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  1. Well noted. Best of luck! The only advice I have is that you'll want letters from economists, so I'd work on that first.
  2. How strong are your letters? Seems like marginal returns to research experience would be very high for you. You would want your letters to attest to your research ability. I see one coming from your thesis advisor, but it'd be very very helpful to get another from your research supervisor.
  3. Are you really dead-set on doing econ? There are many very cool quantitative careers out there other than just econ, which is something that I realized only after starting grad school. If I were you, I'd be reluctant to spend an extra 1.5-2 years + tuition money just to do more coursework for Econ PhD admissions. Sounds like you'd better be very, very confident that econ is the only right path for you to spend extra 1.5 years on coursework
  4. Are you very confident that your letters are strong? If so, I don't see why you won't get a top 10 offer. Top 5 is a bit of a crapshoot with a large luck component involved, but I think you have a very good shot at top 5 as well (whatever "top 5" means. Isn't it more like top 6 these days?).
  5. Only if you're reasonably confident in getting an A- or above
  6. Some applications only let you list six schools or so. In these cases, I listed schools that are roughly of similar caliber or lower.
  7. Are your three letter writers actively publishing currently? Also, how confident are you in the strength of these letters? Given positive answers to both of these questions, this looks like a great profile to me. (more math courses would help, but I don't think it's seriously lacking)
  8. I would personally not apply to any RA postings unless they make it clear which faculty you would be working with. For some positions, groups of faculty hire multiple RA's, which is fine in my opinion (at least you know what the lower/upper bounds look like). The only exception to this would be non-university RA programs that consistently place into PhD programs (e.g. federal reserve positions)
  9. It’s normal. Don’t freak out about it too much.
  10. whoops, you're right. They did mention "international" student at an US undergrad
  11. ^ There’s nothing this applicant can do to substantially improve their profile in the short amount of time they have before the deadlines, especially with factors like “research experience” Personally, I’d reassure you that GRE scores are good enough and that you should worry about other things, but if you’re the type to torture yourself over the “oh god what IF I had done better in writing” kind of mentality, then you should retake it for the sake of your mental sanity (unless you have competing obligations on your time. Have you figured out your NSF yet? The marginal value of your time would be much higher on the NSF than on the GRE)
  12. Hard sell, in my opinion. At minimum you would need letters from economists.
  13. No. Don't be that person. Extremely frowned upon by all parties involved (faculty, grad students, attendees). And trust me, being frowned upon for an entire day will not be fun for you.
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