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  1. Hello all, I am writing this post with the admissions season not complete, as I am wondering if there are any actions which I should take in the coming weeks. I have applied to programs this cycle, but it is looking increasingly likely that I won't be admitted anywhere. Apologies for the long post --- trying to provide as much information as possible. Before I get into this, I'll post my profile in the standard format. Profile: Type of Undergrad: Top 10 LAC, Econ major, math minor, poverty studies minor. Undergrad GPA: 3.63 Type of Grad: N/A Grad GPA: N/A GRE: 165 V, 167 Q, 5.5 W Math Courses: Real Analysis II (A), Real Analysis I (A), Mathematical Statistics (A-), ODEs (A-), Introduction to Analysis (A), Linear Algebra (A), Multivariable Calculus ©, Calculus I (n/a), Calculus II (n/a) Econ Courses: Advanced Micro/Macro Theory (A), Research Seminar in Economics (A), Advanced Labor Economics (A), Advanced Macroforecasting (A-), Health Economics (A), Microtheory (A-), Macrotheory (A-), Econometrics (B+), Intro Macro (A), Intro Micro (B), a slew of other economics electives (all A or A-) Other Courses: Thesis written for poverty studies minor which was supervised by an economist and used an applied micro framework. Letters of Recommendation: (1) First letter from undergrad advisor/mentor, professor in two courses, and RA'ship supervisor. This writer is a tenured faculty with a PhD from a top school, but not particularly well known. Writer specifically recommended schools ranked 10-15 as a good landing spot for me and stated that they would write strong letter. (2) Second letter writer has supervised my predoc for two years, and we are in the process of coauthoring a publication together. He also mentioned several 10-15 schools as a good landing spot (especially Michigan). This letter writer is not particularly well known either, but am confident that he wrote an enthusiastic letter. (3) Third letter writer has also worked with me during my predoc; we have published a paper together in a top journal within the realm of public finance/tax economics. He is a more prolific researcher than the other two (and likely more well known), but doesn't know me quite as well. I still expect a strong letter from him. Research Experience: RA'ships for economists during two separate summers of undergrad. Two theses written through my final year of undergrad (one pure econ, one poverty studies). Two year predoc for an organization within the federal government (but not a fed bank). Teaching Experience: N/A Research Interests: Primarily labor economics and public economics/public finance. Also very interested in any applied micro type research. SOP: Lightly tailored for each school. Outlines research interests, a (very broad) potential research agenda, and each of the items listed in the "other" category. Very little room is left for narrative information (i.e. why economics, how I got here). Other: My current position is able to provide me with full funding (but only in years 2-5, not very valuable I know). More importantly, my current position also allows access to some unique and confidential data throughout my graduate studies. These data are identical to the SSA data which have been leveraged very successfully for research by those who can access it. My situation is as follows. This cycle, I applied to nearly 30 graduate schools. All of these are pure econ programs (the kind of schooling which I am most interested in), and they are ranked anywhere from 10-60 (think a uniform distribution between 10 and 60 with some attention paid to department specialty). The goal, here, was to be admitted to a top 60 program, and I would be absolutely thrilled to gain admission to any of the programs to which I applied. But, part way through this process, I have already been rejected from most of the less competitive programs to which I applied and am running out of hope to be admitted to any one program. If I am not admitted, I intend to try again next year. My questions for this forum are: 1) Was I unrealistic about my chances at a top 60 program? I did extremely poorly during my first year of undergrad ( 2) If I am not admitted anywhere, which seems likely, what would be the best next step for next year's admissions season? My most clear options are to (a) stay with my predoc for 1 more year, hopefully publish another paper that I've been working on, and take another class or two (phd micro/macro or functional analysis?); or (b) enroll in a full time masters program to more substantially improve my math background. If it is possible to do (a) and be admitted next year, I have a strong preference for that. How do these two options compare regarding my admissions chances? 3) In the event that I do not get in anywhere, should I contact a few admissions committees after April 15 and ask for any feedback? Is it considered rude to do so? Any advice/feedback would be very appreciated --- even if the feedback is that I'm not qualified and should look into other careers. Congrats to all admitted, and I wish everyone else who is still waiting the best of luck.
  2. Decision* time, between the schools in the title. Interested in applied micro broadly, with some special eye towards market design, experiments and development. I value broad strength in applied micro over strength in any particular subfield since I'm not sure what subfield I want to do. * This is not strictly the decision problem as I've been waitlisted at Booth and Yale, but factoring them in will help me decide whether to press to get off the WL.
