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  1. The Rady School of Management (UC San Diego) is seeking applicants to the fully funded PhD program in Management, Economics and Strategy concentration. Students will have the opportunity to work on exciting research in behavioral, health, and education economics field experiments, and work closely with faculty thanks to the small student : faculty ratio. This is a small but growing program that affords close mentoring from great faculty (including Uri Gneezy, Marta Serra, Sally Sadoff, and Anya Samek) and access to the resources of both the business school and the Economics department. UCSD has a vibrant research community and San Diego is a beautiful place to live. Students can learn more and apply here (deadline is Jan 5): https://apply.grad.ucsd.edu/departments/rady-school-of-management#management-rs79
  2. Hey everyone, You hear a lot about the big four Canadian Econ depts (UBC, UoT, Queens, Western) but not a lot about those depts that are immediately outside of the big four. So it’d be great if we can share the strengths (and weaknesses) of these supposedly second tier unis. Also, what Canadian Econ depts have strengths in behavioral economics? And are there renowned faculty who specialize in behavioral economics in Canada? Thanks and hope this helps many others!
  3. I’m sorry if this is the wrong place, I may have misread the rules. I’m going into my senior year at a small liberal arts university in Boston, and I’m beginning the process of applying to graduate programs, with the intention of starting an Economics PhD next fall. I’ve always wanted to be a college professor, and a career in academia, but I spent too much of my undergrad debating between philosophy or economics, so now I’m well behind on math. I will not finish the calc sequence until next semester, and am only taking linear algebra this semester, as a senior. I do have 2 semesters of econometrics, and have all As in the last 7 economics classes (including 4 400 level) and all the math/stats classes I have taken, as well as a 3.86 gpa and a 166Q 162V 5.5AWA GRE. I also have 1 semester of RA experience with a local think tank, and was hired to assist my stats professor this semester as she works on a textbook, and will be a teaching assistant for applied Micro Economics. I’m trying to find programs, specifically ones with a behavior economics focus, despite my limited math background. My dream would be U Chicago or Stanford, but I assume they're not even worth applying to. Right now I’m aiming for UCSB, and UCLA as reach schools, and George Washington as a more reasonable chance. Location means little to me, I care more about the education, and am aware I wouldn't have much time outside of my studies anyway. I’m having trouble finding other schools that don’t require linear algebra by application deadline, and don’t expect real analysis (I just can’t fit it in before graduation), and the professors Im close with are telling me I should aim to apply to 9-12 programs, if I want to maximize my chances of getting into a PhD program. Ideally I would like to start a program in the 2019-2020 school year, because I (possibly wrongly) believe I can handle higher level math given the chance. I don't know that I could afford to get a masters, and governmental/ private sector work doesn't much interest me compared to academia, though I understand beggars can be choosers, and I'd be willing to do any of the 3, but its not ideal to me. The professors I am close to are supportive and seem to believe I have a chance, but I fear they may be biased and overestimate my chances because of the friendly relationship we have. Most of the programs they recommend, or have connections to, have math expectations that exceed what I have taken, and some that even exceed what I will complete by graduation. Does anyone know of any PhD programs that might be acceptant of my limited math background? I've heard cases of students being offered acceptance on the grounds they completed prerequisite bridge programs, and I would be open to that. Thanks in advance!
