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  1. Man you studied everything under the sun !! you deserved this score :)
  2. These are the two best threads from Clintonn which will give you all the deep insights on quant scoring http://www.www.urch.com/forums/gmat-problem-solving/54297-just-finished-another-gmatprep-quant.html (very good discussion here and inputs) http://www.www.urch.com/forums/gmat-problem-solving/53548-got-50-quant-gprep-six-incorrect.html Hope that helps you and others as well ;)
  3. I have read that news on TOI and it's one of the crappiest news I've ever read. I thought of writing to the chief editor of the TOI to not to allow such poor quality news figuring up in their newspaper. It looks like the writer of the article doesn't even know ABC of GMAT. Please don't buy this article.
  4. Your score ALSO depends upon the toughness level of questions you attempt.
  5. Personally I don't like these books, apart from one on number theory, other ones are way beyond GMAT Quant
  6. 800Bob, Thanks for your 1500 informative pearls on TM [clap][clap]
  7. IMO E, In C "made use for old pieces" : for is incorrect
  8. IMO B In A "in recent months" seems to be a sort of misplaced modifier
  9. Wow, I missed TM for sometime. That is awesome score !! and thanks for all your help during my preparation :)
  10. Got my awa score 5.5 but, I got the same in previous attempt also :D
  11. I also read about the book here Amazon.com: The Official Guide for GMAT Review: Graduate Management Admission Council (GMAC): Books Supposed to be released by 16 march ;)
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