  3. I am tired of this - and I am tired a lot. I have applied in 2 cycles, and got rejected so far in every single school I applied. My advisors, letter writers, professors all cannot understand why, but it happens. I know the luck and bla bla bla blaaaa but this is goddamn depressing. I want to punch in the face every single person who just says "Dont worry, its random, you will get in!" I am really tired of it. How do I repel these people? I just told a very close friend of mine to just go **** himself because he repeated the useless advice.
  4. Hi guys ! I graduated from degree of Computer Engineering from NTU, Singapore & recently MBA from NUS, Singapore, and I have 13 years' experience in tech consulting & project management. I also passed 2 levels of CFA exams. I started my career as a Java & SQL programmer but have not done it for a few years now. I am considering to do a masters degree in Econ & Data Science with the goal to become an economist with data science capabilities in doing predictive economic analysis. I don't want to do a PhD because it takes too long. I recently did some research of US schools and found below programs: -MS Applied Econ, Boston College -MA Applied Econ, George Washington (option to add Graduate Certificate in Data Science) -MS Applied Econ, U Maryland CP -MS Applied Econ & Management, Cornell -MS Applied Economics & Econometrics (AEE), USC -MA Econ, Boston U -MS Econ, Georgia Tech -MA Econ, Columbia -MA Econ, NYU -MS Quantitative Econ, U Pittsburgh -MA Econ, Duke -MIDS, Duke My questions: 1. Is it a good idea to become an economist or should I be a data scientist instead? AFAIK data scientists are more in-demand than economists but I am personally interested in economics, and given my tech background, I think it makes sense for me to combine economic analysis with data science. 2. Would doing MA/MS Applied Econ degree be sufficient to find a good job as an economist in a public/private company in the US, or is PhD required? I prefer not to do PhD as it takes too long with low stipend. My math background is not sufficient to do PhD Econ anyway. 3. How difficult is it to get to MA/MS Applied Econ programs? NTU did not publish GPA of my undergrad, but I got Third Class Honors and I calculated my GPA as 2.6/4.0, that was 17 years ago. My MBA CAP was 4.2/5.0, which should be equivalent to 3.5/4.0 GPA, that was only 3 years ago. I will get letter of recommendations from my former employers. I would say the quality of LoRs would be quite good. I didn't take GRE as it is optional at most schools for now. How much will the schools weigh my undergrad GPA that was long ago, as opposed to more recent MBA GPA and work experience? Does CFA help (there are econ components in the exams)? Would getting an LoR from my MBA economics professor help in my application? Should I take the GRE? Also, are the above schools realistic for me? 4. In the above list, only BC & GWU's curricula combine both applied economics & data science. Are there other graduate programs that combine the 2? Appreciate your help ! Will
  5. I posted this a few months ago, but I’ve finished applications and I wanted to post and see if anyone else could give me insight as to whether I applied to the correct range of schools. Type of Undergrad: BA in Math and Economics from small LA school Undergrad GPA: 3.95 overall, 4 in economics, 3.85 in math GRE: 169 Q, 167 V, 5.5 W Math Courses: calculus 1-3 (A, A-, A), linear algebra (A), Intro to Proofs (B+), Diff Eq (A), Abstract Algebra (A), Topology (A), Prob and Stat I and II (A and A), Mathematical Modeling (A) Econ Courses: intermediate micro/macro (A), political economy of Africa (A), Environmental Econ (A), Game Theory (A), History of Thought (A), Senior Seminar (research thesis, A), independent research course (A), Econometrics (A) Letters of Recommendation: Three very strong letters from economics faculty at my undergrad. I know at least one professor will place me in top few students he has taught over decades of working at this university; the others should be similarly strong. Teaching: I worked for a year as a GRE and SAT teacher/tutor, not expecting this to matter much. Research: RA throughout undergrad for my professor’s consulting practice, and then two large undergrad research projects (senior thesis and an independent research course). Work: Since graduating I have been working as an economic researcher in state government dealing with unemployment and labor markets. I do data analysis, economic modeling, and time series forecasting. I have been very involved in the state’s economic response to COVID-19. Research Interests: Labor and macroeconomics. I spend a fair amount of space in my SOP linking my research in labor markets in my current job to my research interests. I applied to programs two years ago and got several offers in the 30s and 40s with two waitlists in the low 20s. Although I was happy with my results my partner got into an amazing MA program, and so I decided to work in research for two years and then enter grad school (I explain this in my SOP). I applied to one reach school, 2 schools in the 20s, 7 schools across the 30s, 40s, and 50s, and then two schools ranked in the 60s or 70s (I’m basing this all on US News, but I understand relative competitiveness holds fairly well across other lists/metrics). I know COVID-19 is going to make admissions this year tough and more competitive. Have I applied to a reasonably safe list of schools so that I should end up with a funded offer from somewhere?