  4. Hi, I am applying for the 2017 admission cycle, and I am focussing on behavioral/ experimental economics for my PhD. I am looking forward to getting through to an Economics PhD program in Europe, and the following is my shortlist for now: University of Zurich, Stockholm School of Economics, Oxford, LSE and Norwegian School of Economics (NHH). The deadlines to most of these places are approaching, which is why I need any feedbacks that you may offer urgently! My profile is as follows: Type of Undergrad: Electrical Engineering, from a top 5 department in India Undergrad GPA: 7.96/10, placed in top 30% of my class. Type of Masters 1: M.A in Economics from top department in India Maths courses: Analysis (68/100), Probability and measure theory (72/100) Linear Algebra (70/100) Econ courses: Game Theory (60/100), Intermediate macro (70/100), intermediate micro (70/100), econometrics (66/100) Masters 1 grades : 63%, in the top 30 percentile of my class. Type of Masters 2: M.Res in Economics from University of Glasgow, UK (the program is new, but taught by professors who are well known). Courses: Intermediate maths (multivariate calculus, Real analysis, linear Algebra etc): A2, intermediate micro A5, intermediate macro A5, Econometrics B1 [ where A1-A5 correlates with 80-100 points in a 100 mark paper, and B1 is just below A5]. Ranked within the top 1-2 students in class. Dissertation: Currently in progress, should be a nice writing sample, not publication level work but promising according to my supervisor. Awards: I have received full University funding for my 2nd masters course. Letters of recommendation : 2 of the most senior professors in my current department, who are well-known in the Econ Theory community, but not behavioral economists. The letters should be quite strong. Research exp: I worked as an RA for 1 year between the two masters degrees listed above, and I am currently collaborating with a professor from the law faculty on a joint paper on internet economics. My dissertation is a paper on internet economics intersecting with IO. Teaching exp: none SOP: Since I shifted my concentration after my undergrad, my first Masters grades were below par. But with my second masters by research I have tried to fill up the gap, and thrown in some research exp in the mix GRE: 168 Q, 164 V, AW 4.0 Research interest: Behavioral/ Experimental econ. Am I aiming too high? Are there any schools, of a similar stature, that I should consider in addition to these? Please note, receiving funding is crucial for me, for example in places like LSE, where quite a few students self fund/ receive external funding. I would love to hear any suggestions/ thoughts that you may have! Thanks a lot
  5. Hi guys, I could really use your help... I plan on applying for a PhD this coming fall, focusing on behavioral economics (and not game theory). I'm finind it really difficult to understand which universities to apply to. It seems like behavioral economists can be found literally anywhere (Marketing, Management, Econ, Business and Psychology). If you can help me by telling me which universities you think I should consider (I'm only considering top 30 universities at the moment), which researchers you know that work in these universities and their departments, or even just strategies for how to figure it out for myself, I will be eternally grateful. Thanks a lot,
  6. Hey everyone! So I know what I want to do in graduate school: model the decision-making process of rational, altruistic agents, also known as Effective Altruists (Effective altruism - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia). However, I'm not sure which programs would be best for this (Behavioral Economics? Decision Sciences like CMU? etc.) Any thoughts on where I should apply would be much appreciated. PROFILE: Type of Undergrad: Neuroscience major/economics minor at flagship state school Undergrad GPA: 3.9 Type of Grad: N/A Grad GPA: N/A GRE: Will be taking this fall. Math Courses: AP Calculus BC (5); Multivariable Calculus (A); Differential Geometry (A); Planning to take Real Analysis and Linear Algebra this fall. Econ Courses (undergrad-level): AP Micro/Macro (5/5); Intermediate Micro (A); Intermediate Macro (A); Econometrics (A); Planning to take Game Theory and Computational Economics this Fall. Other Courses: AP Statistics (5) Letters of Recommendation: 1.) Neuroscience research mentor; leader in his field, is actually moving this fall to become Stanford faculty. I've been told he writes great LoRs! 2.) Neuroscience research mentor; post-doctoral fellow who I work with a lot personally. Not as famous, but knows me very well. 3.) I correspond regularly with two of my previous economics professors who were both graduate students at an Ivy league (I transferred from an Ivy League). One now works at Columbia and the other in Southeast Asia. But I am hoping to find an economics professor to work with this summer and get some direct research experience and have a letter of recommendation from him/her. SOP: I'm applying this upcoming fall. Concerns: I haven't done economics research! My research area so far has been studying risk-taking behavior, so it's more psychology based. I also work with large fMRI data sets. If I can't get enough research experience in time, I can take a gap year and go work somewhere doing economics research. I'd appreciate any thoughts on this. Other: I have near-perfect SAT/ACT scores and expect to do very well on the GRE. I transferred from an Ivy League, and the difference in course requirements is a large part of why I switched to neuroscience when I transferred. But I know I want to study economics in graduate school. Applying to: Unsure.
