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  1. Hi I’m a dual US citizen currently taking up my 4 year BS Pharmacy program in the Philippines and my end goal is to work in the US with a PharmD degree. They offer a 2 year post-bacalaureate PharmD program here in my country, but I read a post saying that the NABP is very particular about 5 years of CONTINUOUS study. With that being said, would it be better to pursue the PharmD program in the US? Or would it suffice to graduate from the BS Clinical Pharmacy program of 5 years from my country?
  2. When will this years start? I am already sweating...
  3. Hi all, Hoping to get some opinions on the strength of my profile. For reference, I'm aiming for a Canadian Masters. Not too interested in a PhD at the moment, but could change my mind afterwards. As you'll be able to see, I had a very bad first couple of years. Profile: Type of undergrad BA Economics from a top Canadian University. Strong economics program here. cGPA: We don't use a GPA system at my uni but I believe it's around a 3.6/4.0 Math courses: Linear Algebra (A), Calc III (A) Stats/Econometrics: Intro to Stats (A), Intro to Stats II (A), Econometrics (A+) Econ courses: Intermediate Micro I-II (A-, A-), Intermediate Macro (A-), Game Theory (A+), Research Paper course (A+), Development Econ (A+), Public Econ (A-) Less relevant econ electives: a mix of A and A+, with one B in Monetary Policy Concerns: all the courses above were from my last two years. My main concern is my first two years. Most of my core econ courses and electives back then were a mix of As/A+/B+, EXCEPT in these courses; Calc I (B-), Calc II (F, retaken then got a B), Intro to Game Theory (D). Recommendation letters: I have 3, all econ professors who know me fairly well so I believe they will be decently strong. Interests: Econometrics So, as you can see I've tried to remedy my (very) poor performance in my first two years with getting good grades in harder courses later on, but not too sure how much that will help. I'm really quite happy to get into any decent Masters in Canada, so any advice on what my chances would be is appreciated. Thank you!
  4. Hi everyone, this is my first time posting in this forum. The level of support available from folks in this chatroom is so high, so I decided to post a thread to see if I could ask for some guidance/ advice from folks! Thank you in advance for your support! :) Long story short, after working for a few years in the financial sector, I have decided to apply for a PhD program and embark on an academic career. I have always wanted to be an academic, but due to financial reasons (supporting family etc), I couldn't take five years out of my life to be a grad student, and had to stay in the industry in order to make money. Now that I have some money saved up, I have decided to give PhD a shot! Because I'm away from academia for awhile now, I feel like I want to give myself about 2-3 years to improve my profile. Turning 32 this year and will be 34 when I submit my application. I am thinking that I might retake some calculus, maybe linear algebra courses to refresh my math skills. I also want to also start reading journal articles and try to get involved in research to get some research experience, and hopefully a good letter, but I don't know how best to approach this. My question to folks is, if you have had 2 additional years to make your application stronger, while you're working full-time, what would you have done? Here is a profile to give folks a better sense of my background: Test Scores (GMAT/GRE): (Expired, used this to apply for policy masters awhile back) Q 167, V 160, AW 5.0 Undegrad GPA: Big 10 Pure Mathematics & Economics, 3.64. Couple of Cs but they were difficult math classes. Graduate GPA: HYPS Public Policy (concentration in Economics), 3.64. Research Experience: 2 years working in an economic research think tank focusing on consumer finance Teaching Experience: taught an advanced microeconomics course for a summer program at HYPS couple of years ago Work Experience: Prior role as a financial regulator in a developing country (for three years). Currently a data scientist at a large US bank working on payment technology Concentration Applying to: Still deciding. Seems like Applied Economics is the best fit for now. Outside of that, I have been reading journal articles from professors in Innovation & Technology, and can see myself involved in the topics there (as a result of my current job i'm now deep in the world of payment technology, fintech, cryptocurrency etc) Number of programs planned to apply to: Undecided. Will likely cast a wide-net. I will try to shoot for the moon but am happy with a mid-low tier admission as long as placement into universities is good Dream Schools: the usual ones What made you want to pursue a PhD? If I apply at 35, I most likely will graduate when I am 40. I am now quite certain that I want to live next 20 - 30 years of my life as an academic Questions or concerns you have about your profile? I don't have any academic reference letter/ recommendation letter at the moment, hence I am giving myself some time (2-3 years) to get connected with universities, but not sure how best to approach this... Any additional specific questions you may have: How can I best use these two to three years to prepare for an application Thank you folks for your thoughts and suggestions!!