  6. Hi! I'm thinking about pursuing an economics PhD! I'm from a public state school, graduated with a double major in Economics and Applied Math & Stats. I know I'm missing some math courses, but I was wondering how much of a deal-breaker that was. Type of Undergrad: Public State School (top 100 overall) Undergrad GPA: 4.0, didn't list grades assume A unless otherwise noted Type of Grad: n/a Grad GPA: n/a GRE: Haven't taken yet Math Courses (Undergrad):Calculus I/II (AP placement), Calculus III, Applied Linear Algebra, Probability Theory, Finite Mathematical Structures, Data Analysis, Operations Research: Determinist Models, Operations Research: Stochastic Models (P, during COVID), Mathematical Statistics (P, during COVID) *all classes are from applied math dept., not pure Math Courses (Grad) : n/a Econ Courses: Intro Micro/Macro, Intermediate Micro, Intermediate Micro, Econometrics, Industrial Organization, Money and Banking, Corporate Finance, International Economics, International Finance, Game Theory, Economic Development Other Courses: Computer Assisted Mathematical Problem Solving (pure math dept.) Letters of Recommendation: I'm assuming I can get three. One from prof's whose class I attended/TA'd for, one from thesis advisor whose many classes I was in, one from prof who I TA'd for and worked with closely during ECs Research Experience: undergrad thesis Teaching Experience: TA for Intermediate Micro, TA for Intermediate Macro Research Interests: Economic Development and related SOP: n/a What programs should I target? Should I even apply? Thanks!
  7. Hi All! I'd like to ask for your guidance and advice as I'm planning to apply for PhD by the end of this year (for Fall 2021 intake). I'll graduate from my master in economics this May from T30 US university. So, I delivered subpar performance for some of the core courses needed to apply for PhD, which I knew it'd definitely hurt my chances for getting accepted. Here's the following info: Grad-level Microecon: B- Grad-level Stats: B Applied Linear Algebra: B Grad-level Macroecon: A Grad-level Econometrics: A- Grad-level Applied Econometrics: A I've talked to two of my letter recommenders and they said doing research would help for my chances for admission. And now, I've been working on finding research assistantship opportunities both in the US and in my home country. My question is, do you have any suggestions on how could I remedy my subpar grades in those core courses? Would be doing research help for admission much? Also, I'm planning to apply not only to PhD Economics, but also to PhD in Agricultural and Applied Economics. What do you think are my chances? Thank you all! Please stay safe and healthy!
  8. Hey, Does anyone know what sort of questions they ask for the Masters in Applied Economics interview? Im pretty nervous and was just wondering if any one had any advice. Was wondering more specifically on technical questions.
  9. Hi all! I got fully-funded Ph.D. offers from the University of Georgia (Ag and Applied Econ), Virginia Tech (Ag and Applied Econ), and University of Florida (Applied Econ) for Fall 2020. I also applied to Purdue, UIUC and Michigan State but haven't heard from them so far. So out of the three acceptances, which would you recommend me to accept, given my interests in international agricultural development, development economics, and impact evaluation? Many of you may see these programs as substandard (at least when compared to Berkeley, UMD, Davis, Cornell, etc.), but given what life circumstances I have come through, I would still take these offers as a tremendous achievement. Some factors in deciding (if they help at all): - Virginia Tech Ph.D. is STEM, so being an international student, this would be a big factor while deciding. - Virginia Tech's program seemingly is more "diverse" applied (food, health econ, etc.) compared to the "ag-heavy" applied at other universities, if that makes sense. I think I appreciate the diversity and the flexibility of such "diverse" applied programs. - From the profiles of current PhD students in these programs, UGA comparatively seems to have a lot of students who did their undergrad in top-ranked Asian universities (Chinese and Korean particularly), hinting the appeal of the program, and the talent in it. - Among the three universities, I only know the professor I will be working with at Florida. They don't have a tenure yet, but did their Ph.D. at a top 5 Ag Econ department. Look forward to hearing your thoughts. Thanks, SSh