  7. Any comments, corrections or sugestions are very welcome. I like Mathematical economics, game theory, mathematics, decision and choice theory, probability theory,behavioral economics(theory), logic. I dont like Macroeconomics, Econometrics or even the microeconomic part which has to do with prices, general equilibrium, supply and demand. I have to apply for a phd. I know that a phd is mainly not about courses and more about the research, but i dont feel like i should be taking courses that i dislike and that i wont use in my further academic career when i could be taking courses that i really enjoy. On the other hand applying to a standard economics phd has much more prestige, some times bigger and better faculty and most probably better students to work with. I have the following options: 1.- Programs where i would mainly have courses in what i want: Duke Social and Decision scienc in Fuqua UC Irvine, mathematical behavioral science 2.- Programs that have probably more prestige and are a bit less different than my real interests but still you dont get macro: Northwestern at Kellog(1st year: 3 quarters in standar microeconomics, 2 optimization + 1game theory, 2 econometrics +1decision theory) Caltech(microeconmics, econometrics, political theory, foundations of rationality) Carnegie mellon decision science??? it doesnt say more and it seems to be much more experimental. 3.- The last posibility is to go to a standard very prestigous program in economics with a big economic theory group and swallow most of the courses which i wouldnt like: Standford GSB Princeton Yale NYU Harvard??? What do you think? do you have any comments, any programs i missed? any advices on what i should i choose supposing i had the choice?? Some aditional information on all of this can be found in posts like the following: http://www.www.urch.com/forums/phd-economics/123133-mathematical-behavioral-economics-decision-science.html Thanks!!!!
  8. Newbie poster here. Two and a half years out of my undergrad, I feel slightly undereducated and am looking to further my education. Early stages here, but I'm wondering if I should set my sights on some kind of MBA or if an MS/PhD is worth looking into. I've reached out to former professors for advice to no avail (?!). Anyway I'm in a bit over my head with all the acronyms, abbrev., and so forth on this forum, so go easy on me, dear reader. Here are my stats: Undergrad: University of Wisconsin, BBA in marketing and international business. 3.83 overall GPA. Spring 2011. Haven't yet taken GMAT or GRE but I test well. Since finishing school, I've been working in entertainment (TV production) and, at present, tech (a start-up digital agency; I design and manage mobile web projects and the people who build them). My passion in school was branding because of the way it merged sociology and psych with marketing. For the past year I've been absorbing pretty much anything in that vein that I can get my hands on (Social Psych coursera classes, How We Decide, Nudge, The Social Animal, a bunch of published papers) and have generally become very interested in studying/working in the intersection between behavioral econ, marketing, and social psychology. An MBA doesn't appeal to me tons because I lack an employer who would pay for it and already took a boatload of business classes while getting my undergrad anyway. If I had to take managerial accounting again I don't know what I'd do. Some also say that MBA programs are just forums for business networking--that's not what I'm looking for. I want to dig in. Then again, I feel I lack the research experience and academic background (esp. quantitative--I took basic stats and business-kid Calc at Wisconsin) to get in to a PhD or Master's program. Any advice for a motivated but confused 24 year old? Thanks to any kind soul who made it to the bottom of this.
  9. Hey everyone, I'm planning to apply for PhD programmes, specifically focusing on experimental economics. I've just finished my Masters from a really good Indian university with a GPA of 6.2/9 (it's considered to be a good score here). I just received my official GRE scores and they are: Verbal - 166 Quant - 164 AWA- 3.5 Needless to say, I am very disappointed with my AWA score as it doesn't reflect my writing and analytical abilities. I'm afraid that my score in the other sections will drop if I give the GRE gain as I'm working and I can't allocate much time to studying exclusively. How important is the AWA score in the whole process? Is it possible that my high Verbal score, as well as other aspects of my application can salvage this situation, or should I give the GRE again? I was looking at US schools like Columbia, NYU, Duke, UCSD, UCSB, Pittsburgh, Arizona, Michigan, and European schools like University of Bonn, University of Cologne (I've heard behavioural research scene is very dynamic in Germany), Tilburg, Zurich, Barcelona.
