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  1. @ptf : worse result in the application process.
  2. This question may be a little bit off topic, crmnlmnds, but how do you expect to get into a PhD in Finance or Economics after 4 years in the private sector? Is that common background for applicants to PhD in Finance? It sure doesn't seems very common for an applicant to a PhD in Economics. Maybe you'll need to spend time in some academic activity before applying to grad programs... In this case, this is also a cost you should take into account for making your decision. Also, I can't see how would you pay a morgage and support a wife and a baby with a grad student stipend. I guess you should have a lot of savings.
  3. Institution: Cornell Decision: Rejected Funding: N/A Notification date: 4/4/12 Notified through: Email Posted on GC: No Comments: So, annoyed because I hadn't heard about Cornell's decision, yesterday I decided to write to the graduate office asking for my status. Two hour ago, I received an email saying I was rejected. Then, people started to post Conrnell's rejections here. It seems to me they had forgotten about us, and my email made them recall they had some rejections left to send.
  4. watch out for flyouts guys: PHD Comics: Prospective Food
  5. Thank you rbittmann, I guess any impression you may have had can be interesting. Did you hear something about current attrition rates? Do you know how many students are they planning receive this year? Did they say anything about funding possibilities for accepted students with partial funding (or no funding first year)? This is all I can think of right now, but feel free to add any thought you think could be useful.
  6. Hi everyone! Does anyone attended Chicago's flyout? Would you mind sharing your thoughts about it? Thanks!
  7. I've never shared the idea that GRE verbal score only matters for non-native english speakers. I think is totally the opposite: it should matter especially for native english speakers. This test measures english abilities that economist do not need. There are plenty of vocabulary that non-native english speakers are not familiar with, and that we are not gonna need in our professional careers. Knowing how to write is much more important. The best argument supporting this idea is the fact that almost every graduate program in economics require the TOEFL test for non-native english speakers, and there is a minimum score for accepting applications. That doesn't happen with GRE verbal scores.
  8. I studied 2 hours/day for 3.5 weeks for the gre. 2-2.5 months for both tests seems ok, but, as applicant12 says, it will obviously depend on your abilities.
  9. The quality of students attending the program is tipically an important factor too. You are going to spend a lot of time with them, discussing problem sets and research ideas.
  10. I've got a May 1st deadline for Chicago too, so it isn't always April 15.
  11. Institution: NYU Program: Economics PhD Decision: Rejected Funding: NA Notification Date: 3/19/2012 Notified Through: Email Posted on GC: No Comments: expected, but still very sad.
  12. @wantchi two things: 1. Congratulations on your admission!! 2. Were you on the waiting list from NW or you just hadn't heard anything about them?
  13. lucette sorry! I got confused and thought you said 33.75% passed (I'm used to other decimal indicator). My mistake!
  14. This seems quite low. I've heard that 75% of the students pass all in the first try. What year are you in??
  15. Althought this is probably true, there may be people with waitlists as their only good results. For them, the fact of getting off the waiting list earlier may decrease their amount of stress importantly. Personally, I do not hold more than 2 or 3 acceptances at the same time.
  16. I think you should turn your sarcasm detector mode on. :)
  17. That makes a little bit more sense. It's really crazy anyways!
  18. I can imagine the second thing happening, but how in the hell do you get accepted to a program you didn't even apply to????!!!!!
  19. I don't find it difficult to believe at all. I've heard that in some programs in the top-5, the guys with lowest score you can find have 760-770 (please correct me if you have inside info). I think LSE states in their website that all their students scored 800 in the quant part. Thus, being cutted from a top school because a 750 seems plausible at least.
  20. Institution: Columbia Program: PhD Economics Decision: Rejected Funding: --- Notified: 3/13 Notified through: email to check website Posted on GC: no Comments: very sad
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