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  1. what would required weight be if the weight 165 kg is of the ratio 7:11? its 165*7/11 ............................. my doubt is why cant we apply this fact : if a set of objectsis dived into 3 groups in the ratio a:b:c, then first group contains a/a+b+c and second b/a+b+C..... i feel that 165 is divided in the ratio 7:11 why its not 165*7/18 actually iam confused when to add all ratio in denominator and when not to. Thanks in advance
  2. Hi ady dont get upset.... sometimes it happens...so what did u do? did u cancel ur score. I think 1st one was better. it depends which ur university u want to take and what course. well if u can get in the university and course u are planning to ...then dont waste ur time in GRE... cheer up..... i know its easy to say .....but its ok.... was quant difficult???? then before? take care anuradha
  3. hey vinay is it possible to make copy of Kaplan CD and send to someone????
  4. Hi ashish can u please tell how was quant....what type of questions were more??? Thanks in advance
  5. Hi vinay did u get M.tyra...book...how is it please let me know
  6. CONGRTULATIONS......................Good scores............. well ashish it depends which course u want to apply... like for computer science they dont care about AWA much...they look for qunat...
  7. O sorry vidya it was typo error in the program its not 20 kg its 20%.... and answer is 120 kg....can u tell me what is wrong with my approach....it will be easy to correct myself..rather than thinking something different... thanks in advance
  8. Hi vinay...as u suggested i have tryed M&D problems... and got few but got stuck up with this ...can u tell why it not clicking the way u did. After 30 kg of water were evaporated from a solution of a salt and water which had 15% of salt,the reamaining solution had 20 % salt. find the weight of the original solution. i did in this way(as u did) let's say x+30 is the orignial solution. so in original salt is 15%of solution that is .15(x+30). x+30 / .15(x+30) = 85 / 15 I would appreciate if anyone can help me..iam totaly confused how to approach this problems. Thanks in advance.
  9. well vinay....RS aggarwal is not too advanced for gre ...iam doining problems from them....ya some are very advance but there are simple problems too...especially intrdouction is very good..u can clear ur fundas.....iam from commerce background so need lot of things to be cleared...its good just go once..no harm... anu.
  10. Hi basky we can attack Time and Work problems in 2 ways...One of the golden rule already vidya has taken care. 2nd is some problems can also be done with proportion method which is very easy.... by practice u can know which one should be applied. usually when problems ask together how much or alone how much can a person do i apply above rule. 2nd , Time taken to finish a work is inversely proportional to the number of persons working at it. (more persons, less it the time taken to finish a job) example: if 16 men working 7 hours a day can plough a field in 48 days, in how many days will 14 men woking 12 hours a day plough the same field. what u have to find out keep on right. in this case we have to find days. so days are on right days men 16 : 14 :: 48 : x // now compare men with days...less men(14) compared to previous (16) ,..so more days....so indirect proportion hours 7 : 12 // same thing more hrs less days (indirect) now the proportion is 14 :16 : : 48 : x 12 : 7 16 x 7 x 48 x=------------ = 32 days 14 x 12 if it is indirect , no.s get suffled hope it help good luck anu
  11. Hi basky we do have rules for this type of problem....Best book available in india is Quantitative aptitude by R.S AGGarwal. if u dont find let me know...i can write some rules. hope it helps. anu.
  12. In a mixture of 60 litres, the ratio of milk and water is 5:1. How much water should be added to make the ratio 2:1? I have tryed to solve in this way....can anyone point out why i cannot solve like this...iam not geting correct ans. pl. help 1/6 : 1/3 :: 60 : 60+x..........................its indirect prop. so.. 1/3(60+x) = 1/6(60)........... Thanks in advance.
  13. Ans is 112. Answer should be multiples of 4 and 7. so it is 28, 56, 112.....and so on suppose if we choose 28, 56, and 112 then 4 will take (28/4) 7 revolution and 7 will take (7/28) 4 revolutions and the difference is (4-7) 3....but we are looking for difference of 12. 4 will take (56/4) 14 revolution and 7 will take (56/7) 8 so the difference is (14-7) 7...which doesnt clik 4 will take (112/4) 28 and 7 will take (112/7) 16 and difference is 12 which is the correct.
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