  10. I have been looking at a range of schools in the top 50 economics programs. I am interested in applied research questions with behavioral elements. Usually questions that involve markets (financial markets, auctions, etc.) but also areas that have been affected by different forms of policy and regulation (Environment, energy, industry etc.). I think theory is interesting as well. My ideal school/advisor would have research that spans many different topics answering interesting applied questions and also does some theory projects (more applied though). There is no buzzword for my research interests, which is a problem when looking for well known researchers I would like to study under. Someone interested in macro for example can look through macro subdivisions at top schools, or citations for macro papers. I would really appreciate some suggestions of active researchers at different top 50 programs whose research lines up with my description above. If no economists come to mind, then some schools in general that would be good for my research interests would help. I have been spending way too much time trying to figure this out on my own, so it would save me a lot of stress if you guys could help me out. Thanks!
  11. Hello everyone, I am applying for Ph.D in Econ this year for 2014, however I am having trouble finding a school that fits me. I am interested in behavioral econ, and the only departments that I found so far are NYU, UCLA, Berkley. Moreover out of all the schools only University of Zurich stood out to me the most with their program in neuroeconomics. I am also interested in labor economics, just for safety. I really need advice here, I feel like I am overlooking some schools and departments. Does anyone have an idea?
  12. Any thoughts, corrections and comments in the following are very much appreciated. I want to do a phd and further research and believe that have good qualifications. My interests are Mathematical Economics, Game Theory, Decision Theory, logic, mathematics, foundations of rationality, behavioral economics(theory). I dont like Macro or econometrics or even the micro part that is not the above(supply-demand, general equilibrium...) What Phd and which university would be the best to go to? 1.- There are few programs which seem to concentrarte very closely in ONLY what i want: Duke, Decision Science program in Fuqua UC Irvine, Mathematical Behavioral Science The problem is they are not as prestigious as the top universities. 2.- There are a few programs which seem to be more prestigious and a bit more far to what i want but still close: Caltech, Social Sciences Phd(first year courses: micro, econometrics, political theory, foundations of rationality) Nortwestern MEDS in Kellog(first year: 3quarters micro, 2 econometrics + decision theory, 2 optimization. A lot of faculty in microeconomics) Carnegie Mellon Social and Decision Sciences(doesnt give much info, seems to be flexible but seems to be more experimental) London School of Economics but in the philosophy or mathematics departments???? 3.- There are the top universities in Economics which are very good in economic theory but you get other courses such as macro or other buisness related: Stanford GSB Berkeley Economics NYU Yale Harvard?? Princeton Basically my courses would be things i dont like too much: Macro, econometrics and micro On the other hand i know phd is much more about research and i would be working with someone in what I like afterwards(after all you have to take this courses only for a year), but I feel like this is my phd and its not worthy to study very hard for things i know i dont even like and will never be studying when i could be taking courses that i would really enjoy... What do you think about what i should decide? what do you think about the assesment i made?? am i missing a program? is there any similar program at the top top universities? I feel like i prefer duke or ucirvine but i am very tempted to choose(assuming i was already accepted and had the choice) Northwestern, Caltech, standford or berkeley instead for the prestige... Thank you for any comments for another thread in similar things: http://www.www.urch.com/forums/phd-economics/123133-mathematical-behavioral-economics-decision-science.html
