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  1. Hi everyone, I know this seems like a stupid question, since they are strong in different things (macro vs micro). However, please hear me out About me: - I am from third world country and risk-averse. If academia does not work out I would like to stay in the US and want to find a job in the industry. From what it seems, IMF (UMN outside option) has better work/ life balance and benefits than economics consulting (Caltech outside option) - I am into game theory/ network theory/ formal theory (in political science). I did my thesis in that, and did many many courses in theory.. I enjoyed the only macro course I took however. However I must admit that I hate things like contract theory, taxation, general equilibrium,.... those topics at the boundary. - I prefer Micro theory to Macro and would choose Caltech under normal circumstances. However, I would like to stay in academia. And micro theory seems to be dying. I talked to a professor at Rochester during the visiting day and he said himself the market for theory is not good and they are not hiring any theorist anytime soon. So now Caltech vs UMN pros and cons: Caltech pros: - Obviously much stronger theory group - Very strong in formal theory as well - Strong in experimental economics, which I like - More prestige - Higher stipend (however I don't know if after accounted for cost of living it is still better than UMN) Things that are neither pro nor con: - CA will offer me better lifestyle. Better food (I am Asian), more health/ fitness culture - More things to do with Los Angeles nearby - Sunny throughout the year These things are nice but can be distraction Cons: - No macro at all - Placement is so so UMN pros: - Strong in macro theory - Fantastic placement - Friendly culture - Lower stipend - Probably more TA duties Things that are neither pro or con: - Cold and snowing all the time. I am less productive in winter in general Cons: - Micro theory group is small (1 person - Rahman, Rustichini does not do theory anymore and Werner is more financial theory) - While general placement is better, placement in theory is much worse than Caltech - Less prestige and hence maybe worse for private sector. However I have seen many UMN graduates at tech companies like Amazon, where Caltech is supposed to place better. Please help me with this decision as soon as possible! It is really important. Sometimes I wish I do not get admitted to one of them so I do not have to much such decision. Thank you all so much!
  2. Which is better for macro? Would it be different if the career goal is not academia but IO and central banks? Thanks!
  3. Hi all -- I'm applying for Econ/Finance PhD (both at Econ departments and business schools) this cycle (Fall 2021) and I would appreciate some feedback regarding my chances for top 10 programs in the US. My profile is below. PROFILE: Type of Undergrad: Honors Econ and Finance at Top 3 in Canada Undergrad GPA: 3.7+ Type of Grad: Economics at Top 3 in Asia Grad GPA: 3.9+ GRE: Haven't taken it yet but expect at least 167Q/163V Math Courses: Cal 1 (A), Graduate Mathematical Statistics (A, top 3/30), Applied Statistics (A) Econ Courses Undergrad: Intro to Econ Theory (B), Econ Stats (B), Econometrics (B), Macro (A), Advanced Econ Theory I & II (A), Topics in Econ Theory (A) Econ Courses MA: Micro I & II (A, top 5/100), Macro I & II (A, top 5/100), Econometrics I & II (A), Topics in Macro (A), Quantitative Macro (A) LOR: 3 from post-graduate RA. All three should be strong and at least one should be very strong. Two are from very famous profs. Other Courses: Machine Learning (A), Data Science (A), Deep Learning (A), Corporate Finance (A), Investment Management (A), Finance Seminar (A), Finance Research Project (A), International Finance (A), Fixed Income (A), Research Experience: 2 years as an RA in a top 5 pre-doctoral program. Programming: Matlab, Python, Julia Teaching Experience: PhD core macro, asset pricing, and data science course Other (Notes, concerns etc.): Weaknesses: I didn't take many math courses because I decided to pursue a PhD relatively late. I also didn't do well in first-year undergrad.
