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  1. So I am interested in macro theory and poverty, and there are several professors in my department in this field. My interests align more with two professors, but another one has a substantially better publication record (though it's primarily in housing, which I do not find interesting). This third professor also coauthors with more people from other institutions (Top 30 schools, Fed, etc), and has being published several times in top 5 journals in the last 2 years or so. Is it worth trying to work with him even if my research interests don't totally align with him? I'm guessing I would learn how to do better research from him and have a more recognized advisor when entering the job market. What should I do? Is there overlap between these areas?
  2. Hi Everyone, I am an undergrad hoping to apply to Econ and Finance PhD programs this fall. Hoping to get feedback on my profile to help narrow down the range of schools that I plan on applying to. I will also be applying to RA roles this fall in case this admissions cycle doesn't work out. Thanks in advance for the feedback. PROFILE: Type of Undergrad: B.S. in Economics and Mathematics from large public school USNEWS T25 Econ and Math Undergrad GPA: 3.80/4.00 overall ( 3.83 in Econ, 3.72 in Math) Type of Grad: N/A Grad GPA :N/A GRE: Will take this summer Econ Courses: Principles of Micro (A-), Principles of Macro (A), Intermediate Micro (A), Intermediate Macro (A), Econometrics 1 (A+), Econometrics 2 (A+), Market Design (A), Advanced Micro (A+), Global Capital Markets (B), Grad Micro Theory 1(Fall) Math Courses: Calc I (AP), Calc-II(AP), Honors Calc-III/Diffeq/LinAlg 1 (B+), Honors Calc-III/Diffeq/LinAlg 2 (A), Discrete Mathematics(A-), Real Analysis 1(A-), Real Analysis 2(A), Probability Theory (A-), Mathematical Statistics(A), Mathematical Finance(A), Abstract Linear Algebra(B), Numerical Analysis(A), PDEs(A), Grad Stochastic Processes(B+), Graph Theory/Combinatorics(Fall), ML/Data Science(Fall) LOR's: 2 very strong LORs from an Econ and Finance professor. Worked as an RA for 2yrs during the school year for the econ professor. Did independent Market Microstrucure reseach with well known finance professor for 1 year. Both have said they will be happy to write very enthusiastic letters. 3rd LOR will likely be from the prof who taught my grad stochastic processes class. Despite getting a B+ I scored a 90% raw and will be taking the ML course with him next fall. Went to his office hours a lot and he knows about my plans. Research Experience: Worked as an RA with Econ professor for 2 years. Currently working on a paper with him. Wrote a lot of python code on my own and did statisitcal analysis in R. Independent research in market microstrucure with well known finance professor. Lots of python and SAS code for the finance research project. Wrote an independent paper for this work. Also worked as an RA for 1 year doing survey design related work. Research Interests: Finance, IO, Market Design, Micro-Economic Theory, Metrics Applying to: T20 US Econ + few Finance programs Concerns : Lack of publication and few Bs in relatively important math courses. I am hoping the letter from my math professor will rectify the latter but I wasn't sure. Other info: Graduating in December 2021. I have 2 summers of work experience as a SWE in a FAANG company.
  3. What are the best practices when asking a professor at another institution to potentially become one of your dissertation advisors? What are the norms when it comes to working with a professor at another institution? Are there limits on what they can or should have to do? Thanks!
  4. I need some help deciding on who will write my LORs for my application cycle this fall. LOR 1: My master's program research project advisor and have taken an UG and grad class from her, and done well. LOR 2: My grad chair who taught a grad class I did well in. LOR 3: This is the tough one. I'm really leaning towards Option 2, but I've known Option 1 for a long-time and he was going to be my advisor, but due to his inability to commit I went with LOR 1 writer as my advisor. - Option 1: The professor who I thought I was going to get to RA with but ends up I cannot, and he is very distant from academic commitments in general, like helping supervise independent research and replying to emails. He is semi-respected though, as a micro-theorist, but probably not that well known. I have known him since 2010 and have been emailing and discussing research with him, even in person, since then, but he tends to always want to drop any long-term efforts. He has some idea of the kind of research I enjoy, but I'm not so sure he would want to put those ideas into writing on my LOR. I took grad micro from him and did well. - Option 2: The professor I now TA for, who also has appointments at Columbia and NYU as an adjunct professor. He has nominated me for TA of the Year and thinks pretty highly of my TA work, coming up with my own initiatives to help the 133 students improve their grades and maximize their learning. This semester is the first time I've met this professor. I have emailed him before about a now defunct research proposal I had and he gave me some pointers and said it was a good idea. Have never taken any of his classes. Would there be any reason to choose Option 1 for LOR 3?