  13. Hello everyone, any help on my profile evaluation & targeting of schools would be much appreciated! I will try to keep my bio as concise as possible, but am happy to provide additional pertinent details if I have left anything out. I am interested in behavioral econ/finance, so I have been looking at programs that range across several business PhD concentrations. My main questions: Do the programs listed below seem in line with my research/career interests? Are there additional programs or professors that I should investigate further? What are similar but less competitive programs to apply to? Interests: My ideal career in 15-20 years would be to write books & lecture about behavioral econ/finance and personal finance. (think Thaler, Bernatzi & Ariely’s books) My research interests are in household/behavioral finance (why we invest/save the way we do, and how that can be altered, such as with the SMarT program), and behavioral economics (the space between theoretical models of humans as rational utility-maximizers vs. reality and the psychological factors that influence our decisions). GRE Stats: 800 Quant, 5 Analytical Writing, 620 Verbal Undergrad (general): Attended Top 20 university, studied econ& math, minored in computational finance and creative writing, graduated recently with GPA of 3.6 Undergrad (research): Designed & conducted field experiment on consumer spending(had 5 RAs, spent hundred of hours collecting data), won best undergrad econ thesis presentation Undergrad (specifics): I have taken a LOT of math and econ classes, with As in Stats & Prob II, Computational Finance (pricing through replication), Continuous Time Finance (stochastic calculus), Econometrics, DiffEq, Matrix Algebra, Algebraic Structures. My big weakness is that I have a C in Real Analysis I and a D in Real Analysis II. I will admit that though I love math, extremely theoretical proof-based math is not my strong suit. I was also a TA for a semester for Multivariate (holding recitations, office hours, grading), and graded for Matrix Algebra for 3 semesters. Other (work & interests): Extensive knowledge of SQL through work, blog about personal finance from a behavioral perspective, read Kiplinger’s and Money magazine for fun. Programs I am considering: Carnegie Mellon: Social and Decision Science PhD Columbia: Economics and Finance PhD Yale SOM: Financial Economics PhD Penn Wharton: Finance PhD CalTech: Social Science PhD Thanks in advance! My main questions: Do the programs listed above seem in line with my research/career interests? Are there additional programs or professors that I should investigate further? What are similar but less competitive programs to apply to? (AKA Please give me a reality check, obviously the programs I listed are extremely competitive)
  14. Hello, this is my intro post to the forum. I am in a MBA candidate at UCLA Anderson who just completed my first year. I have really embraced academia and would like to explore the possibility of getting my PhD in Behavioral Economics. A little bit about me and why I am here: I am interested in studying how human behavior affects economics. I am in my mid-30's a bit older for a PhD program, I realize. I am not interested in a University job or teaching. Rather, I want to work in the field as an expert on the matter. I am likely interested in European Programs as the programs are shorter (I am already in my mid-30's) and because there are strong programs that support the fields I am interested in. My question to the forum are the following: 1. On a general level, do you think I will need to take the GRE's? I am hoping I do not have to study for another standardized test as I am currently in the Anderson program, which requires GMATs. 2. Is there unofficial bias against older PhD candidates? I understand the attrition rate is higher for older applicants. I wanted to get people who are in programs feelings about this matter. 3. What are the top European PhD programs for Behavioral Economics? I have already gone through the forum and noted the schools but the posts seem to be older. I'd like to get a fresh reply on the matter. Thank you!
  15. I am an engineering student( finished 4 semesters of Bachelors in Engineering - comp. sci.) from India. Have great grades and have done 3 research internships with some great organisations in my field of bachelors( computer sci.). I have also published 2 papers in image processing. I have had interest in Behavioral economics but don't know what to do. I want to do a direct PhD through GRE. I have had most of the math courses required but not real analysis. I am trying to study some basic economics courses, all self taught. I am not so financially sound so would also be trying hard for some kind of financial assistance. But I cant get very strong LORs. I can although get two from IISC(indian institute of science - premier research institue in india ) grads, one of whom is very famous in machine learning and economic modelling domain and is a res. prof. at Oklahoma uni.. Other is a research professor at IISc. I will be going to write GRE in my 4th year and want some guidance on how to deal with this situation. Is it possible for me to get admission in any of the top 15 places for beh. eco.. if I do some more internships in Economics related fields? My undergrad gpa so far is 3.88/4. Suggestions needed.