  4. Hi. Type of Undergrad: BS Econ from Unknown school in LAC Undergrad GPA: 3.3+ Type of Grad: Msc in applied economics, same university Grad GPA: 3.8 GRE: 166Q-152V-3.5 AWA Math Courses: Calculus I (A) Calculus II (B) , Linear Algebra ©, Differential Equations A), math (grad level) (A), mathematical statistics (grad level) (A) Econ Courses (grad-level): two courses of Empirical IO (A+), Advanced Econometrics (A+), micro I (A), micro II (A), macro (A) ECON Courses Undergrad: Micro I (A), Micro II (B) Macro I (B), Macro II (A), Macro III (A), Econometrics I (A), Econometrics II (B), Macroeconometrics (A) Other Courses: Rice Phd Math camp Letters of Recommendation: 1) Head of my country central bank and ex professor (Phd in economics from Yale) 2) associate professor at Oberta University in Spain and ex professor (Phd in Economics Universidad de Barcelona); 3) researcher at IMF and ex professor (Phd in economics UWM) Research Experience: RA for associate professor in my university (2 years). My bachelor thesis was published in Empirical Economics, and my master thesis was submitted to a top macro journal. Teaching Experience: 2 years teaching macro and fundamental economics for engineers. Research Interests: International economics and IO Applying to: Not sure yet. Thanks
  5. Type of Undergrad: BS Econ from Unknown school in LAC Undergrad GPA: 3.3+ Type of Grad: Msc in applied economics, same university Grad GPA: 3.8 GRE: 166Q-152V-3.5 AWA Math Courses: Calculus I-II, Linear Algebra, Differential Equations, math (grad level), matematical statistics (grad level) Econ Courses (grad-level): two courses of Empirical IO, advanced econometrics, micro I, micro II, macro Other Courses: Rice Phd Math camp Letters of Recommendation: 1) Head of my country central bank (Yale graduated) 2) associate professor at Oberta University in Spain; 3) researcher at IMF Research Experience: RA for assistant professor (2 years). My bachelor thesis was published in Empirical Economics, and my master thesis was submitted to a top macro journal. Teaching Experience: 2 years teaching macro and fundamental economics for engineers. Research Interests: International economics and IO Applying to: Not sure yet. Thanks
  6. Okay, I've posted a few times on here before on different parts of this issue, but I would just like to gather any opinions on the whole thing. I narrowed my consideration between 2 Ph.D. programs, say Iowa State and Mizzou (I accepted Mizzou). I want to study macro and want to get a job in academia doing at least some research. I found the Mizzou (program and professors) usually ranks higher than Iowa State on macro (according to RePEc), but Iowa State usually ranks higher otherwise and has a better track record at getting students into academic positions. I also chose Mizzou so that I can maintain personal relationships better (family and friends are within 2 hours from Mizzou - and I have problems with seizures) and because the department at Mizzou also seems very eager to have me join their program (I have had more than one professor reach out to me and have been offered a fellowship). Based on this, I'm guessing I would be given more opportunities at Mizzou. I am wondering if you guys think I made the right choice (if not, is it worth reaching out to Iowa State to see if I can still get in)? Also, what do you think are my odds at getting an academic position (ideally research) and how do you recommend I do to maximize my chances? Iowa State: US News and World Report (53), RePEc - Department Rating (93), RePEc - Macro (243) Mizzou: US News and World Report (63), RePEc - Department Rating (118), RePEc - Macro (110)
  7. I've read a lot that people experience grad macro to be extremely conceptual and very foreign looking. I'm in undergrad currently and have taken macro and it also seems really conceptual. Where are the differences found in undergrad v. grad macro? We use Macroeconomics by Mankiw and have gotten to the point of just seeing the possibilities of DSGE models. Wondering how much more it could go into the weeds.