  5. Hi everyone. I'm Korean and planning to apply for PhD in business(Operation Management) for 2021 fall or maybe 2022 also. Since I first started to consider PhD in business in late August, I could not fully prepare for required tests. I acknowledge that my profile is not competitive, but I want to try this unless it's totally a waste of money. So I would greatly appreciate if some of you give me any advice or let me realize cruel reality :D. Test Scores GRE: V 155(67%) / Q 168(92%) / AWA 3.5 (38%) TOEFL: 95 (29/25/20/21) Undergrad GPA: physics 3.74/4.00 (not top school, South Korea) Graduate GPA: statistics 4.0/4.0 up to third semester (higher than undergrad, yet not top school, South Korea) Research Interests: operation management(not yet exhaustively explored sub fields). I discovered some professors who study optimization problems in online ads or display ads, and it attracts me. However they are in top 10 school.. Research Experience: My master's thesis(in statistics) is under review on a minor journal, it seems to be accepted if I take minor revision. I'm co-working with a professor in Business department to write a paper about operation management in international trade. I proved some optimal conditions for importer and exporter using calculus, and discussed some ideas with the professor to extend our model. Teaching Experience: None Work Experience: 1 year work in a patent law firm. I performed most patent application processes, but I have no legal licence(patent attorney or agent). Letters of Recommendation: my adviser, co-working professor and another professor soon to be invited to our research. The professor I'm working with obtained PhD in U.S., and have connection with some current professors in U.S.. Number of programs planned to apply to: fewer than 10 Dream Schools: Columbia, UNC (Yes, just dream :)) What made you want to pursue a PhD? In this summer, my adviser asked me if I'm interested in doing research with a professor in business department who needed co-worker capable of undergrad level mathematics for his paper. I wondered how and which mathematics are used in business research, so I took part in. While calculating some math and interpreting the result of the calculation, I could feel similar joy of understanding a system with the mathematical perspective as I was studying physics. Soon, I began to think that pursuing PhD in business may be better for me rather than getting a job in industry, because I want to be an independent researcher. If you ask me why I don't try PhD in statistics, during MS course I felt that I want to apply my knowledge of stat to industrial area, not to study statistics itself deeply. Therefore I aimed for industry after graduation. Now, I realized that it can be also used to solve problems in business, especially operation management. Questions or concerns you have about your profile? 1. I concern my weak GRE, TOEFL scores. Some schools have minimum TOEFL scores higher than mine, whereas others have lower or don't have. But I'm not sure if I can avoid to be screened out even though I satisfied minimum requirement. 2. I don't have background in economy, and did not take real analysis lectures. Will these influence my admission significantly? By the way, I took linear algebra and calculus.
  6. PROFILE: Type of Undergrad: Top 30 US News Cumulative GPA: 3.45/4 GRE: 160Q/160V/5AWA. My power went out during the at-home exam which definitely dipped my Q score. I will retake at end of october, should easily get 165+ Q. Math Courses: Calculus I (3.5), Calculus II (4.0), Multivariable Calculus (4.0), Intro to Proofs (4.0), Real Analysis (4.0), Linear Algebra (Spring 2021), Abstract Algebra (Spring 2021), PhD-level Statistics/Econometrics (4.0) Econ Courses: Intro Micro (4.0), Intro Macro (4.0), Intermediate Micro (3.5), Intermediate Macro (3.0), Advanced Micro (Game Theory, 4.0), Economics of Sports (4.0), International Trade (4.0), Economic Analysis of Asia (4.0), Labor Economics (4.0), Introductory Econometrics (4.0), Advanced Econometrics (4.0), Research Seminar (4.0) Letters of Recommendation: 1) Professor from research writing course. RA'd for him and received highest score on final paper in the class. Letter will be strong. Graduated from a top 10. 2) Professor from advanced metrics course. Graduated from top 5. Will be a strong letter based on our interactions. 3) Intro metrics professor. Graduated from T15 and also my #1 choice, coincidentally. Should be a good letter, but perhaps not as strong as the other two. Research Experience: Four months with research seminar prof. Was supposed to continue throughout this school year but had funding issue due to covid :( Teaching Experience: TA Introductory Macro (Fall 2020), TA Introductory Micro (Spring 2021), Tutor for Intro Micro, Intro Metrics Programming skills: Stata Other: Some things to consider: a) Will the timing of the linear algebra course impact admissions? Since I will be taking it the semester admission decisions are made and it is a key course. I've already taught myself most of the class since it was used in the PhD stats/metrics course. b) I struggled substantially my freshman year - was put on academic probation. I have some very bad grades on my transcript (hence the low CGPA) from early on, such as a 0 in an unrelated course, a 2.5 in Business Calc, and a 2.5 in Business stats. Will this hold me back? Thank you!