  16. I'm goin to graduate with a major in Economics (BA) from the Unversity of Mumbai sometime this July. I'm planning on applying to the University of Nottingham and Warwick, mainly because they offer 1 year Masters in Behavioral economics which seems really interesting. I have one question peratining to this : is it a good idea to get into these 1 year programs? Consider this : 1) Most reputed Ph.D programs have Late Dec-Early January deadlines for 2013 Fall entry. 2) I'll graduate from the UK in July the following year (2013). 3) In the 3 months that I'll be in the UK till December this year (deadline for Fall '13), is it possible to make such an impact on the advisor or professor such that I'll get an awesome letter of recommendation? This is especially crucial to me since Simon Gachter is at Nottingham and a good LOR from him will ideally see me through into Harvard or Duke or Chicago. If that's not possible, should I go for it anyway even though I'll waste a whole year before I can begin my Ph.D in Fall 2014? This question is really bothering me and I'd totally love some assistance on this. Thanks. And if I'm wrong or mistaken anywhere feel free to correct me.
  17. Hello everybody, I am thinking of seriously pursuing a masters in behavioral economics in Europe. There are almost no programs of this nature here in the USA. However due to some health issues and also partying to much my profile is academically weak. I have a 2.8 but did double major in cognitive science and geography. I however did poorly c in a basic economics class I took. Similarly I got a c+ in calculus. I attend UCLA which is a good school however so hopefully that helps. I have not taken the GRE but scored 2220 on my SAT though that probably doesn't matter. My resume however is very strong for the work world, I have international internships with the worlds best clinical research org quintiles, asia's best HR consulting firm Hewitt, and Indias biggest IT consulting firm Tata consultancy services. I also started a charity and a fraternity. I currently do research at USCs grad school of engineering and have researched at UCLAs anderson grad school of business. I don't know if any of this matters. Do I have any chance of getting into a European program in behavioral econ? I am extremely passionate about it and believe I am more than intelligent enough to master the material. I just was distracted and screwed around to much in college and my grades are not great. Thank you so much! Mac
  18. I referred to this chatter : http://www.www.urch.com/forums/phd-economics/116354-behavioral-psychological-economics-rankings-2.html, and that made me join this forum. i also notice that whatever was said there was said 2 years ago (and therefore out of date?) so im going to ask again - which is the best university (in the US, Canada, EU, UK) to do a masters in behavioral economics from? after much much thought, i have come to the conclusion that i am most interested in behavioral economics when it comes to anything at all in economics.
  19. [h=2][/h] Hey guys, Anyone from Tilburg or other European universities who can tell me how good the behavioral economics programs there are? Thanks :)
  20. Hey guys, Anyone from Tilburg or other European universities who can tell me how good the behavioral economics programs are? Thanks :)
  21. Hey guys, (Note - Already went through the list of schools suggested by posters on this forum, thanks for that guys :-D) I earned my engineering degree in Information Technology after which I am working with a prestigious software firm for the past two years in the banking domain. I would like to pursue my masters/PhD in behavioral economics. 1. Being a graduate in the field of engineering, can I apply for this course straight away without pursuing a masters? (Though most colleges don't stress on this) 2. Can the letters of recommendation be submitted by my employers? 3. Please suggest some good universities based on my profile specified above. And please provide LINKS to the program that you are suggesting. (Link of the college site) Thanks so much in advance. :-D
  22. Hey guys, I earned my engineering degree in Information Technology after which I am working with a prestigious software company for the past two years in the banking domain. I would like to pursue my masters/PhD in behavioral economics. 1. Being a graduate in the field of engineering, can I apply for this course? 2. Can the letters of recommendation be submitted by my employers? 3. Please suggest some good universities based on my profile specified above. Thanks in advance.
  23. Hi guys, I would like to do a PhD in behavioral economics. I found this useful list http://www.www.urch.com/forums/phd-economics/116354-behavioral-psychological-economics-rankings-2.html But can someone please give me more clarity by providing me with the LINKS to the EXACT courses? Also, I am an Information Technology Engineering graduate with 2 years of work ex. Can I directly apply for a PhD? Would really appreciate some inputs from students in this field, people who are currently pursuing these courses or people who have passed out. Thanks so much guys!
  24. Hey guys, Would be glad if I could get some inputs on good Grad courses/Grad schools for behavioral economics, with links. Can I pursue this course after 4 years of engineering and 2 years of work experience? Thanks in advance!
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