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How to check the status of moderation process and revise and resubmit my post?


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I've tried to publish a post but it is under moderation. I don't know how to check the status. In fact, I cannot even see the post in my personal account. I apologize that the formatting for my post was a bit substandard. How to check the status of moderation process and revise and resubmit my post?


By the way, since I am interested in both Econ and B-School PhD, are we allowed to publish two related posts under the two sub-forum? I was just submitting the posts and I apologize for any inconvenience if this is not allowed by our forum rules.

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It took a while, but I created a test account to see what happens on your end.


Unfortunately, the forum software doesn't have a way for you to view your 'status' while you're waiting for your post to be approved. It also appears that you don't have access to it while it's in the moderation queue.


The good news is that this shouldn't happen too much; the moderation process occurs mostly with new members or with spammy posts (with email addresses, URLs in them, etc.).


And I personally am okay with 'cross-posting' something in different forums, but you may want to ask the moderators of those forums, as they may have a particular way they want things done.

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