  8. Iowa State or Missouri??? I have funding at both.
  9. Hey everyone! Trying to figure out how many top 10's, top 20's, and top 30's to apply to. Limited to about 13-16 applications due to budget constraints. Any feedback would be much appreciated. Type of Undergrad: School ranked in 50's by US News Undergrad GPA: 3.87/4.00 Type of Grad: Masters in Econ (dual degree - earning both bachelors/masters in 4 years) Grad GPA: Not explicitly calculated GRE: 169Q - 162V - 5.5W Math Courses: Math Stat I and II (A's in both), Multivariable Math I and II (B+ and A-), this is a proof-based combo of real analysis, vector calculus, topology, differential forms, regarded as hardest math class at university *Took Calc I-III at Georgia Tech in high school* Econ Courses: Principles of Macro (A), Intermediate Micro (A), Intro Econometrics (A-), Intermediate Macro (A-), Econ of Education (A), PhD Micro I (A-), PhD Intro Econometrics (A), PhD Micro II (B+), currently taking PhD Macro I (currently have an A - professor is a letter writer), PhD Econometrics I, PhD Labor Econ Other Courses: Independent research in econ (A in two semesters) Research Experience: awarded university's largest & most prestigious research fellowship, awarded university's second-largest research fellowship, conducted independent research with department head for two+ years, working as an econometrics aid for seniors doing their senior theses, interned at governor's office this past summer as research intern, presented at 1 national conference Teaching Experience: Teaching Assistant for Honors freshman for 2 years (seminar course to help them with college development as they start in college), Graduate Teaching Assistant for undergrad econometrics and undergrad principles of micro Research Interests: Econ of Ed, Labor Econ, Health Econ, Econometrics Thanks again everyone! Let me know if I can clarify/elaborate anything.
  10. Hey folks Hope all is well. Hoping to get some feedback on my profile. I am applying for a Masters in Financial Economics. I can't recall specifically my GPA, but I know it is close to or equal to 3.70 overall and 3.50 for Econ and Math Specific. I have taken the following math classes: Calc I (A), Calc II (C, I know low mark, but this class was tough for me), Calc III (B), Differential Equations (A), Probability Theory (A), Linear Algebra (B), Statistics (A). For those who would like to know my econ grades, Econometrics (A), Intermediate Micro (B+), Intermediate Macro (A), Advance Macro (At least at our university, the professor said it was) (A). I am looking at Master's in Financial Economics and would also like to end up doing work in International finance. Took a class and got an A in the course and absolutely loved it. I would share my GRE scores, but I am taken it at the end of this month. based on projections from practice test (160 Q) and paper test (162), which I would like to score higher of course. Thank you for the feedback and if any of you know a program that I should look into as well, let me know. Take care everyone.
  11. I would really appreciate it if someone could give me a realistic take on admissions possibilities here. I know that I want to do research and teach. Type of Undergrad: Liberal arts college: Honors Economics, Mathematics, Philosophy Minor (probably top 30? LAC) Undergrad GPA: Overall 3.98, Math 4.0, Econ lower than overall Type of Grad: N/A Grad GPA: N/A GRE: 169Q,170V,4.5W Math: Calc I and II in HS, Calc III, Linear Algebra, Differential Equations, Intro to Proofs, Real Analysis, Abstract Algebra, Probability, Math Stats, a ML course focused on language, Advanced Multivariate Calculus. I got an A in all my math classes. Econ: Intro Micro, Intro Macro, Micro Theory (A-), Macro Theory, Intro Metrics, Advanced International Macro, Advanced Macro (a ts forecasting class), Labor (A-),Math Econ. All classes A’s or A+’s except for the ones noted. Other Courses: Intro Programming, some Poli Sci stuff Recommendations: I’ve asked one prof, haven’t asked another yet, but I think at least two very good ones. Research Experience: Wrote a Honors Thesis. Research Interests: Macro/Monetary. Maybe a bit of theoretical IO or Health. Concerns: I didn’t go to a top school for undergrad. My research experience is also pretty sparse. Other: At the school I went to, I won the award for both top Economics and top Mathematics graduating major. Applying to: Was hoping for top 10, would still be very happy to get into top 20.
  12. Type of Undergrad: BA Economics , BS Math from Top 30 Econ school in US Undergrad GPA: >3.90 Grad GPA : N/A GRE: 165V/169Q/ AWA 5 Math Courses: Undergrad: Calc 1/2/3 (all A), Probability Theory (A), Mathematical/ Applied Statistics (both A), Matrix and Linear Algebra (A) , Differential Eq. (A), Partial Diff. Eq. (A) , Stochastic Processes (A), Number Theory (A), Real Analysis (B+) Graduate: Mathematical Statistics I (A), Complex Analysis I (A) Econ Courses: Undergrad: Principles of Micro/Macro (both A) , Intermediate Micro/Macro (both A), IO (A), Econometrics (A), Development Econ. (A), Public Econ (A) Graduate: Econometrics I (A) Research Experience: 2 year full-time RA at a Fed. Part time RA at Public Policy lab in undergrad for 2 years and part-time RA for Econ professor in undergrad for 1 year. LORs : 2 Fed Economists and 1 from Professor who I RA'd for Questions: 1. Which schools to aim for? (Are top 10/15 too high?) 2. Weakness in application? 3. How damaging is the Real Analysis grade?
