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Preparing for Verbal section (RC & CR - GMAT), considering LSAT?


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I have seen some people recommending to study for the LSAT to improve the RC & CR sections in the GMAT.


Presently I'm not living in the U.S. for a couple of months and would like to start studying material for the LSAT exam.


Any good websites you could recommend? or Online material I could purchase?

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If you're going to use LSAT materials to prepare, keep in mind that many LSAT CR questions require knowledge of formal/deductive reasoning (e.g., If we know the conditional "If A then B" we can further conclude that "If not B then not A")


Note: The questions are not worded this way, but they will require you to create similar summaries.


This level of logic is not required for the GMAT, so when you come across questions involving deductive logic, you can probably skip them.




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well, i solved the LSAT CR and RC for the first time i took GMAT. what i feel is that the answers have a pattern in LSAT. in one reading you can identify the correct answer, but in GMAT, the CR's answer choices are somewhat vague. sometime you may get lost, however you have to choose one answer from them. may be i am wrong. but, after coming from test center for the first time, i felt that if i want to sit for GMAT i should practise GMAT question not anyother.
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I think practicing LSAT questions is valuable for studying for the GMAT, but it is important to not only study LSAT questions. I took the LSAT before the GMAT and I think it prepared me well for RC and SC, however there were times when it hurt me, because my LSAT prep caused me to overthink some easy GMAT questions and get them wrong. So it is important to use LSAt material only as practice for higher level questions and still do a lot of practice with GMAT questions as well.
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