  10. Just curious, has anyone applied to the SIEPR pre-doctoral program and heard back yet?
  11. Profile: Type of Undergrad: B.A. Insurance, international (financial college, nationally okay) Undergrad GPA: overall - 3.05/4.0; last two years - 3.3/4.0 Type of Grad: MSc. Economics, German Univ of Excellence (TIMES Overall 189; ARWU Economics Subject 151-200), one-semester exchange at the Univ of Essex Grad GPA: equivalent to 'more than satisfactory' or B- or 2.92/4.0 (grade conversion using WES tools) GRE: V - 151 (51%), Q - 166 (89%), AW - 3.5 (39%) Undergrad Math Courses: Linear Algebra (67), Advanced Math 1 (73), Advanced Math 2 (76), Probability and Mathematical Statistics (90), Statistics (73) Undergrad Econ Courses: Microeconomics (86), Macroeconomics (85) Grad Econ Courses: Advanced Microeconomics 1, Advanced Macroeconomics 1, Advanced Econometrics, Applied Time Series Analysis, Quantitative Methods in Management Research, Topics in Applied Economics, Labor Market Search, Development Economics, Environmental Economics, Communication and Information Aggregation, Behavioural Finance Programming Courses: Matlab for Finance, Exploratory Data Analysis and Data Visualisation (RStudio) LoR: 2 Econ Profs (one grad program with a PhD from Rochester, another undergrad program) and 1 Econ Dr (grad program with a PhD from German Univ) Research Experience: a master thesis (50-page body text) on behavioural economics, a few research essays, a revised research proposal Others: Kaggle Data Project, Data Analysis Intern Research Interests: Applied Microeconomics, Behavioural and Experimental Economics Applied to: Emory Univ, Clemson Univ, Univ at Buffalo, Univ of South Florida, Auburn Univ (pending), Colorado State Univ (pending) I understand that my profile is quite bad, so Emory is the best I applied to and it was recommended by one of my referees. The GPA of my last semester in the UK is much better (68, 70 is the first-class), this is not because I worked harder but since my home Univ in Germany normally gives a 'C' grade. Of course, I'm not a top student per se but just an average one. I'm thinking of applying to UNH since my pre-application was approved by them and I am quite unsure if I can get a place in the programs listed above. Could you please leave any advice?
  12. What’s the main difference between the econometric modeling learned in an Applied econometric masters vs. the applied econometric skills picked up in a PhD. I know PhDs are more about proofs and obviously research beyond first year but in terms of building VAR, ARCH, Panel data models how much more advanced more advanced would applications of these models be for say a second year PhD student vs. an applied econ MS grad? On a related note how do these texts stack up vs. PhD econometrics texts: a combination of Enders and some Hamilton for macroecometrics time series, big Wooldridge for micro econometrics and Tsay for financial econometrics/time series
  13. Hi- What would you recommend for the following profile: - targeting mostly online/distance learning degrees - 3.7 gpa from a well ranked public policy masters (crap undergrad grades from good school) - good grades in related subjects but only intermediate micro/macro, multivariable calc, stats and intro to econometrics - good professional experience and no need to change jobs - $ fortunately not a major issue Goal is for an applied economics program as want solid applied econometrics skills. Looking at JHU MA applied Econ, SOAS quant finance Msc Finance, and self study. Anything I’m missing? Thanks in advance
  14. Hi guys I got admitted for a Master at both University of Alicante and University of Barcelona ("UB", not UAB, not GSE). I guess I would like to continue with a PhD afterwards but I also want to be able to work, preferably in international organizations and/or research institutes. My research interest lie in Micro more than anything, both theory and applied (development, industrial, behavioural, public). I have an undergrad in business with average marks, no math at all, and several years of work experience in an area that UB does well in (they offer several specializations and my field is included in their Industrial Organizations modules) However, Alicante seems to be better (though not in rankings) in general Micro Theory, and alumni tend to be strong in methods like networks and math rather than economics, much less applied economics. UB has 2 math modules that sound more challenging than UA. Is that an advantage (learn more) or disadvantage (risk of failing or low mark) for me? On the other hand, Alicante's econometrics modules sound more challenging than UB's (rather applied), though both offer further econometrics electives in year two. I've done quite a lot of statistics and econometrics so that's less of an issue for me than maths. What is more important for economics - math or econometrics? Can you be a good economist without pure math stuff? It seems that some places favour engineers, mathematicians and even scientists over economists for admission so I'm wondering if there is any use at all for economists with less-than-superb math skills. I have been told by UB that about 25% of students manage to get a GPA of 8/10 or higher, which is their threshold for PhD admission. Alicante's program allows for a rather smooth transition to the PhD stage unless your GPA is below 7/10. I'm not sure if I can stay at either uni for 5 years though, I'm married and my wife is pursuing her career elsewhere so I may decide to follow her after the Master stage. Any thoughts, hints, tips?
