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  1. Haha great, I like the consistency of these responses. Thanks guys.
  2. I'm most interested in Macro. Most people have told me that Minnesota is stronger in Macro, but Wisconsin is stronger in anything empirical, and both places are very cold. I hear people without strong empirical skills have a hard time on the job market. Both have given me similar financial packages. I just... don't know.
  3. I got an email from JHU! The sent it in the late morning and wanted to have a conversation over the phone within the next couple of hours.
  4. Oi, I think my decision is going to come down to Minnesota and Wisconsin. I'm leaning Minnesota.
  5. Yikes, Columbia and NYU both coming out today--the two schools I was waiting on. Today could be a very disappointing day! D:
  6. It happened in November. I had started the application process early. I think they switched systems about a month before the deadline, something like that.
  7. Got the same email from UCLA. They were the school that switched systems in the middle of the application process, right? Had to have my letter-writers resend their letters. Argh.
  8. Still waiting. There's a lone rejection on GC, which seems strange. :hmm:
  9. I got an acceptance from UWM this morning. It did not mention needing to go through more applications, like it had in the previous emails. :\
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