  5. After 8 years of graduate school, I made it to the other side. Because of anonymity I'm not going to share the school with everyone, but I'm beyond excited about it. It's in a dream location for my family and an ideal environment for my research and teaching. This forum definitely got me through the whole process of applying and even through the first few years of my program. I know I haven't posted much recently, but I still check up on the site every day. Good luck to those of you applying and to those of you in programs, keep your heads down and work hard. Further, and I can't stress this enough, a PhD is not for everyone. Leaving academia is not a failure. I know of a ton of people who left and are happier because of it. I also know of a ton of people who didn't leave and really wish they did. Industry is not a failure regardless of what you think and perhaps what your faculty will tell you. It's your life, you only get one, don't do something that makes you miserable.
  6. Hello everyone, I am hoping to get some insight on how to proceed with my goal of getting into an Accounting PhD program. I know I don't have the best profile right now, so I'm trying to figure out the best way to improve my stats before applying. About me: 30 year old female Bachelor's in Accounting - 3.43 GPA (3.5 Business GPA) at a reputable state university) GMAT: 660 (Q: 49 V: 31 IR:6) 5+ years of work experience (2 years - top 10 national public accounting firm, 3 years - Federal government, Active CPA license Active CFE license No research experience No teaching experience Math classes taken in undergrad: Statistics I, Statistics II, Calculus I As you can see, nothing about me is great (yet!). So my question is, what would be the best way to proceed? Should I go for my Master's and try to get as high of a graduate GPA and GMAT score as possible? I don't have a strong quantitative background, so I am thinking obtaining a Master's degree in Data Analytics might be more beneficial. At the same time, Master's in Accounting will expose me to accounting professors and give me the opportunity to earn some good letters from them. I'm leaning towards going for Master's in Accounting and completing courses in Calculus II and Data Analytics (i.e. SAS, SPSS, SQL, etc.) through Coursera and/or community college to compensate for the lack of research experience/quantitative background. I should note that I am not necessarily going for a top-tier school, as I know those are likely out of my reach regardless of what I do in the next couple of years. I am just really passionate about learning and education, and I want to pursue a PhD and further my growth and learning. FYI, my research interests lie in the areas of auditing, financial reporting, and the linkage between financial and non-financial variables. Any feedback would be greatly appreciated. Thanks so much in advance for the help!
  7. Hello all and thanks in advance: Test Scores (GMAT/GRE): 160Q 157V Undegrad GPA: 3.25 (Thesis on financial ratio analys of companies in the stock market, Actuarial Science) Graduate GPA: 3.8 (The written project was not mandatory and it is barely thorough, becauseI did an MBA) Research Experience: 2 years as research assistant (regressions, Strectural equation modeling, time series) Teaching Experience: 3 years (Quantitive Tools (MBA level), Decision Analysis (MBA level) and in January 2020 Mathematical Finance II (for actuaries and finance, undergrads) Work Experience: 4 years, bank, insurance and consulting in finance Concentration Applying to: Finance Number of programs planned to apply to: 7 (Would you recommend more?) Dream Schools: Stockholm, Vienna, Essex, Washington, Bocconi, Bath Other Questions: What made you want to pursue a PhD? Since I started teaching I was at the same time hired for research assistant and throughout the first year I really enjoy it a lot, which make me start pursuing the Ph.D. Last year I did apply but got no luck, the "tier" of schools I selected were Tier 1. Questions or concerns you have about your profile? I am worried that I am 30yo, although people have told me there is no problem about that I am from a country that doesn't promote research, so I have tried these past 2 years to compensate it, ideally I would start helping a professor with a paper (but there is no definite time, which is why I am not putting it as an experience) and if we started it, it might be too soon to even put it as Work in Progress. Still I have been assisting PhD candidates on their research analysis. I am doubting about my GRE in regards to Finance, a professor that comes from top tier schools told me it would be too low to even pass the first filter and that I should apply to the area of Management and maybe later move to Finance (got me a little down :upset: ) Since it is my second time applying I am looking at schools that: I would really like to go, that I do in theory have the qualifications to be accepted (based on their websites about no GRE min, and if they have I am in their range) I am working strongly in my SOP and in an attractive Research Proposal (for the European schools). I am looking to work on a more empirical result, I do know that my strength is not necessarily in the theory, but more in the practical research, which is what I have done. Any additional specific questions you may have: I would like to know your opinion or if maybe I should restructure my approach.
