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  1. Hey Vipul, Congrats for the wonderful admit. You will definitely enjoy it. Jaideep
  2. Cornell would be my choice simply bcoz it will save me one year. This also means there is no way you would be able to do research with any faculty and might work against you in future if you wanna do PhD. CONGRATULATIONS for the great admits. Jaideep
  3. Hi, Given a chance I would have selected Penn state. My reason for doing so 1) Better school overall which makes this easier for me in the long run. 2) Bigger and better usually equals more exposure for overall development 3) Quality of students around you is more competitive 4) More money to spend ;) CONGRATULATIONS !!! for the offer. Can you please let us know your acads and things that you think affected your admission in Penn state. Jaideep
  4. Hey Sumanth, CONGRATULATIONS !!! Indeed Cornell is a nice place to start. Best of luck. Jaideep
  5. Hey Wood, CONGRATULATIONS !!!. I owe you guys a big one. Thanks for all the help. Jaideep
  6. Hey dionysus, CONGRATULATIONS for the great admit. CMU ACO program is very competetive, I hope you get in. Best of luck. cheers, Jaideep
  7. Dear All, I havent heard anything (positive) from the schools till now and doubt I will get into the schools I applied :(( (poor by more than 1000$ ). Can anybody suggest some other schools which have late deadlines or other computer science/operation research deaprtments I can apply to. Any help is highly appreciated. Jaideep
  8. No news is a good news. Give them a call and you will know for sure. Most probably I am rejected since the guy over there said he cant find my name in the admission list. I dont know about the update and other stuff but I guess if you are in states then you should get the letter in a week from now. I would again recommend calling them up for uptodate information. Jaideep
  9. Any ideas about Purdue. Wisconsin Madison decisions have been made and results mailed. University of California, Davis --- Decisions made University of California, Santa Barbara --- By the end of this week Jaideep
  10. Hey Karteek, CONGRATUALTIONS !!! CMU rocks .... Whats your undergrad institute. Jaideep
  11. Linda its simply amazing to hear the good news. CONGRATULATIONS !!! Jaideep
  12. Hey Vipul, Thats a good observation really lightened up my spirits. I am sure Albaled will appreciate that too. Keep the hope Alive ............... Jaideep
  13. Hey Nonevent, CONGRATULATIONS !!! It was fun to work with you and hope we will meet in future too. Best of luck for your graduate school. Jaideep
  14. Hey Johny, CONGRATULATIONS !!! Brown appears in the top 50 ranking if I am not wrong. Please let us know your stats. Thanks, Jaideep
  15. CONGRATULATIONS !!! PSU is really a good school. I believe co-curricular activities always help and you have just proved it right. Jaideep
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