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  1. Did anyone here visit UCSC and/or UCI during the visit days? I could not make it and I have a few questions. Would really appreciate the help.
  2. Hi guys, I have offers from UCSC and UC-Irvine for Economics PhD. I am an international applicant and was not able to attend the visit days. My interests are in empirical monetary economics and international finance. While UCSC has faculty doing good work in both, UC-Irvine seems to have people who have been doing good work in metrics as well. I will really appreciate it if I could get some constructive inputs on this.
  3. I have not either. But on GC someone said that more rejections might be coming. I personally think the same since there are a lot more acceptances than previous years. Although I haven't seen any Waitlisted posts.
  4. Never mind. Just received rejection from Wisconsin.
  5. Still have not heard anything from Wisconsin-Madison, Johns Hopkins, BU, and now Georgetown. If anyone has any relevant information, it would be very helpful! P.S.: Have not heard from NYU either but seeing a waitlist post on GC I assume I am out.
  6. @Pulsar: Thanks a lot! And congratulations for all your results! :)
  7. Any word from NYU GSAS? Apart from the 3 acceptances I saw on GC, I have not seen anything. Same for Wisconsin-Madison. Have people been waitlisted? Are the acceptances done? Will really appreciate if someone has any knowledge about this.
  8. I received the same mail. 2 hours back. I don't get it. Were acceptances and waitlists sent out without reviewing all applications?
  9. Any news about Wisconsin? Seems like they usually send out most results by 15th. All I have seen is two posts on GC.
  10. SSE Econ phd results are out. Didn't get through. Really disappointed. Was one of my top choices.
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