  8. Hi, Planning to apply to PhD in Accounting after 20 years in accounting with major oil & gas companies. Have been postponing PhD for long time, but now decided to leave the comfort zone and get into academia for the love of research and intellectual challenge. Research interests include corporate governance & controls (e.g. budgeting, accounting fraud, information asymmetry) and influenced by work experience Test Scores (GMAT/GRE): GMAT 730 (Q50 / V40) Undegrad GPA: 4.0 (Econ; outside of US, top of the class), graduated 20 years ago Graduate GPA: 2.8 (3.3 second year / 4.0 major in Finance, MBA Top 75 US) graduated 20 years ago Prof.certification: CMA (with gold medal for highest score) obtained 10 years ago Research Experience: N/A Teaching Experience: Currently TA in accounting and finance; taught couple of under- and graduate level courses Work Experience: as mentioned above, managerial positions in accounting and finance with Fortune 100 companies Concentration Applying to: Accounting (Managerial & Financial / Behavioral & Archival) Number of programs planned to apply to: 10-20 Dream Schools: Rotman / INSEAD / MSU Broad Letter Writers: Accounting and finance professors currently TA'ing. Questions or concerns you have about your profile? As I understand age will be a major concern, so would appreciate your help with the list of schools. Should I look only outside of Top 50? Should I shoot for GMAT 750+ to improve profile? Any additional specific questions you may have: Will it make a difference if full funding to be provided by a sponsor?
  9. Type of Undergrad: Rising Senior pursuing BA in Economics, BS in Math from Unranked Public University Undergrad GPA: 4.0 GRE:170Q/168V/6.0AWA Math Courses: Multivariable Calculus, Combinatorics, Linear Algebra (2 semesters, proof-based), Real Analysis, Complex Analysis, Topology, Abstract Algebra I & II, Mathematical Statistics, Mathematical Probability (all As) Undergrad Econ Courses: Intermediate Micro, Intermediate Macro, Econometrics, Game Theory (all As) Grad Courses: Microeconomic Theory I & II (passed PhD qualifying exam), Econometrics I, Mathematics for Econ (all As) Letters of Recommendation: Recommenders are all from top-20. Two were my professors in my graduate courses, and I've been a RA for one of those professors for the past two years. The final recommender is my thesis advisor and one of my undergraduate professors. Research Experience: 2 years as an RA; thesis project for junior & senior year (extended- it'll be a two year project). Teaching Experience: Math tutor (1.5 years) & TA (one semester) I'm looking to get into a high-ranked school (hopefully top 20), with funding. I read the post about top admissions and the difficulties coming from an unranked school. Is there anything I can do to remedy that?