  7. Profile Evaluation 2021 Fall PhD applications PROFILE: Type of Undergrad: Top 30 US News Undergrad GPA: 3.45 Type of Grad: Grad GPA: GRE: 160/160/5, my power went out during at home exam and lost a lot of time. Retaking at end of October, should easily get 165+Q Math Courses: Calculus I (3.5), Calculus 2 (4.0), Multivariate Calculus (4.0), Intro Proofs (4.0), Analysis I (4.0), Linear Algebra (next semester), Abstract Algebra (next semester), PhD Statistics/Econometrics (4.0) Econ Courses: Intro Micro (4.0), Intro Macro (4.0), Intermediate Micro (3.5), Intermediate Macro (3.0), Advanced Micro (Game Theory, 4.0), International Trade (4.0), Economic Analysis of Asia (4.0), Labor economics (4.0), Economics of Sports (4.0), Research Paper writing course (4.0), Intro Econometrics (4.0), Advanced Econometrics (4.0) Other Courses: Letters of Recommendation: 1) Professor from research writing course. Decent publications record, has one in R&R with AER. Graduated from T10. I received the highest score in the class, and also worked for him as RA this past summer. Was supposed to continue throughout the entire year but had funding issues due to Covid :( Said he would write a very strong letter. 2) Prof from advanced econometrics course. Very good relationship with him, should be a strong letter. Graduated from top 5. Really good reputation and publication record. Unfortunately wasn’t able to work with him on any research 3) Professor from introductory econometrics. Him and I get along quite well. Graduated from T15 (and my #1 school coincidentally). I think it will be a good letter, perhaps not as strong as the other two. Research Experience: 4 months doing coding work in Stata for research Professor. Didnt do any formal writing but did write up reports for my Professor and his coauthors. Teaching Experience: TA Introductory Macro (Fall 2020), TA Introductory Micro (Spring 2021), Tutoring Intro Micro and Metrics Research Interests: Labor, education, health, econometrics SOP: Decent, but nothing earth-shattering Other: I did really poorly in school before switching to Econ, particularly in my first year (was put on academic probation). I have a 0.0 on my transcript in an unrelated course from freshman year, as well as bad grades in Calculus for Business (2.5) and Statistics for Business (2.5). How much will this weigh into decisions, besides slogging my CGPA? Where should I be aiming for?
  8. I made a similar post a little while ago, but now I have included additional information and made some areas more clear. I would like to note that I took 5 concurrent courses most of senior year. Please let me know where you think I should be looking to apply, as my profile is so noisy that I really need all the insight I can get. PROFILE: Type of Undergrad: Top 20, flagship public research university. Economics Major, French Minor + lots of chem/physics/bio Undergrad GPA: 1st/2nd/3rd/4th+: 3.1/2.84/3.52/3.78 3.38 cumulative, 3.60 ECON GRE: 168 Q/164 V/4.5 W Math Courses: 1st-- Calc 1 (B-), Calc 2 (B), Calc 3 © 2nd-- Calc 4 (C-) 3rd-- None 4th+-- Linear Algebra (B+), Differential Equations (A-), Real Analysis (A, Ross), Real Analysis (A, Rudin), Topology (A, Munkres) Econ Courses: 1st-- None 2nd-- Stats for Economists (C-), Intro Economics (A-) 3rd-- Intro Economics 2 (A), Intermediate Micro (B+), Econometrics (A+), Econometrics Lab (A+) 4th-- Intermediate Macro (B-), Theories of Growth/Development (B+), Advanced Econometrics (A+), Behavioral Economics (A), Advanced Macro (A+), Advanced Macro Lab (A), Economic Forecasting in R (A-), Advanced Microeconomics (B+) Other Courses: Mechanics (C+), Thermodynamics and Waves (A), PChem1/2 (C+/B), OChem1/2 (C/B), Cells&Tissues (C-), Stem Cell Biology (A-), Cell&Molecular Bio (A), Genes&Evo&Ecology (A) Letters of Recommendation: 1) Letter from neuroscience research advisor. Head of the lab and associate professor, extremely positive letter. 2) business school professor who I know personally, we are working to publish COVID-19 survey data from a survey that we co-designed. Met him when I made presentation to his MBA class as special guest with my company. Will be extremely positive letter. 