissions, I feel that my weaknesses lie in my LORs (since I don't have one from a well-known tenured Accounting professor), my lack of accounting work experience/master's degree, and potentially my math background (0 econometrics classes). However, I would like to hear everyone else's thoughts on this as well in case there's something I can work on before I apply in the fall.
  24. Should I retake GRE if got 164 from quantitative part and apply MSc Economics?
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