  10. Profile: Type of Undergrad: BSc economics from a top UK University (Ox/Cam/LSE/Imp). But graduated 8 years ago. Undergrad GPA: 1st honours. Got firsts in all courses except 1 or 2 Graduate GPA: About to start MSc Finance & Econ from a top European programme GRE: Haven't taken it yet Math Courses: Real analysis, differential equations, multivariable calc, intro to abstract math. All 1sts (but 8-10 years ago) Undergrad econ couses: Micro, macro, applied econometrics, and public. All firsts except applied metrics Grad econ courses: to come: Micro, financial economics, financial econometrics, possibly macro, 2 electives Letters of Recommendation: I'll need to get some good ones from the MSc because I'm sure no one from undegrad remembers me. Can throw in one or two from work for good measure even if not that relevant Research Experience: Will be doing some RA work for one of the professors during the MSc. Otherwise nothing applicable so far. A few non-technical company publications, but irrelevant. Research interests: Empirical corp finance (particularly banking/credit), banking theory Teaching Experience: 1 year of TAing a class in undergrad in 2010 Work Experience: 7-8 years in management consulting for the financial services sector at a fairly prestigious firm Context and questions: Hi everyone, I'd be interested in your views of what odds my profile has of getting into a good programme. I graduated in 2011 and went to work in management consulting. One thing led to another and now it's 8 years later and I'm 30 and I still have a feeling like what I really want to do is research and teach. So I'm going back to do a MSc to see if I'm really serious about this, and then would like to apply for a PhD if I still feel the same way. My job has not been technical, but has been focused on banking regs and strategy, so potentially gets me some useful insights. I'm starting an MSc in Finance and Econ from a top European programme in 2 months. My questions are: - Assuming I do well in the masters, what are my odds of getting into a top ~20 finance programme? If it's quite unrealistic, I suppose I can give up and go back to the old sort of thing I did - Is there any point applying this cycle before the degree is done? I sort of feel like I'm already pretty old to spend another year RAing, but I guess it's needed. [Cross-posted to PhD business forum - let me know if this is the wrong place and I can delete]
  11. I have over 30 years of experience as a professional tutor, 20 years of experience as a certified language teacher, and over 15 years of experience as a university instructor. I teach all aspects of the English language including reading, writing, listening comprehension, conversation / speaking skills, pronunciation, accent reduction, grammar, and vocabulary. In addition, I am a native English speaker and a TOEFL tutor who teaches online. I am committed to helping my students reach their language goals. In my spare time, I enjoy reading, writing, learning foreign languages, and traveling. Aurelia McNeil The Language Professor, LLC
  12. I've joined this forum just now and look forward to so much. I hope it helps in my licensure exams which I'll be taking 3 years from now. Maybe it's too soon and I'm glad to be here. My sincere greetings to everyone reading this.:)
  13. Hi! I am an OB applicant this season, but have not got any good news yet. I think I will apply again in two years, but I would appreciate some advice on how to move forward. I was thinking about possibly get a research assistant job in a business school, but my professor (business phd) recommended me to go into consulting possibly and get some experience in the field. Here is my profile this year Test Scores (GMAT): V 41/93%, Q 50/85%, AW 6/88%, IR 8/92%, Total 750/98% Undergrad GPA: 3.78 (organization development, top15) Graduate GPA: 3.78 (international education, top15) Research Experience: Mainly 2 years of GA while in grad school with a cross-cultural state-wide education reform project, and some other class projects, no thesis. I pretty much thought I will never get a Ph.D. until 2 years ago when I learnt there are Ph.D. programs in business schools... Teaching Experience: none Work Experience: 4 years coordinating a international educator professional and leadership development program at a top university Concentration Applying to: OB - team dynamics/processes Number of programs applied to: 12 - half in the U.S., half in other countries... pretty much all top schools except HSB, MIT and Stanford... Got an interview from LBS, which made me think I have a shot at this. Other Questions: What made you want to pursue a PhD? - the opportunity for sustained research to investigate team dynamics and processes in diverse teams and how teams can capitalize on their diversity - help organizations maximize the potential of their diverse talents - be an advocate and role model for minority and women in business academia Questions or concerns you have about your profile? Right now, I am pretty much only waiting to hear from NUS (Singapore). I have not heard from UBC or Toronto, but pretty sure they will be rejections. I would really appreciate some suggestions going forward - should I focus more on boosting my research experience? - should I get in business and possibly consulting since it kinda involve some research work but will give me more business experience? - should I get an MBA (it will definitely help me change career, but doesn't seem to help much if I plan to apply for PHD again in 2020)? What's the possibility of staying at the school for Ph.D. after MBA if I can cultivate great relationship with faculties? Really appreciate all the knowledge here!
  14. I was trying to keep an eye out, but I missed it. At some point, we passed the one-million-post mark. I do recall noticing that we had something like 500,000 in the first couple of years (so maybe 2002-2004-ish, during the 'golden age' of forums, before Google, Amazon, Facebook, Apple, etc. took over). And then it took another 15 years to get to a million. Any thoughts on making the Internet decentralized again? At this point, I actually kind of like knowing I'm on some small site that won't track me or try to monetize my psyche.