  13. PROFILE: Type of Undergrad: B.S. in Economics (Major) with Math (Minor) from Top-80 ranked Econ program in the US (large - public research university) Undergrad GPA: 3.90/4.00 overall ( 4.00 in Econ, 3.80 in Math) - Summa Cum Laude Type of Grad: M.A. in Economics from Top - 3 Canadian Grad GPA :4.0/4.0 GRE: GRE: Q169 / V162 / AWA 4.5 Econ Courses :Principles of Micro (A+), Principles of Macro (A), Intermediate micro (A+), Intermediate Macro (A),Econometrics (A+), Mathematical Economics (A) and many more (all A's / A+ 's) Math Courses: Calc 1-3 (A-,A,A), Abstract Algebra(A+), Probability theory (A), Mathematical Statistics (A-), Linear Algebra (A+), Differential Equations (B+), Theoretical Concepts of Calculus (A+), Complex Analysis (A) Econ Courses (grad-level):Micro -Thoery (92/100), Macro Theory (94/100), Econometrics -I (91/100), Quantitative methods (94/100), Labor Economics, International Trade, Econometrics - II, Financial Econometrics (All in progress) LOR's : From Grad Micro, Macro, Metrics Proff ( all from top-20 US). Should be good because I was at the top of the cohort in their classes and they know me well Research Experience: Summer thesis Appyling to : Top 5 Canadian ( I am a Canadian PR), Top-20 US. Concerns : (i) Time lag between between undergrad and grad ( I was working for about 5 years) (ii) Strength of undergrad program ( Econ department not that reputed ) (iii) More math classes ? Missing Real analysis but took Complex Analysis Instead. (iv) Lack of publication / solid research experience Any comments or advice on my chances will be greatly appreciated ( especially which schools I have realistic chance at and what areas I can improve) Thanks.
  14. Hi all, I have previously posted a thread regarding my GPA and grades, but I've figured that it would be better to provide my profile to get a better feedback: Undergraduate: Top 20 Econ; Note that I stayed an extra year at undergrad. Overall GPA: 3.67/4.00, Last 4 semester: 3.87/4.00 Graduate: N/A Math/Stats Courses: Calc 1 (A), Calc 2 (A), Calc 3 (A), Multivariate Calculus (A), Intro to Probability (B), Advanced/Honors Probability (A), Mathematical Statistics (A), Ordinary Diff Eq (B), Partial Diff Eq (A), Matrix Algebra (initially C, and B after retake), Intro to Proof ©, Discrete Math (B), Real Analysis 1 (initially C, and A after retake), Real Analysis 2 (A), Grad-level Real Analysis (A), Linear Algebra (A), Abstract Algebra (A), Topology (Grad-level, A), Measure Theory (Grad-level, A), Stochastic Processes (A), Math Research (A), a statistics elective course (A) Econ Courses: Intro to Econ (B), Intermediate Micro (A), Intermediate Macro (A), Econometrics 1 (B), Econometrics 2 (B), and several electives (mix of A's and B's), PhD Microeconomics (A), PhD Econometrics (A) (these two PhD courses were taken while working as a predoctoral RA) Research Experience: (1) 1-year RA to a macro professor (undergrad) (2) 1.5-year RA to a behavioral econ professor (undergrad) (3) 3-month summer RA at a top university in Asia (undergrad) (4) a semester-long independent research study under the macro professor (undergrad) (5) a semester-long math research project (undergrad, taken as a course) (6) an award-winning senior honors thesis (undergrad, the thesis advisor (who is the macro professor I worked for) thinks that it is of a publishable quality) (7) two-year predoctoral RA at a top 10 econ department. (co-authored works coming out) Potential Rec Letters: Probably one from the macro professor/thesis advisor at my undergrad, and two letters from professors I worked with as a predoctoral RA. They all told me that they would write very very strong letters for me. Several remarks/questions: (1) Regarding my GPA and math grades: I was struggling a lot academically even up to the first semester of my senior year, which explains my not so great overall GPA and initially low math grades. But I managed to pull my math grades up starting the second semester of my senior year and got As in all the courses until the end of my fifth year. I also managed to get As in PhD-level Microeconomics and Econometrics during my 2-year RA period. But I am still quite worried about my not so great GPA and several math grades. Any thoughts? (2) Would it be worth trying to publish my senior thesis? My thesis advisor thinks it's worth a try, but I'm not certain as the process could take long (although my timeline for applying to PhD programs seem pretty flexible). (3) Do you think it is (even a little) a possibility for me to get into a Top 10 PhD program? It would be great if you could share your thoughts on these questions. Thanks!
