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  1. Hi UNC Chapel Hill has extended OB offers. Don't know about other programs.
  2. Hi, five rejections in a week sure sounds rough. Just wanted to remind you that this has been a rough year. One program that rejected me only took one out of over 80 applicants. Keep that in mind and look at rejections not as it being because of your qualifications, but rather that there are a lot of great candidates and that timing might be an issue. Keep your chin up and continue chasing your dreams!
  3. I would think so. Did you ask them about "next steps" or what to expect from the timeline during your interview? In a recent final interview this is the timeline I got: 1 week to finish interview all final candidates 1 week for the recruiting committee to come together, discuss, and select 1 week for bureaucratic internal process for the school to approve offers. This leads up to three weeks total of waiting time within a timeframe that makes sense. My recommendation would be to always make sure to ask for next steps, decision timelines, etc. More information = less anxiety. Hope that helps!
  4. U of Washington has reached out to their shortlist for OB. I haven't heard anything regarding Michigan State yet.
  5. Hey! Has anyone heard from Maryland or UNC's Organizational Behavior programs?
  6. I'd say for most programs offers won't be coming till late this month. I had an interview on Wednesday with a program who said it would take about three weeks for decisions to be sent due to the following timeline: 1st week --> finish interviews with all candidates 2nd week --> Faculty and Program directors review candidate profiles and make decision 3rd week --> University bureaucracy required for offers to be internally approved prior to being sent Thus, I think the best for now is to value the interviews you've had, focus on the good things that came out of them and armor yourself with patience to deal with the anxiety!
  7. I also applied to Michigan, Maryland, Washington, and Emory. I haven't heard from any of them. The one interview invite for Michigan on gradcafe was posted yesterday, so still crossing fingers that they didn't send them all yet. Additionally, I just got an email from Maryland saying they just started the application review process...so it looks like their communications will be forthcoming in February. I think a lot of schools are on the same boat. Thus, I would say we just need to be a bit more patient and wait to get more responses over the next couple of weeks!
  8. I heard back from the Terry College of Business at UGA.
  9. I heard back from the Terry College of Business at UGA.
  10. I heard from Booth to expect a slower timeline than in years past because they received more applications than on a usual year and it is taking them longer than usual to go through them. So best to do right now is to wait and try to manage our anxiety! I applied to 14 schools for Management/OB and have only heard back from one of them (have an interview next week).
  11. Just submitted my 14th and last application. Feel like I just got rid of a huge burden...which now has been replaced by the anxiety of hearing back from schools. Good to know this forum exists to jointly keep us all in good spirits.
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