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  1. ARCO has a really good preparation book. You should also read an intro to psychology text book. I have not taken the test yet. I applied to programs that did not require the exam. I was accepted into two Masters in Counseling programs. I will be attending Arizona State University this fall. I may elect to take the Psychology GRE Test towards the end of my Masters Program.;)
  2. Congrats Wood. I take Rutgers accepted you into their PhD in CS? Well I am happy. I have been accepted into Arizona State's Masters in Counseling and I am waitlisted at University of Minnesota's PhD in Child Psychology. My mentor graduated from Minnesota and he has put in a strong word for me. Are you re-studing the GRE? Best of Luck, Wood
  3. Wood, I only applied to 5 programs due to my financial strain. 2 PhD - Rejections (University of Denver & ColoState) 1 PhD - Minnesota (Still Waiting) 2 Masters - Arizona State & Northern Arizona (Still Waiting) How are you doing?
  4. I am not Latin American. But I know many successful Latins who have completed their PhD. You should apply through Project 1000. It is a service to help minorities get into Grad School. Psyoutlaw
  5. If you contact the department chair. He/She will explain why you were not accepted. Psyoutlaw
  6. I would personally retake the GRE to increase your scores. They are too low along with your GPA. Psyoutlaw
  7. Results are delivered standard mail. You will know if you are rejected or accepted. Psyoutlaw
  8. Vrce: What program did you apply to at the University of Colorado at Boulder? I applied to Boulder & Colorado State University. Did you apply to a Masters or Doctoral program? You should hear something by early March. Good Luck! Psyoutlaw
  9. You should just reapply next year. I know that it sounds harsh. But you need to look over all materials several times before you send materials out. Psyoutlaw
  10. I think that the chances are very slim. Maybe if a couple professors share an applicants credentials amongst themselves. This applicant would have to have unique scores. Don't worry about this. Psyoutlaw
  11. Stick to the format that they have issued. If you deviate in any way they may view that as a flaw on your part. Psyoutlaw
  12. Most professors are extremely busy conducting their own research that they may not want to pursue a research topic that they are not familiare with. If you research is closely related to theirs and you have done a lot of research on what you are studying. Then you will need to summarize what you have learned and want to study and present a synopsis to a professor and see what they say. Psyoutlaw
  13. The average GRE scores for Masters in Education are: Verbal = 452 Quant = 514 I would not worry too much about your scores. Masters in Education programs are not too competitive. Just apply to dream schools and other programs where you think you could get in easily. I know Arizona State's Masters in Education does not require the GRE. But you may have to have a 3.0 GPA. I would not worry too much. Psyoutlaw
  14. Retake and try to get at least a 500 on the Verbal. Psyoutlaw
  15. Ouch :o, that GPA will most likely keep you out of PhD programs. You will need to apply easy Masters programs and do well with your graduate study and thesis. And then apply to a PhD program. You need to demonstrate that you can do graduate work first. Psyoutlaw
  16. I agree. You have a great chance at getting into a program. Don't be afraid to apply to Ph.D. programs too. Psyoutlaw
  17. Eagle, Actually I am pulling out my hair right now. I have had to pick up letters or rec. and I am sending the final part of my application overnight to ensure that it arrives in time. The statement was the hardest thing to do. It takes a lot of thought, feedback, and patience as you allow things to come to you. I have had countless drafts and I have came a long way in preparing an effective statement. Write your statement and then submit it online (TestMagic), and then make the necessary corrections based upon the feedback that you receive. Also purchase: Graduate Admissions Essay by Donald Asher. This book is excellent and it gave me tons of ideas. I am glad to finally have a convincing SOP. Now I can just relax and wait until the spring to receive letters. Best Wishes, Psyoutlaw:cool:
  18. I would elaborate on your strenghts and weaknesses. Give more of an emphasis on your strengths and less on your weaknesses. Allow your weaknesses to be possibly your lack of experience or training, lack of research, etc. Obviously your weaknesses should be what your ultimately wnat to achieve by attending business school. Allow your strenghts to be your publications, work experience, etc. Psyoutlaw
  19. Hello Eagle: How is everything going? Basically if you waive your right, after your application is reviewed your recommendation letter will be destroyed. You will not be able to read what a recommender wrote about you. But if you do not waive your right you can read what a recommender wrote about you. I have a great relationship with all of my recommenders and I know that if I wanted to see what they wrote about me, they would show me. But I just chose to waive my right out of respect. They know that I trust them. You can always ask a professor what he/she prefers. Psyoutlaw
  20. Vinay, Are you applying to Arizona State's PhD in CS? I have heard that they have an excellent program. Psyoutlaw
  21. You can do that to a certain extent. Most programs usually ask you for information to include in your Statement of Purpose. The following are necessities: 1) how you became interested in your field and from whom you received encouragement to continue your work in graduate school; 2) the aspects or specific problems in your area of specialization that interest you most at this point; 3) a brief description of any participation in research, or employment that might be relevant to your application; 4) the specific factors that led you to apply to a program; 5) an acknowledgement of your outstanding strengths and weaknesses (including specific skills, special talents or aptitude that you think will contribute to your success as a graduate student; 6) the kind of work you see yourself doing seven or eight years after you get your degree; and 7) your signature.[/blue][/b]
  22. The sooner you take the GRE the better. You don't want to jeopardize your application by receiving your GRE scores late. Being late can result in your application being rejected. Psyoutlaw
  23. Wood: Actually Psychology is listed under either Social Sciences or Arts & Sciences. Humanities is a whole different area of study:p. How is your application profess going? Psyoutlaw
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