  15. Hi, I applied to PhD in Economics programs but no luck so far (0a/6r/3ir). As such, I'd like to know what I could do to increase my odds to get in next year. I graduated in Maths with Economics (Bsc Honours) with a 2.1 from Exeter (GPA 3.3). I had medical issues before and during my studies and therefore couldn't attend more than a couple classes per year. Got a Master in Economics and Experimental Economics from the same uni (1st class, GPA 3.83) After that, I've worked for 4 months with JPAL, 1.5 years with IPA, 2.5 years with the Institute for Development Studies and a year with the World Bank, and should be coauthoring a couple of papers this year. Letters of recommendation from 2 econ profs from my masters' program (7 years ago) and from a couple of political scientist from top schools (Toronto and NYU) Unfortunately, it seems that work experience cannot compensate my low undergraduate grades from a second-tier school. Any suggestions as what I could to improve my application for next year would be more than welcome. Thanks
  16. Guys I can't believe I'm writing this, because even disregarding the two wait lists I am on I got some offers I would be thrilled to take. But, due to some purely personal factors it looks like I might have to give up on going to a program this fall. If this happens, I don't want to give up on my dream and I plan to reapply in 2 years and I'm furiously trying to set up a backup plan in the meantime. I would be moving to a major East coast city, which I guess is lucky given the prevalence of universities there. I guess my two options if I still want to do my PhD are: 1) Get an RA position -- this would possibly increase my competitiveness, right? Easier said than done, though, particularly given my relatively weak programming skills and lack of formal training. 2) Get a consulting job -- I assume this would more or less maintain my current level of competitiveness (my letter writers will all stand by me just as strongly in two years, I've talked to them and I go to a tiny school) And, regardless, I guess try to take some math classes. Does anyone have any advice for me? What else can I do to maintain or increase competitiveness? My nightmare is that I have to decline my offers, don't line up EITHER of these two options, and then my window of opportunity is closed forever.
  17. Hey mates, I have taken advantage of this forum for a while. Now, I finally took the courage to ask you some questions I have about the application process for the PhD in economics around the world. I hope you can help me. I'm planning to apply to 15+ programs in this year. PROFILE: Type of Undergrad: BA in economics top Latin American school. Undergrad GPA: 3.7/4 Type of Grad: Msc Economics, same school Grad GPA: 3.5/4 GRE: 166Q, 159V, 3.5AW Math Courses: Calculus I-III(A), Linear Algebra (A), Real Analysis ©, Statistics I-II (A+), Econometrics I-III (undergrad) and Econometrics I-III(grad) (A). Other relevant Courses: Micro I (C, grad), Micro II (A, grad), Macro I (A, grad), Econometrics I (A, grad), Econometrics III (A, grad), Labor Economics (A, grad). Research Experience: 5+ years as RA. Bunch of topics: labor, applied econometrics, trade, development, IO, environmental economics and economics of education. 5 different profs (3 potential LoRs). Teaching Experience: 4+ years as TA: Statistics, Econometrics, Micro and Macro for both undegraduate and graduate levels. Other: Honor undergraduate thesis and a master thesis published in a fair journal. Participated in 8 conferences (national and international). Top 3 in undergrad. Letters of Recommendation: 1 - Undergrad. supervisor (PhD at a top 10), very famous in my country, sent lots of students to PhD in the last 10 years. I've also been his RA and TA. Tenured. 2 - Grad. supervisor (PhD at a top 30), not so famous, but I consider a strong letter. Also sent some students to PhD in the past. Tenured. 3 - Prof. I've been RAing for 1+ year (also my teacher in undergrad) (PhD at a top 5). Very young. Concerns: 1 - My lack of math courses (at least in comparison with the folks in this forum). 2 - My C's in Real Analisys and Micro I. 3 - My 166 in GRE quant (should I retake, I have plenty of time, but not plenty of money). Could it be that my strong recommendation letters combined with my extensive experience as TA and RA compensate for these flaws in my transcripts? In other words, can the selection committees give more/less weight at any of these points and this increase/decrease my chances of being admitted? I know these questions do not have objective answers, but I would like your opinion on how high I should aim when I decide which schools to apply to (top 10, 20, 50, etc.). Could any of you give me a light? Cheers!
  18. Hi, My wife has masters in Pharmacy degree from Pune university, India and Bachelor in Pharmacy degree from Mumbai University, India. She started Bachelor degree in 2006 and completed in 2010. Total 4 years of Bachelor degree. then she started Master degree in 2010 and completed in 2012. Total 2 years of Masters degree. So her total education would be 6 years without any gap. She is a registered pharmacist in India. Does she qualify for FPGEE certification?
