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  1. keep fulbright scholarship just because of its prestige i have fulbright also from Turkey they really help alot in any case and their support dont end after going to us. you will always have some to ask for help if you are a fulbrighter... good luck
  2. woow i see a bell shape :D in the distribution of the votes mean :financial economics variance: macroeconomics to econometrics :D 0
  3. i dont know anyway we will see :D 0
  4. MS EE on wait too i think results are not out so lets keep our hopes :)
  5. i dont think so now since a professor whom I am in contact told me to check for new news after 2nd of april. if all decisions had been made he would have replied me instantly so don't lose your hope... see u at gatech hopefully ;)
  6. i thought that "decisions" was decisions of me i mean which schools i "decided to apply" but u meant "decisions" of the schools meaning that which schools "decide to admit" me :) lol :) anyway GRE: Q: 800 V: 330 AWA: 4.0 TOEFL: 253 W:4.5 GPA: 3.87/4.0 B.S. EE from Hacettepe University,Turkey No papers My Graduation project was exhibitted in the name of Hacettepe University in CeBIT'05 Internship at Turkey's biggest military electronics company I ranked 1st both in the engineering faculty (among about 400 ppl) and in the department (among about 90 ppl) (my GPA was the second highest GPA of all times in my department's ~30-year history) 0
  7. no no i just applied for them i am still waiting for their decisions that was my first admit :) but of course if gatech wants me i want it also :) 0
  8. Georgia Institute of Tech. Virginia Tech. Rutgers
  9. "Ayazoglu, Mustafa: Mustafa received an official admission to Northeastern University. Deadline: April 21. Reporting date: August 28, 2006. A 16-credit tuition award has been awarded to Mustafa (approx. $15,120). 16 credits is considered full time and total estimated cost was based on 16-credit tuition. It takes 32 credits to obtain a MS degree. Mustafa’s academic advisor would be Dr. ***************" so? :doh:0
  10. I have heard some admits from BU econ but for MS i dont know PhD status
  11. harvard is better reputed if harvard was one of them would you choose harvard if i were you i wouldnt. choose the top ranked one0
  12. will they reject me :( no news from ECE by the way r u Turkish tugyanalper?
  13. no news from northeastern for me as an MS EE aplicant by the way is it a positive thing to have a letter of recomendation from whom graduated from Northeastern (got her MS and PhD degrees from NEU) in an another forum i have seen somebody saying that NEU results are out at least for ECE lets see...
  14. No result out of 4 i am really bored. Checking my email with new hopes every day and seeing Inbox(0) is really sad.
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