  15. Hi all, Like in other years, this thread is for general discussion among applicants (including vague rumors and outright speculation). The idea is to share what you are going through as you wait for decisions on applications. I do encourage the following: create a thread with your profile and the schools you have applied to and ask people to predict your outcomes. Then, in April, let us know how we did. Remember to be civil to one another and good luck!
  16. I got fully funded offers from both places. With a firm belief in academic career in field of applied micro, such as development, labor and public economics, which place can be the better one? Thank you in advance for your advice!!! Do need some help.
  17. Would like to do structural IO and applied micro! Any two-cents would be appreciated.
  18. Hello all, I applied to USC and have received an email from them requesting my 2018 Fall grades. And in the email they said "identified you as a promising applicant" but more information is needed before a decision could be made. I was really excited to see this as USC is one of my top choices but was wondering how many people who applied to USC got this email. Does "promising" really mean something here? It would be really great if anyone who had applied to USC before or anyone who is familiar with the admissions process at USC could help out! Thank you guys.
  19. Hi! I would like to get the advice of the members of this forum with regards to creating a prioritized list of the Accounting PhD programs I've applied to. I've applied to 12 schools, and, when I was applying, I thought they were all good fits for financial archival research. However, I would like to know how the more experienced members of this forum would group/rank them. I'll clarify what I'm looking for in a program: 1) My background: econ undergrad (with classes in econometrics, statistics, multivariable calculus, linear algebra), accounting masters, currently in public accounting. 2) Learning the statistical/econometrics/economics/mathematical tools as well as the accounting knowledge in order to do research and publish. 3) Finding a research-based job afterwards. 4) A little bit of work-life balance (I know that a PhD is all-consuming, but having a little breathing room every now and then is important to me) [TABLE=width: 313] [TR] [TD]University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign[/TD] [/TR] [TR] [TD]Texas A&M University[/TD] [/TR] [TR] [TD]University of North Carolina[/TD] [/TR] [TR] [TD]University of Texas at Austin[/TD] [/TR] [TR] [TD]University of Southern California[/TD] [/TR] [TR] [TD]University of Pennsylvania[/TD] [/TR] [TR] [TD]University of Florida[/TD] [/TR] [TR] [TD]New York University[/TD] [/TR] [TR] [TD]University of Washington[/TD] [/TR] [TR] [TD]University of Georgia[/TD] [/TR] [TR] [TD]University of Oregon[/TD] [/TR] [TR] [TD]Pennsylvania State University[/TD] [/TR] [/TABLE]
  20. I am a Senior at the University of Wyoming majoring in Economics and Statistics with a minor in math (honors college). I have applied to graduate schools for a Ph.D. in economics, and was wondering of my chances of getting in (with funding). Here's what I got going for me: -3.94 GPA (3.9 in major) -Math: Calc III (A), Linear Algebra (A), Theory of Probability (B+), then taking Real Analysis and Diff Q's next semester. -Stats: Many graduate courses, 2 theory courses -Econ: Intermediates, econometrics, math econ, history -McNair Research Scholar: Funded summer research with a mentor -Several other research projects -Several research presentations -GRE: Q - 166, V - 152, AW - 4.0 -TA for College Algebra -Tutor for high-level statistics classes -3 solid letter of rec: 2 economics professors, one if which I did research with. And 1 from statistics which I did my McNair project with. -Notes: First generation, low income, Hispanic, graduating in 3 years instead of 4 I'm interested in econometrics, applied micro, and labor. I get free applications, so I applied to many schools. Here is a list (starred are my target schools, double starred are the schools I am shooting high for): Stanford** Harvard** Berkeley** Yale** Princeton** MIT** UC San Diego* UCLA* Johns Hopkins* Chicago** Colombia* Northwestern* U of Oregon U of Michigan Cornell (Applied Econ)* Brown U* U of Pennsylvania* UC Irvine New York U U of Wisconsin Carnegie Mellon U of Maryland Duke* U of North Carolina* U of Rochester * I have gotten very mixed answers of my chances for admissions, and was wondering if anyone would be willing to give their opinion. I also applied to the NSF-GRFP. After reading about other people's profiles being rejected, I am starting to get worried. Thank you for the help.