3) advanced econometrics professor who is near the top of the field and has encouraged me to chase my aim of becoming a professor. Prof was amazed by my speed of understanding and performance in class, unfortunately I never had the chance to do research with them. Research Experience: 14 months neuro research including statistical analysis, programming and literature review. Plan on using 8-9 page summary of findings with literature review as writing sample. This was originally meant for publication but due to circumstances, it never got there. Covid-19 Survey-- assessing population level outcomes and integrating accepted behavioral scales to investigate mediating factors. I designed half the survey, the prof I'm working with designed the other half and has been providing guidance. Definitely applied economics bent although professor is psychology. I am solo performing analysis on outcomes of my portion. Probably won't be submitted to journals by the time I apply, but who knows. Teaching Experience: None Research Interests: Econometrics and macroeconomics, especially relating to inequality and factors of education and technological development. Also curious about neuroeconomics/behavioral. SOP: briefly mention finding purpose and correlating it with my GPA. Different combos of Metrics/Macro/Behavioral depending on program strengths. Other: Python (3/5, have used professionally to automate demand planning and numerous coursera projects), R (2/5, several large statistical projects), Stata (for coursework). Graduated 2019, worked 9 months as a 'Product Development Analyst' before covid layoffs. Thank you for reading.
  9. PROFILE: Type of Undergrad: Low ivy school. Triple major in CS/ECON/MATH Cumulative GPA: 3.99/4.3 GRE: 170 Q/161 V/4.5 W (non-native English speaker) Math Courses: Linear Algebra(A+), Multivariable Calculus(A), Applied Algebra(A), Advanced Linear Alg(A-), Honor intro to analysis(A), Stochestic Process(A+), Numerical Analysis (A) Econ Courses: Intermediate Microeconomics(A+) & Macroeconomics(A), Statistics and Probability(A+), Econometrics(A), Game Theory(A+), Financial Engineering(A), Quantitative Analysis(A), Behavioral Economics(A-), Asymmetric Information(A), and International Trade(B-, oops!)Taking ECON PHD Micro I now, seems good so far CS Courses: Intro to Python(A), Object-Oriented Programming & Data Structure(A), Discrete Structures(A+), Data Structure & Functional Programming(A-), Machine Learning for Intelligent Systems(A), Algorithms(A), Computer Vision (A), and System Programming (A+) Letters of Recommendation: 1) Assistant Professor who I RAed for 8 months. He is also my thesis advisor (Super Strong) 2) Full Professor who I RAed for and took a class with. He was a top5 full professor before joining our school. (Strong) 3) Full Professor who I RAed for and took a class with. (Strong) Research Experience: 4 RA experiences with 2 Assistant Professors and 2 Full Professors. Asked 3 for LOR. Interned as undergraduate researcher for the AEA publication code-checking job. Teaching Experience: TAed 3 semesters for the Discrete Structure course and 2 semesters for the Machine Learning course (all in CS department) Programming skills: Python, Java, Matlab, Latex, R, STATA I am a bit concerned with my B- Econ course. I didn't feel well when I took the final. Does it harm a lot? Would it be reasonable for me to get a top 10 offer? Or top 5? What's gonna be the expected lowerbound for me? Should I apply to any program below top 25? Any advice would be appreciated.
  10. What are the factors to be considerd? For example, a professor at my university graduated from a very top management phd program, has around 10000 citations (relatively young), has a dozen of publications in the A-journals in the field, has been as one of the emerging scholars by SMS, and is an associate editor at SMS. I was wondering, what'd be the level of the prestige and reputation enjoyed by this professor? And how could I these criteria mentioned to judge the reputation and prestige of other professors? Thanks for reading!! I was told to come here to ask this question. Please help me out!!
