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  1. Hi Everyone, sorry to chime in between all of the anxious applicants - I do feel your pain and remember the stressful time of applications well, even though most has been repressed by now :) I am asking because I am trying to get an idea of how funding beyond year 5 is handled at other universities. We are currently trying to take the fight for 6th year funding to the higher ups of our institution again and are looking for some information on how this is handled elsewhere. I would be appreciative if some of you could give me an idea of the following at your institution: 1. Does your school fund students beyond year 5? 1. If so, everyone? Selectively? Where does the money come from (professor's research budget? previously allocated to phd students?) 2. How do students typically go about retrieving funding after theirs runs out? Savings? TAing? Grants? 3. Have you tried bringing this up at your institutions? Successfully? What was the feedback? 4. And if you could give me an idea of the type of institution you are at (without doxxing yourself, obviously, feel free to share as much/little as you are comfortable with), that would be helpful for me to frame the argument for our program. Also, if you know of schools that fund regularly (or even officially) beyond year 5, I would highly appreciate the information. Thanks everyone and best of luck to all the applicants.
  2. Yeah that’s been my experience so far as well. And while it’s better than nothing to hear from friends who go there for project-based jobs, I imagine that the experience consultants make in certain places is not necessarily representative of what most people would think ;) Yeah that’s better than nothing. I’ll have to ask around a bit. Most of my information has been coming from listservs
  3. I’ve mostly been looking at these to see if people have discussed certain cities/areas and what living situation professors can afford there. A lot of this can be found elsewhere online obviously, but after wading through all of the negativity on there, it can be nice to get somebody’s perspective on a city/area that is in a very similar situation to us and doesn’t “just” have the general take. You mentioned other places where people look for jobs online: which sites, aside from the disciplinary associations, are you referring to here?
  4. Thanks Yas. Yeah I know, I wasn’t necessarily looking to make friends on there. Just trying to see if people actively discuss jobs or other things online somewhere
  5. Hey all, I was wondering whether there are forums out there for business school PhDs and professors that aren‘t aimed at PhD applicants anymore. I’m thinking of forums comparable to econjobrumors.com or socjobrumors.com if any of you should be familiar with the two. Would really be cool to find something more suitable for our position. Thanks :)
  6. I can only second what the others said here. You really need to look at what you want to study. My school fits AppInfo’s description as well and might be top10 regarding some specialties, but probably wouldn’t be a good fit for people who want to study different things. Management/OB is just super broad. Have you thought about what type of research you want to do, as in micro/psych/OB, Macro/soc/OT, or do you want to do the more interdisciplinary general management research? If you let us know what kind of research you envision in a bit more detail, we might be able to help.
  7. I can only second Brazilian! Look this really depends on what you want to do. I have found that, especially for OB, it is hard to get a whole lot from the rankings. The first question you have to ask yourself is what type of OB you want to do (all schools have different names for this btw). Do you want to do OB/micro/psych research or OT/macro/soc, or are you more interested in the very interdisciplinary management approaches? What broad topic areas are you interested in? Try to figure out which schools have multiple(!) people doing research in the area and then try and see how those people compare to the general ranking of the department. Some schools have great people for your specific interest even though they wouldn't be regarded very strongly in the general OB sub-field. Chicago for example hasn't been taking students into their OB program for the last few years. Yale might look to be really far down the line in some of the rankings, but they are great when it comes to work on networks. MIT would be the perfect place if you want to do sociological work on hiring. Stanford is probably the safest bet of those schools as I've only heard great things about the OB faculty and since they have quite a wide focus as well. Harvard on the other hand is obviously extremely well known, but stories tend to surface that students are often left to fight on their own (some people might thrive in that environment, just be aware of it). Wharton, Columbia and NYU are great management schools that often take more interdisciplinary approaches. If you let us know what type of research you're looking at, we might be able to point you towards some names. TL;DR: Find research your interested in and look where those professors are. From there on make your way towards personalized rankings.
  8. @cilantrophy: that’s awesome. Congratulations. It looks like an amazing program. I’m macro. Pretty sure that not a lot has happened on the macro side yet, at least if you haven’t interviewed together with them, that is. But I’ll take any info I can get. Congrats again on the offer. Go celebrate
  9. Just saw the Stanford OB info on thegradcafe. Anybody know if both micro and macro have been through the process? Did they interview together? Thanks :)
  10. Has Sloan sent out anything for any program yet? It's been pretty quiet on their front. (Plus hearing from then would make my decision a lot easier haha)
  11. Notification Type: Skype Interview Institution Name: INSEAD Concentration Applying to: OB Date of Notification: Feb/05/2018 Type of Notification (e.g., email, phone, snail mail): Email Additional Comments: prepare comments on two papers
  12. Just go and ask. Most professors appreciate students that take the initiative and reach out to them. They might very well not have any funds to currently pay for a research assistant, but they might know someone that does. If you haven't done extensive research before you probably won't start working on the analysis of their projects, nor will you end up as a co-author. But if things go right, they might have some more menial tasks for you to start out with and will introduce you to more and more interesting tasks once you've proved yourself. Just ask, worst thing that could happen is that they say no.
  13. Hey all, So I just got invited for a campus visit from one of my reach schools (suuuper excited) and am kind of wondering what to expect and, more importantly, how to prepare. I've had a quick chat with one of the professors and he told me that they're inviting a few more people than they have spots. It sounds like they day is going to be filled with campus tours, meeting grad students, and meeting several professors. Is there any advice those of you more familiar with the process can give? What do I need to be prepared for? I assume I should know about the research of the faculty members I end up meeting and I probably should have a few questions prepared. Anything else? What kind of questions are good to ask? What questions do those of you already enrolled wish you would have asked back then? I keep telling myself that it's also a chance for me to get to know the place and the faculty their, but I am currently too worried about getting in that I'm just thinking about how to increase my chances of admission. Sorry for the lose collection of thoughts. My excitement may have gotten the better of me here. Hope some of you might chime in with some thoughts. I'd really appreciate anything you can think of. TL;DR: Looking for things to think of/prepare for campus visit
  14. Question for those more familiar with the process: what does it mean for me if I see that a school/program I have applied to has started to send out interview invites and I did not receive one? I mean it’s obviously not ideal, but do schools generally send all interview invititations out at once or is there still hope that one might get one later? Thanks :)
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