  19. Hi guys, I did the GRE for the first time two years ago, and got Q164 (86) /V167/AWA5.0. Since I am planning to apply this December to an Econ PhD, I need to retake it, and this time with a near-perfect quant score. I have a quantitative background (bachelor and master in Economics). Any suggestions on how to tackle this? I don't think I have the time to go through all of the basics again, but maybe after 2 years later I need to do so... Ideally, I would be taking the test about 1 month from now. Would you recommend any online prep course? Thanks!
  20. I'm workingfor almost 3 years now as a Pharmacist in Philippines. FPGEE is not an option since my degree was only for 4 years. And I want to work in U.S.A. as a pharmacy technician. Does any one knows companies that are willing to sponsor Green card? Or the H1B visa? THANK YOU!
  21. I'm really sorry If this isn't the right place to post It. I'm 20 years old and I'm a freshman at a well-known university of my country. Since my 16 I started to have the desire for being an academic economist with outstanding contributions to the subject some day and this did last through all this years. But searching for the regular faculty of top departments and grad students of top graduate schools I always end up seeing people in those places always had prior outstanding educational background since childhood nor are rich which is definitely not my case. I confess It's really bothering me and seems like I ain't never gonna reach my goals... PS: A bunch of students had been accepted into top programs over the past few years after a master degree, but they're part of this select group of top students with prior elite education. Do you guys have some advice for me about this specific issue of my life? Do the things really works like this or am I wrong? Is It worth trying to be too ambicious without some "nerdy" past?
  22. Hello everybody, I am a German Pharmacist and I moved tothe USA last year. I am now trying to figure out what I need to doto become a licensed Pharmacist here. I know that there is the FPGECProgramm including the FPGEE. My problem is that I am not sure if Iam qualified or the test. My main issue is the 5 year-DegreeRequirement (I graduated after 2003). To become a Pharmacist inGermany you need to go to university for 4 years and pass the firstand second State Exam. Then you need to leave the university and do a one-year internship. After the year of internship you have anothertest (the third State Exam). Only if you pass all these three testsyou get the license to work. So it takes at least 5 years to be aPharmcist. Now I do not know if I meet therequirement of 5 years because my education at the university wasonly 4 years and the website of the NABP clearly says thatinternships do not count. Is there another German Pharmcist whograduated after 2003 and was able to take the test? Does anybody know what I can do if theinternship does not count? Can I just go university here for a yearto get the 5 years or is my whole degree useless? I am thankful for every answer!
  23. Hi all, I need your help, please!!! My FPGEE file with the nabp is experining in 2 months. I still cannot pass the TOEFL IBT exam with the required score in the speaking which is 26. Can I ask the NABP for extension? I passed the fpgee in 2012. My 5 years is due on the next month. I really do not know what to do. I really feel lost and down. thanks for taking time to help me. thanks!
  24. Hello Friend, I am from India & a Engg Graduate ( Production ) with MBA ( Marketing ), 10 Years of Work Exp which includes 2 Years in Supply Chain and Balance 8 Years in B2B Industrial Marketing with Expouser to OIl & Gas,Power & Automobile Industry. My Academics Scores -Graduation 66 % & MBA 61 %. I have inclination towards research and in past have been a Visiting Faculty for MBA Subjects. Interested to do PHD Strategy in Mechanical Industry Domain. Kindly guide me whether my Profile is Strong enough to get admission in top 50 Colleges in the World ( Few Colleges Name if provided are highly appreciated ) also let me know the Safe minimum GMAT score to Target this 50 Colleges. Thanking in Advance. Regards, Sandesh
  25. I am a foreign pharmacy graduate, and applying FPGEC. I graduated 4 years Bachelor of Pharmacy and 2 years Master of Pharmacy. Now, NABP is asking me to submit syllabus of my master degree to review my education. Did someone submit syllabus to NABP? My pharmacy school has only simple syllabus document because I received the master degree 8 years ago. I am not sure the type of syllabus would be acceptable. If someone is in the same situation, or experienced similar things, I would like to know what you guys did.
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