  11. Sorry if this is a kind of trivial question: is there any particular benefit to having a math professor writing one of your LOR? I have two strong letters from economics professors that I know I'm going to use. I have a math professor who keeps really good records of his classes over time, and has told me he will place me in the top few percent of several of the classes I've had with him over the course of 1-2 decades of teaching those classes. On the other hand, there is another economics professor who would probably give me a more effusive/supportive letter but with less specifics about where I've fallen in his classes. Does this matter at all, 2 economists and 1 math professor vs. 3 economists? Any advantage to having a math professor to signal your strength in the area? I'm a math major too with a 3.9 for what that's worth.
  12. Hi there! As an undergraduate student graduating 2021 and applying in fall 2020, I am still struggling between several choices: either applying to a PhD program directly, or applying to a MA program at first, or applying to a full-time RA position to strengthen my profile. Therefore, I really appreciate any feedback from you so that I can understand better and make clearer decision. Undergraduate Degree: BAs in Economics, Mathematics, and International Studies from a 30-40 ranked private research university Undergraduate GPA: 3.96/4.0 GRE: Q 169 V 164 AW 4.5 Math Courses: Calculus (A), Linear Algebra (A), Differential Equation (A), Probability (A), Statistics (A), Introduction to Proof (A). Plan to take Real Analysis in my Senior year. Econ Courses: Industrial Organization (A), Econometrics (A), Grad Antitrust Economics (A) Related Experience: I believe this is my weakest part since I did not RA for any professor. I only TAed Econometrics. Letter of Recommendation: Not secured yet. I believe I can get one from the chair of the Econ department who taught me Econometrics, another from the professor that I TAed for, the last one probably from a professor who taught me Chinese Economy. Research Interest: Not sure yet. I am interested in Econometrics and Antitrust or Industrial Organization. My biggest concern is that my research experience is not strong. I was more inclined to find a job and apply to a PhD after working for a couple of years so my summer experiences were internships rather than research. However, the current situation interrupted my plan.
  13. Hi. Type of Undergrad: BS Econ from Unknown school in LAC Undergrad GPA: 3.3+ Type of Grad: Msc in applied economics, same university Grad GPA: 3.8 GRE: 166Q-152V-3.5 AWA Math Courses: Calculus I (A) Calculus II (B) , Linear Algebra ©, Differential Equations A), math (grad level) (A), mathematical statistics (grad level) (A) Econ Courses (grad-level): two courses of Empirical IO (A+), Advanced Econometrics (A+), micro I (A), micro II (A), macro (A) ECON Courses Undergrad: Micro I (A), Micro II (B) Macro I (B), Macro II (A), Macro III (A), Econometrics I (A), Econometrics II (B), Macroeconometrics (A) Other Courses: Rice Phd Math camp Letters of Recommendation: 1) Head of my country central bank and ex professor (Phd in economics from Yale) 2) associate professor at Oberta University in Spain and ex professor (Phd in Economics Universidad de Barcelona); 3) researcher at IMF and ex professor (Phd in economics UWM) Research Experience: RA for associate professor in my university (2 years). My bachelor thesis was published in Empirical Economics, and my master thesis was submitted to a top macro journal. Teaching Experience: 2 years teaching macro and fundamental economics for engineers. Research Interests: International economics and IO Applying to: Not sure yet. Thanks
  14. Type of Undergrad: Top 15 SUNY school, Economics and Mathematics double major. Undergrad GPA: 3.87, Econ major GPA- 3.83 , Math Major GPA- 3.93 GRE: Quant- 166, Verbal- 154, Writing- 3.5 International Student at USA. Math Courses: Calculus 1,2,3 (All As), Linear Algebra 1,2 (Both A-), Intro to Proof, Abstract Algebra, Differential Equations, Probability Theory, Core Mathematics Problem Seminar, Real Analysis (As and A-s) Econ Courses: Introduction and Intermediate Microeconomics (A-), Introduction and Intermediate Macroeconomics (A), Business Statistic 1 and 2 (A), Econometrics (A-), Development Economics (A), Ecological Economics (A-), International Trade (A), Senior Seminar (A), Independent Study (A-), History of Economic Thought (B+) Letters of Recommendations: 1. Professor for 5 courses 2. Professor for Independent Study and Business Statistics 3. Professor for several Math courses/ Econ courses. Research Experience: Independent Study and Senior thesis. Independent study's paper published as a co-author with the professor. Teaching Experience: Tutoring for 5 semester, will do for next 2 semester as well. TA for Calculus 1 for 4 semesters. Concerns: Ranking of the University. Questions: Which universities should I aiming for? One of my professor is from West Virgina University, and he said he will talk to them about me but nothing specific. Vanderbilt, Purdue- are these very top to aim?
