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  1. Hi, I made an error while applying for Texas State Pharmacy License. I applied for Licensure by Reciprocity instead of Licensure by Examination. Thus I paid $255 instead of $103. Can I get the refund?
  2. The Results are out. Came out November 27 (a day before Thanksgiving).
  3. Hi Ify. I sent you a private message. The exam is fast approaching. I haven't even commenced intensive reading. But I'll catch up hopefully.
  4. Maybe you will need to check your spam. I sent it to your gmail (gra***est@gmail.com)
  5. No you can't. You have to write the TOEFL exam within the States
  6. Hi, were you able to find any online class?
  7. Me too. I hear it's pretty tough. So need to start ontime.
  8. Hi Ify. I'm also Nigerian but I'm writing on 1st October. Perhaps we can share ideas while studying for the exams. Can we?
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