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  1. Hey, in short reading comprehension , author usually puts their point in the first sentence. See the first sentence, and the topic is about online education. And the rest of the part is just details. So the correct answer is D. C is too specific to be correct answer.
  2. Hey , manhattan reading comprehension guide is very good for RC. And reading comprehension section of 5 lb book is perfunctorily written; I dont suggest it for Rc. If you need tons of practice materials for rc, visit gmatclub; you will find lots of materials there!! Good luck!!!
  3. Hey tealbliss, thanks for the question and it is nice question.!! First thing, the order doesn't matter here. I am explaining why?.. The order is not about picking how many girls, it's about who are picked!! Suppose we have 8 girls and we will pick 3 of them. Suppose Jenny, Jacklin, Michelia are of them. Now if choose 3 ; lets take Jenny, Jacklin, Michelia. Now what about if we choose Michelia, Jenny, Jacklin!! Does it make difference??No : we are picking the same three girls !!! That's why the order does not matter here!! Hope you got that!!
  4. Hi, We are asked to get the maximum number of things within a fixed amount of money. To get the maximum number of products, we have to maximize the number of products of lowest price. For 1: cheaper price is 2$ and we have to buy the products exactly with 25$. 25/2=12.5 , If we buy 12 pair brand X socks, 12*2=24, we have 1$ left. But that cant be happened!! If we buy 11 pair brand X socks 11*2=22, we have left 3$ buy which we can buy a pair of brand y socks. So total 11+1 =12 pair Answer:12(D) For 2: similar to the 1st one: 65/3=21+something...., so 21*3=63, 2$ left; so it is not acceptable!! next,20*3=60, 5$ left, we can not buy Product B with 5 $ ;so it is not acceptable 19*3=57$, 8$ left by which we can buy 2 package of B, so total 19+2=21(E)
  5. Hi, It looks like this is from Princeton review, right? Actually C is trap answer here. Actually the opposite angles of equal sides of a triangle are equal.(mind it of a Single triangle) Here in the first case two sides are equal but that are from different triangle(AD from ADB triangle, DC from BDC triangle); so that formula will not work here. For the second case, both sides are from a single triangle. So, the formula works here!!!!!!!
  6. The two words you mentioned in the list are very common gre words. So I assume that you should work little bit in vocab. I think you can have look to manhattan essential and advanced vocab of 1000 words!! These words are very essential and try to learn the context of the words too. you can also find this words in quizlet too.
  7. And also, you can check the solutions of manhattan mst math , then find out what was your mistakes!!
  8. Hey, All I can say you should sort out what types of mistakes you are doing: is it silly mistake or you have not mastered the concepts required to solve the math you answered incorrectly. Next, you have to improve the weak areas of yours. Always try to read the question critically and use different types of strategies. And the most important thing is to be confident!!!
  9. Well did you register with 'Anagha ponnathapura' as your first name? It would better if you would register with:Anagha( first name) ,ponnathapuraYogindra(surename); mind it you can't keep space between your surname parts in the gre registration as it is not allowed. The best thing you can call your local gre center and inform about your details!!!
  10. gbd97

    GRE: New

    Well, I can't say much about Toefle, but for gre, it is safe to take it at least 1 month before your application submission date to your desired university!!!! Hope it helped!!
  11. gbd97