  15. I appreciate your input for my first post on urch. PROFILE: Type of Undergrad: T40 Public University, BA Econ. and Math minor Undergrad GPA: 3.8 Type of Grad: n/a Grad GPA: n/a GRE: 168/160/5.5 (Q/V/AW) Math Courses: Calc I / II / III, Linear Algebra (comp.), ODE, Intro to Proofs, Stats I & II, Linear Algebra I (A-:upset: ), Real Analysis I, Linear Algebra II (IP), Topology (IP), Real analysis II (eventually). (A in the rest) UG Econ Courses: Micro I / II / III, Macro I / II, Labor, Econometrics (2 courses), Research seminars. (except B in intro micro, Others All A/A+) Comment: I also retook Intro to Macro. It was a rocky transition during my first two terms in college. (Good redemption story?) Other: Python (A), too many accounting classes. Interests: labor, development economics Letters of Recommendation: (both econ professor are from top 15 and knows me well) 1. Econ professor I took 1 undergrad class & senior thesis advisor. 2. Econ professor who were my other advisor. 3. Math professor who knows me well. Research Experience: Senior thesis, and some small seminars Teaching Experience: A lot of tutoring experience. Concerns: Not all three of my letters are from econ professors, lacking some research experience, not great results during my freshman year. Questions: Should I even apply this Fall or next year? Where should I aim? Thank you for reading all the way through!
  16. Hi everyone. New here. Looking to get my profile evaluated as I am hoping to get into a PhD in Econ / Finance Econ / Finance. I am currently eyeing schools in the UK. Here goes: 24 years old 730 Gmat Bachelor of Economics (double majors in financial economics and econometrics) at top Australian school - distinction average. Originally did a pure mathematics line, so I reached higher complex analysis, higher differential equations, higher theory of statistics, higher several variable calculus all with distinctions on top of distinction average in econ courses. Dean's listed for being in the top 5% of students. MFin/Econ at top 10 european school (not UK) - top quartile grade-wise. 2 completed PhD courses with full marks as electives. My master's thesis supervisor is incredibly well known in his field but I have not started my thesis with him so no reference letter yet. Taught 3 classes of quantitative methods (think Stata and econometrics up to panel data + IV) + applied micro Will hold exercise classes in financial econometrics and predictive analysis (2 time series courses in R) both at graduate level. 3 reference letters: 1. professor who I am teaching for 2. associate professor who taught my one phd course and likes my ideas 3. professor who I am on the study board with (a student rep. thing) Relevant work experience: 6 months at a top economic consultancy between my masters and bachelors. Looking to apply to the top schools in the UK. Of course, it goes without saying that it is competitive. Feedback would be much appreciated. All the best and merry xmas.
  17. [h=2]Profile Evaluation[/h] Hi everyone. New here. Looking to get my profile evaluated as I am hoping to get into a PhD in Econ / Finance Econ / Finance. I am currently eyeing schools in the UK and the US. Would like to hear roughly where a profile like mine will land. Here goes: 24 years old 730 Gmat Bachelor of Economics (double majors in financial economics and econometrics) at top Australian school - distinction average. Originally did a pure mathematics line, so I reached higher complex analysis, higher differential equations, higher theory of statistics, higher several variable calculus all with distinctions on top of distinction average in econ courses. Dean's listed for being in the top 5% of students. MFin/Econ at top 10 european school (not UK) - top quartile grade-wise. 2 completed PhD courses with full marks as electives. My master's thesis supervisor is incredibly well known in his field but I have not started my thesis with him so no reference letter yet. Taught 3 classes of quantitative methods (think Stata and econometrics up to panel data + IV) + applied micro Will hold exercise classes in financial econometrics and predictive analysis (2 time series courses in R) both at graduate level. 3 reference letters: 1. professor who I am teaching for 2. associate professor who taught my one phd course and likes my ideas 3. professor who I am on the study board with (a student rep. thing) Relevant work experience: 6 months at a top economic consultancy between my masters and bachelors. Looking to apply to the top schools in the UK. Of course, it goes without saying that it is competitive. Feedback would be much appreciated. All the best and merry xmas.