  15. Yale undergrad here. The only beef I have with Princeton is its messy Visit Day which didn't leave good impression on me because I didn't have time for one-on-one faculty meetings and its up-and-down placements. Meanwhile NYU and Yale fare better in terms of placement. Not sure about my interests yet. Probably not Macro theory or Metrics (but might be applied metrics or macro labor/development etc.) Talked to some real nice Yale profs during Visit Day. Would it help career-wise to expand my network outside of Yale?
  16. I have been accepted both in Maryland (21k) and Minnesota (23k), and I do not know what to choose. I know Minnesota is great in Macro, but even though I used to like Macro I like it less and less every day. So, nowadays I think I do not want to focus on Macro for my research, and neither I want to focus in empirical IO which is the other strength of Minnesota. I am more interested now in applied micro and issues of Development and Political Econ. Because of these reasons now I am leaning towards Maryland rather than Minnesota. Also in terms of location I prefer the weather of Washington DC than the one of Twin Cities. However I am afraid of taking that path, since in terms of placement Minnesota is far better than Maryland. Am I crazy if I choose Maryland over Minnesota? Please share your opinions.
  17. Hi, wish I can get some help or thoughts.... I got offers from these schools but cannot see which one is dominant. My current interest is in macro, and rochester seems to be good at it traditionally. But BU has more advantage in location (which also means expensive to live). Although psu is a rising department with pretty good funding, I'm not sure of its marco performance.....Many thanks for sharing
  18. I am interested in macro, international economics, macro-finance. Given i get admitted to both, with full funding, which one should i choose? I know Frankfurt is very big in macro, but how about DIW/BDFEMS? I prefer Berlin (city-wise) over Frankfurt 1923838 times but as someone who isn't so interested in academia but rather at policy institutes / central banks, this is a tough decision for me. Phd is a grueling process so i think where i live matter in terms of my quality of life but also i understand some location advantage of Frankfurt cannot be ignored and their job placement history is quite impressive and pretty much what i want after graduating... help will be much appreciated.
  19. Linear Algebra original grade: C Multivariable Calc original grade: P IB Math (calc): taken in high school (don't even recall my grade...A or B Just took "Linear Algebra and Real Analysis": A- Should I retake a standalone Linear Algebra course? Should I go back and take undergraduate Calc 2 & Differential Eqs? At this point is it sufficient to just retake Multivariable Calculus? Also- Micro theory: B+ Macro theory: C+ Should I retake Macro or Micro? These were both the 'more advanced' versions of micro and macro available to undergrads but this is not necessarily clear from the course names.