  21. Hey everyone. First off sorry if this is a repeated question-- I looked around but didn't find an answer. Of course mods should feel free to delete this if it is. I'm a senior in undergrad and just applied to a boatload of PhD programs (I posted my profile evaluation here http://www.www.urch.com/forums/phd-economics/160633-okay-why-not-do-i-have-shot-funding.html). But, after spending some time on this forum looking through old threads it seems the consensus is that someone from my background (high GRE & GPA, strong LOR, but no RA or TA experience and coming from an unknown LAC) can really benefit from some time as an RA. I'm not at all opposed to this idea; my goal is to teach and research at a university (not necessarily a famous or highly ranked one) and if RAing for a year or two was necessary I think it'd be very worth it (and that I would enjoy the work!). My question is this: given that I've applied to a bunch of programs, and that I do think I have at least a decent shot at getting an offer I'd take, I'm not in a position to be hunting for RA jobs right now or applying to internships with the Fed. I wouldn't feel comfortable doing that until I know whether I'll be accepting an offer or not, obviously. But I'm worried that by mid-march I'm going to be too late to land a decent RA position for 2019-2020. Is this a reasonable fear? What are my prospects for good research jobs going to look like this next spring, after grad school decisions role out? Any advice about timing for RA applications, or anything related to it is welcome. You all are such a great resource thanks guys !
  22. Going into my senior year as an Ec major, with minors in Real Estate, Mathematics, and Philosophy at a small liberal arts college, but I'm very far behind the pack in terms of math. Math classes: Freshman Year: Calc for Social Science Majors: A Applied Statistics: A Junior Year: Calculus I: A Senior Year: Calculus II: Currently Enrolled Advanced Statistics and Probability: Current enrolled Linear Algebra: Currently Enrolled And I plan on taking Calculus III, and a proof class next semester Economics classes: 3.9 overall Freshman year Global MacroEconomics: A Applied MicroEconomics: B+ Sophomore year Applied Macro: A Applied Micro: A Game theory: A Junior year Econometrics I: A Urban Economics: A Independent Study: A Economics of the European Union (study abroad): A Senior Year Econometrics II: Currently enrolled Senior seminar: Planned for next semester GPA: 3.86 / 4.0 GRE: 166Q 162V 5.5W If its worth noting I also have an A- in masters level philosophy class from my first semester sophomore year, and 1 semester of research work at a think tank house at my university (where the grade for independent study came from), and this week I will begin TAing for applied micro, and RAing for the head of our stats department. Goal: Get into a top 50 PhD program Research Interest: Behavior Economics, Price theory, Crime, Monetary Policy
  23. Dear all, thanks for the great advice about baruch cuny. Just got a great update from Tippie. And now I have to choose between these two. I love all the schools that I applied, so at least there is no research interest bias here. Which one would you recommend? Thanks a lot !!
  24. Hello, I d like to go to phd program, but i dont know where is possible.. PROFILE: Type of Undergrad: one of korea national univ, but not top school.. Dual degrees in arecon(agriculture) and Math Undergrad GPA: 3.78/4.0 ..econ 3.84 math 3.75 Type of Grad: not.. Grad GPA: GRE: 163V, 170Q, 4.5 W Math Courses: Calculus I-II (B+, B+); Linear Algebra (A+), Differential Equations (B+), AnalysisI- II(A+,B+),mathmatical statistics (A),algebra(A+),intro geometry(b),set theory(b+), topology(A), differentail geometry(A) Econ Courses (undergrad-level): Principles of arecon, Micro, Macro(A+,A+,A+) Economic , Econometrics.(B+), agricultural management(b+), welfare econ(B+),accounting(A+), food marketing(A+), foodecon(B+), agriculture policy theory(A+), price theory(A),, expected gradute course 6 credit... Letters of Recommendation: 1) phd in oregon univ econ prof 2) phd in korea .. But good perfomance in world math prof 3) phd in uc berkeley econ prof 4) Chair of the department, Top 3 ArEcon Ph.D. Teaching Experience: None Research Interests,experience: resource econ, environmenral econ..etc applied econ. Government affiliated paper contest (for undergraduate) 3rd award. Concerns: 1)Low undergrad GPA and low GPA on math courses.. 2) my school professor have no experience "student us phd" ..
  25. Hello, I am considering programs that offer PhDs in Economics and in Applied Economics. Can someone explain the difference in courses, job opportunities, and overall quality between the two? Thank you! Lindsey
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