  18. [h=2]Profile Evaluation (Finance PhD)[/h]Hi, I plan to apply for finance phd this year. I would appreciate a lot if anyone can give advice on my profile and potential school ranges. Thanks very much in advance! Below are my profile: Education: - Undergraduate: US top 10 (US News); marjor: Finance, double major: Economics; GPA:3.8, Magna Cum Laude; Honor Thesis - Graduate study: US top 5; major: mathematics of finance: GPA:3.7 - Econ class (advanced): advanced macro, advanced micro, advanced econometric, time series - Math: calculus, linear algebra, probability and statistics, ODE, math for economist (undergrad), stochastic calculus, stochastic process for finance (basically is all about asset pricing), mathematics for finance (graduate) Test score: - GRE: 160 (verb) + 170 (quant) + 4.0 (writing) Research experience: - Undergraduate paper, co-author with a b-school senior professor, published (very low rank journal) (letter) - Undergraduate honor thesis - Undergraduate research assistant (one year) - Research assistant for a senior professor during graduate study (more than one year by now, potential co-authorship) (letter) - One year full time research assistant at a b-school (top 5) (letter) Work experience: - part time research analyst at a start-up - two short undergraduate industry internships Letter: All three writers are senior full professor at b-school, the letters should be strong. - professor co-authored undergraduate paper - professor from graduate RA work - professor from full time RA work Other: age:24 nationality: International Questions or concerns you have about your profile? - How lacking of real analysis and other more advanced pure math classes will affect my application. - For now I only plan to apply for all top 15 b-school. Is that too risky? Any advice are much appreciated, thanks a lot!
  19. I worked on a project with two professors for more than a year. One of the professors recommends that she write a joint letter of recommendation with the other professor. What could be a reason why the professor would suggest that? How do admissions committee usually view such letters?
  20. Note: I have my masters program Advisor tell me that I should aim to top 25 to 50 schools while undergraduate professors say 50 to 70. What do you guys think? My undergraduate grades are substantially lower because of poor organization and time management (as explained in my SOP). Research and Work Experience: • Currently working as an Economist in private sector • Worked as Research Assistant for professor in graduate school • Worked as Economic Development Research Intern • Published undergraduate research (Undergraduate Economics Journal at Top 30 School) Programming Experience: SAS, R, MATLAB, and Python Type of Graduate School: Private, research university (mid-sized to large) Degree: Master's in Financial Economics Grad GPA: 3.87 GRE: 170 Quant / 156 Verbal / 4.0 AWA Graduate Coursework: • Microeconomic Theory (A) • Forecasting (A) • Econometrics I (A) • Optimization (A) • Econometrics II (B+) • Statistical Programming (A-) • Financial Theory (A) Type of Undergraduate School: Small, public liberal arts university Undergrad Major: Math/Economics double major Undergrad GPA: Cumulative: 2.88; Math Major GPA: 2.52; Econ Major GPA: 3.2 Undergrad Math Courses: • Calculus I,II,&III (all B's) • Introductory Proof-Writing Course (B) • Linear Algebra © • Abstract Algebra © • Advanced Calculus/Analysis © • Intro to Numerical Analysis (B) • Discrete Math © • Mathematical Statistic I&II (B, D) • Game Theory (B) Undergrad Economics Courses: • Intermediate Micro (B) • Intermediate Macro © • Introductory Research Course (A) • Mathematical Economics © • Econometrics (B) • Industrial Organization (B) • Political Economy (B) • Independent Studying/Research I&II (A, A) • Senior Seminar (A) Letters of Recommendation: 2 Graduate Economics Professors, 1 Undergraduate Mathematics Professor 1. Graduate Professor 1: • Department Chair and director of graduate program • Worked for him as RA • Got his Ph.D. from Top 30 school - recommended I apply to his alma mater • Had him for Econometrics I&II, and Capstone Seminar (A, B+, and A respectively) • I heard second-hand that he said I was the most talented student in my cohort 2. Graduate Professor 2: • Co-authored papers with economists at a regional Federal Reserve Bank and WUSTL • Had him for two courses: Forecasting and Optimization (got A's in both) 3. Undergraduate Professor: • Mathematics Professor • Had him for Introductory Proof-Writing course, Game Theory, Logic & Set Theory, and Discrete Mathematics • For what it’s worth, he has written letters for me before and said he wouldn’t unless he thought he could write a “headliner”