  20. Hi guys, it would be really nice if any of you could share your opinions! Applying to: Columbia, NYU, UMD, BU, BC, Penn State, UVa, UW-Seattle, USC(southern cali), Gtown, Rice, UCSB, U of Kentucky, CUNY, Northeastern PROFILE: Type of Undergrad: Small LAC Undergrad GPA: 3.83/4.0 Major: Mathematics, Economics Minor: Computer Science (but does not show on my transcript) GRE: Q: 168, V:154, W:4.0 Math Courses: Multivariable Calculus (A) Discrete Mathematics (A) Linear Algebra (A, but taken during a summer at a CC) Probability and Statistics 1 (A) Real Analysis (A) Econ Courses: Intro Micro (A-) Intro Macro (A) Intermediate Micro (A) Intermediate Macro (W, taking it again right now and will get an A most likely) Econometrics (A) Computer Science Courses: Intro to Comp Sci 1,2 (A) (A-) Data Structures and Problem Solving (A-) Computer Organization and Architecutre (A-) Theoretical Foundation of Computer Science (A-) Other Courses: General Chemistry w/ Lab (A) Intro to Physics (A-) Current Courses: Analysis of Algorithms, Intermediate Macro, Law and Economics, Research Letters of Recommendation: Expect two of them to be pretty strong and one to be decent. Research Experience: - Collaborative Research with two professors as a co-author (Summer research grant). Currently a working paper and submitted for EEA Conference in next year. Teaching Experience: TA for Econometrics, Tutor for various courses (computer science, mathematics, economics) Research Interests: Macro, Econometrics, Game Theory
  21. PROFILE Type of Undergrad: Economics, from a top school in Southeast Asia (NUS) Undergrad GPA: 4.9/5 (3.9~/4) GRE: 170Q 157V 4.0A Math Courses: Calculus (A), Multivariable Calculus (A-), Linear Algebra I (A+), Probability (A), Analysis I-II (A, A+) Plan to take: Linear Algebra II, Stochastic Processes and Nonlinear Programming Economics Courses: Intro (A-), Quant Methods (A-), Micro I-III (A-, A, A+), Macro I-II (A, A+), Econometrics Intro and I-III (A+, A+, A+, A+), IO (A), Programming Tools for Economics (A+), Applied Econometrics (A+), Game Theory (A+), Health Economics (A+) Plan to take: Grad Micro I, Grad Math Econs I, Macro III, Thesis Research Experience: A little more than 1 year experience as RA for an Econs AP. Doing thesis over the next academic year. Research Interest: Labour, Public, Applied Micro Will be mainly applying to masters with the goal of being competitive for T10 after 2 years. I will probably also apply for about 5-7ish schools ranked between T5 and T15. I have shortlisted some schools (to apply for masters), namely PSE, TSE, CEMFI, BGSE, UBC, Toronto, Oxford. I would like to ask if there are any other schools that I should consider. Any comments are welcomed, thanks.
  22. PROFILE: Type of Undergrad: Top 3 Korean University in Econ Undergrad GPA: 3.57 Type of Grad: Top 3 Korean University in Econ Grad GPA: ~ 3.72 GRE: 155V; 170Q; 3.5W TOEFL: 98 Math Courses: Undergrad: Frst Year Calculus B, Linear Algebra C+, Real Analysis (B+) Linear Algebra (A+) Econ Courses: Grad: Macro I (A), Macro II (A) Macro I (B+) Macro II (A) Econometrics (B+) Time Series Analysis (A) Panel data Analysis (A) International Economics (A) Development (A) Industrial Organization (A) Labor economics (A) Letters of Recommendation: 1) my advisor in MS degree. I am working for R.A and T.A for him. 2) Now, I'm writing two papers about international economy with professor in U.S.(Top 30 tenure) I will ask for a recommendation letters. Paper: I have one published paper on tourism management (SSCI), and I got revision to another paper (SSCI) Teaching Experience: NA Research Interests: International economics, Development Other: Concerns: 1. I know my math grade is really bad to get admission from Top 20 or 30. So I will apply for the course from over top 30 (from top 30 to 60) Is this still too high? 2. I have a published paper on Tourism management (SSCI) And I'm also working a paper and got revision from journal. I wonder this published paper will help me get admission.
