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  1. PROFILE: Type of Undergrad: Top 5 Private University in South-East Asia (BD) Undergrad GPA: 3.26/4.0; BBA Finance Type of Grad: MS Econ (Top 2 Econ Department in the Same South Asian Country) Grad GPA: 3.87/4 GRE: 166 Q/153 V/3.5 AW Math Courses: Math for Econ I (A), Math for Econ II (A-), Calculus IV (A-), Mathematical Econ (Grad, A), Business Math (Grad, A), Intro Stat (C+), Business Stat (A) Econ Courses: Intermediate Micro I (A-), Micro Theory (Grad, A), Macro Theory (Grad, A), Game Theory (Grad, A-), Econometric Method (Grad, A), Time Series Models (Grad, A-), Panel and Limited Dependent Variable (Grad, A), Contemporary Econ Thought (Grad, A-) Other Courses: Done some non-crdit online Math courses; tons of finance and banking courses Letters of Recommendation: 1 Asst. Prof. I RA-ed for (Strong); Took courses with other two Asst. Professors Research Experience: 3 RA Projects and 1+ year Central Banking Exp Teaching Experience: Business Math, Managerial Finance (1 yr) Research Interests: Changed with Institutions SOP: Somewhat personalized for each school, mentioned faculty I would be interested in working with in a few SOP RESULTS: Acceptances: Georgia State ($$), NC State ($$), York (MA Econ $$$), Clemson (No Funding) Waitlists: N/A Rejections: UW-Seattle; UToronto (MA), OSU, UC-Irvine, Iowa State, Notre Dame, Kansas, West Virginia Pending: Attending: GSU Comments: Rough cycle, but happy with GSU. What would you have done differently? Well, Can't go 5 years back in time! If I could, would have changed everything!
  2. To me, the placements at GSU are better. However, many highly rate NCSU because of its close proximity to Duke and UNC. I would like to know in which fields they are respectively superior. Why one should pick NCSU over GSU? (I am asking this because I am leaning toward GSU.)
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