  21. Test Scores (GMAT/GRE): GMAT 720 (Q50 / V 38) Undegrad GPA: 3.90 (Math/ Econ Double Major) Taken about 8 Grad classes both in Math and Econ discipline. From a solid state university in the Eastern side of the country classes: Math: Cal (I,II,III), linear algebra, Real Analysis (1,2,3), Differential Equations, Chaos theory, linear optimization, etc Econ: Intermediate/Advanced Micro, Macro, econometrics, and etc. Graduate GPA: No Grad Research Experience: Worked with a Finance professor ( Asset Pricing / Merger Effects) and an Econ Professor (Behavioral, econometrics) Teaching Experience: TA a linear algebra and real analysis class Work Experience: X Concentration Applying to: Accounting PhD (Financial Archival) Number of programs planned to apply to: 15 ~ 20 Dream Schools: MIT / Stanford / UChicago Letter Writers: Accomplished Accounting professor, finance and econ professor Other Questions: How would the schools view, if my GMAT score were to be 750 instead? Would that make a big change? What made you want to pursue a PhD? Research and innovative thinking to think outside of the box and push the frontier forward. Questions or concerns you have about your profile? I have taken couple of accounting classes (financial statements) and some accounting courses online. Would I need more than that? How does my GMAT score look? Am I competitive enough? Any additional specific questions you may have: As the opening of application approaches, I am super scared. If you see anything in my profile that I seem to lack, I need some to point it out.
  22. I've finally settled on my list of schools that I'm applying for, so I wanted to post one last profile eval to get some advice/comments on whether or not my list of schools seems realistic, given my profile. Academics: 3.90 Undergrad GPA (accounting/economics), currently enrolled in Masters' of Economics program for the year at UofT also. My GMAT Score was a 720 (49Q) Research Experience: By the time my application is submitted, I will have worked as the lead RA for a professor for 1.5 years, and I also worked for another professor (full time) for 6 months as their RA. Lots of experience working with accounting data through data collection, but I'm very comfortable with using data analysis software and other relevant programs. Teaching Experience: I've TA'ed for 8 different courses including some accounting courses, economics courses and a calculus/linear algebra course. From what I've heard, teaching experience isn't very important for PhD applications. Letters: The two professors I've done research with have already agreed to writing letters for my application. One of them is an accounting professor, while the other one (6 month position) does research in economics. My last letter will be from an accounting professor that I had during my undergrad, who knows me very well and I did very well in his class. These are the schools that I've finally settled on. I'd appreciate it if you could tell me if this is a good range of schools: Schools: Harvard University, Stanford University, University of Toronto, University of California, Berkeley Massachusetts Institute of Technology, University of Chicago, University of Michigan, University of Illinois, Urbana - Champaign, Indiana University, University of Washington, Cornell University, Northwestern University, Duke University, Yale University, Columbia University, University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill, University of Waterloo, Purdue University, Ohio State University, University of Alberta
  23. Hello everyone, Please give your thinking and suggestions. Type of Undergrad: Not a top school from mainland of China; BS of finance GPA of Undergrad: 3.75/4 Type of Grad: Top 50 national university(U.S news); Major in economics(master degree) GPA of Grad:3.72/4 Econ Courses: Intermediate Mirco/Macro(A); Economic Statistics(A-); Intro to Game theory(A, grad level); Econometrics(B,grad level); Time Series Analysis in Econ(A-); Microeconomic Theory I (A; phd level); Microeconomic Theory II(B, phd level) Industrial Organization(A- ; grad level) Math courses: Elementary Real Analysis(A+); Linear algebra(A); Calculus I, II(A+); Differential Equations(A); Probability Theory(A) Research Experience: Half year research experience with an assistant professor of finance; 2 summer research experiences with a professor of economics and an assistant professor of finance ( All research in Econ topic) GRE: 156V/170Q/3AW LOR: Two letter from a professor and 2 letters from assistant professor. I am trying to apply for phd in Econ. Right now, I don't know whether I could get strong letters and I graduated in May this year. What should I do now to improve myself? What kind of school(ranking) should I try to apply for? Please leave your suggestions and I am looking forward to hearing from you.
  24. How valuable is a LOR from a professor who is in their first year at a University after finishing their PhD and possibly work experience at a Fed/University as a researcher? Is it advised to avoid getting a LOR from such a person? Thanks!
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