  23. Hi, I just finished my third year in a BA econ. Planning to apply for MA in the fall. Looking to go to one of Canada’s “Big 4”. What are my chances? Thanks PROFILE: Type of Undergrad: BA Econ - Mid tier Canadian University Undergrad GPA: 3.5/4 Type of Grad: NA Grad GPA: NA GRE: Not taken yet Math Courses: Calculus I-IV(A+, A+, A, A); Linear Algebra I-III (A, B+, C+); ODE (A); Intro to Mathematical Reasoning (A+); Intro to probabilties (A-); Mathematical Statistics (A); Linear Programming (A); Game Theory (A-); Real Analysis (Fall 18), Stochastic Processes (Winter 19) Econ Courses: Intro to Micro, Intermediate Micro I-II, Advanced Micro (B+, A-, A-, A); Intro to Macro, Intermediate Macro I-II, Advanced Macro (B+, A-, B+, Fall 18); Mathematical Economics I-II (A, Fall 18); Econometrics I-II (A-, Winter 18); Statistical Analysis in Economics (Fall 18); Health Economics (A+); Research Methods (A) Other Courses: Programming and finance courses. Research Experience: None Teaching Experience: Intermediate micro TA for 1 year. LORs: Should be ok. One from my Advanced Micro prof, one from the prof I TA’d for, and one from my Research prof. Concerns: C+ and B+ in Linear Algebra, Macro grades and low gpa. Applying to: U of T, Queens, UBC, Mcgill, Western, Carleton, Montréal.
  24. Hi everyone, I am currently a junior and taking intermediate macro theory this semester. I am a math and econ double major. But the problem is that this professor who's teaching my intermediate macro is just giving everyone a very hard time and no one is doing too well (he's on his two-year term at my school and this is his last semester lol). I was wondering if dropping this class and getting a W in it would significantly hurt my chances of getting to top 20 phd programs? I will be re-taking the course with my advisor in the coming fall, and I expect to do well in that class maybe my advisor could even mention in the recommendation letter that I am doing it fine (assuming that I do) in that class. Let me know what you guys think! FYI: I have gotten good grades in other challenging courses including multivariable calculus, real analysis, comp sci courses, etc.
  25. Hey guys I need your help in choosing a European MSc, with the intention to progress to its Ph.D. stage. My profile is: BA Econ Honors 91.73/100, Dean List, top 8% out of a class of 90-100. MA Financial Econ 95.45/100 (second in the cohort out of 40 students) Include calculus + multivariable calculus + linear algebra + intro to analysis. Statistics 1 & 2, Econometrics 1 & 2 in BA and three more courses in MA. Both degrees are from a relatively new institution which is considered as the third best place in my country (Israel) after TAU and Hebrew Uni. However, most of the faculties are well-known guys who came from TAU (they established the school) and studied in top 10. RA for two of my referees, well-known professors in finance and labor (one is top 10% in ideas ranking and the other one is top 1000 economists according to ideas economist ranking) TA for intermediate macro and advanced econometrics I recently got accepted to Barcelona GSE MSc in Economics, where I am planning to take the advanced track (with a partial tuition waiver) and also to UCL and LSE MSc economics (in both). I recently got accepted to Barcelona GSE MSc in Economics, with intention to take the advanced track (with a partial tuition waiver) and also to UCL and LSE MSc economics (in both). My ultimate goal is to pursue a Ph.D. in one of the top European departments (geographical preferences) unless I will find out that I can get into top 10 in the US (I will try and apply anyway). My main fields of interest are developmental economics, international trade, international finance, financial economics and monetary economics. I would like to hear your opinion regarding my three options. I know that BGSE is considered as a great place for macro, but LSE is considered as best for development, while also good for macro. Also, I heard that UCL hired some really serious macro guys and right now it is a good place for macro as well. and also, they are best for econometrics and are policy-oriented, which I like. I would be also happy to hear about how feasible is it to progress to the Ph.D. stage of each school? How difficult is it to get a distinction at LSE and UCL? How many of the distinction achievers are eligible for funding? How many are able to proceed to MRS at BGSE? Are they more likely to get funding at BGSE/UPF? I am also a bit worried about the international reputation that BGSE has in terms of job placement. For instance, if I change my mind and decide to give up on the Ph.D. route, is MSc from BGSE really that valuable? And can open significant doors in the professional market? Or the branding of UCL and LSE in that matter is strictly dominated? Even though it is always nice to pay less, fortunately, I can finance my studies and living expenses in both places, so I prefer to make professional considerations and not financial considerations.
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