    GRE: New

    Start with Manhattan books (all of them 1-8) and start vocab too. Here is the book lists: All ets official guide: 1. ETS official guide 2 2.ETS paperbased guide 1 and 2 3.Big book gre guide(old material) 4.PowerprepII Manhattan GRE MST 6 practice test Verbal: 1.Manhattan gre reading comprehension guide 2.Cracking the new gre, 2013(strategy) 3.Manhattan basic and advanced wordlist 4.Manhattan Text completion guide 5.Gmat official guide 2013 (for Reading comprehension and Critical reasoning) Quantitative: 1.Manhattan gre guide 1-6 2.Ets official guide 2 3.Gmat official guide 13th edition( for advanced quantitative practice) 4.5 lb book of gre practice problem 5.beathegmat.com forum( there are lots of rc, quant practice and strategy as well as RC strategy by Various instructors)
  12. As far I am concerned Manhattan mst has the best practice test available after Ets powerprep! So they are very representative of real GRE, but nobody beats official test(powerpre) which I think much better representative.
  13. Hey, when you are posting different question, post in new thread!! We are informed that a,b,c,d are positive integers less than 7, that means each of these can be between 1 to 6 Lets pick a=2, so a(7)^3=2*343=686, now lets pick b=3, so 3(7)^2=3*49=147, lets pick c=6, 6*7=42, a+b+c=686+147+42=875, that means d= 26 which is not acceptable! So now lets try different numbers: Lets pick a=2, so a(7)^3=2*343=686, now lets pick b=4, so 4(7)^2=4*49=196, , a+b=686+196=882, so we have left 901-882=19, so c must be= 2 ; 2*7=14 and d must be 5 so we got a=2,b=4,c=2,d=5, a+b+c+d=2+4+2+5=13 (THAT IS C) I hope someone else give you a more smarter way to solve this!!
  14. Hey We can use formula of Slope, (Ysub1-Ysub2)/(Xsub1-Xsub2) Slope of line which goes through (-1,1) and (1,3)= (1-3)/(-1-1)=-2/-2=1 Slope of line which goes through (-1,1) and (2,3)= (1-3)/(-1-2)=-2/-3=2/3 So Our range for slope of the line is between 1 and 2/3(.66) a. 2/4=1/2=.5 OUT OF OUR RANGE b. 3/5=.6 OUT OF OUR RANGE c. 3/4=.75 In our range, thus CORRECT!!!!
  15. Zero is even (not odd, not neutral) Zero is neither positive nor negative Zero is an integer Zero is not a prime number
  16. hey first thing first! This is not probability, this is combinatorics! If you are familiar with this concept, then it is fine. If not, check manhattan book or any other materials. WE can select 3 girls from 8 girls = 8!/3!5!=8*7*6/3*2*1=56 ways WE can select 2 boys from 3 boys = 3!/2!1!=3*2/2=3 ways WE can select 1 adult from 1 adult = 1 ways so total= 56*3*1 ways=168 ways
  17. I think you already explained it, yet you are not still understanding it, I will explain in a similar way ::: oil: vinegar: water= 2:1:3 total amount of oil : total amount of vinegar : total amount of water= 2x : x : 3x (lets assume) so total amount of mixture possible=2x+x+3x=6x so You can see , maximum amount of vinegar is 1/3 cup, so x=1/3 Now replace x=1/3, so total amount of mixture possible=6x =6*(1/3)=2 (THATS THE ANSWER) STILL CONFUSED?
  18. I think the name issues in GRE aroused from the misinterpretation or negligence to read ETS instruction!! It is quite simple. If you have more than 2 name parts, then what you have to do is: Suppose name is Gilian Adlof Spears assumed that Gilian Adlof your first name and, Spears is last name than, in ETS you should register: GilianAdlof (first name without space) Spears (surname) And Rachna s, you are right in that way.
  19. Hey,can you provide the question with answer choices???
  20. Hey ddang, my first suggestion for you would be to stay away from that teachers. Btw, Reading comprehension is very likely to be improvable; don't worry about what your over-smart teacher said. You need to just some strategic plan. And, off course , you need practice to apply the strategy you learned. visit the following link; I have compiled the basic of rc. IMPORTANT link for Reading comprehension ~ EXPLORE GRE Best of luck.
  21. btw, You might not like this formula, there is another way around: as AB=BC=CD and CE II BF II AG (as you can see they are parallel ) so, DE=EF=FG SIMILARLY, AG= 3 CE NOW LET, CE=b, DE=h, so area of CDE, (1/2)*b*h=42, so bh=84 now area of ADG=(1/2)*AG*DG=(1/2)*3b*3h=(9/2)*bh=(9/2)*84=378
  22. Hey , actually this is a formula of similar triangle!! Area of similar triangle 1/ Area of similar triangle 2=(side of similar triangle 1)^2 / (side of similar triangle 2) ^2
  23. yeah, it will be great if you provide full passage and the questions!!
  24. For vocab, read online materials (like, new yorker, nytimes,, etc) and go to quizlet.com , search gre words/ 1000 gre words, you will get lots of vocab For RC( reading comprehension) , buy manhattan reading comprehension guide and go to gmatclub.com, lots of RC For TC and SE, buy manhattan tc and se guide, 5 lb practice problem, and off course, visit my blog for strategy..
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