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Practice Tests vs. Real GMAT


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Many people ask this, so I've started a thread for it.


Please reply to this topic with your practice test scores. For example :


Real GMAT: 710 (Q48, V40)


PowerPrep: 590 (Q49, V23), 750 (Q50, V40)


GMAT Paper Tests: 730


Kaplan: 690


Princeton Review: 700




Thanks! I hope we get a lot of responses!


Please post ONLY your scores here. If you have other questions, please post them in the right place.



We will have to delete all off-topic posts. Thanks for helping! :)

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desperate for expert advice


Real GMAT: 680 (Q49, V34) on 12/Sep,2003


PowerPrep: 730 on 1/Sep,2003


Kaplan: 680 on 19/Sep,2003


I'm working full time in a company and I have a 10-month baby. Not much time to study. I rebooked test on 10/Oct, 2003. Today I did practice of Kaplan, and I'm very frustrated with the score. It seems that I'm not improving much despite of a lot of practice.


I don't have good access to practice tests. Any good recommendation?

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Don't be frustrated over Kaplan results. My honest opinion is: they're worth nothing. I did the GMAT today with 750 points. Kaplan got me some 600. In fact, I found that some of their answers are wrong, sometimes the underlined part does not match the first answer, etc...


Powerprep crashed while I was working on it. But I got the scores from math which were actually slightly better than todays. Only Powerprep is like the real thing. Kaplan and Princeton seems to be for people who try to get from 500 to 550.

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Real GMAT: 660 (Q47, V35) SO FRUSRTATED!!! :( :( :(


(Actually, got so nervous that slept for only 1,5 hrs the night before the test and had 3 coffees to keep me awake during the test. So, had a problem concentrating.)


PowerPrep: 610 (Q42, V32), 770 (Q49, V48)


Kaplan: 620, 670


Crack-GMAT: 555 (Q34, V23), 670 (Q49, V31), 520 (Q36, V14), 680 (Q49, V33), 670 (Q52, V28)


800score: all above 680. Actually, the quantitative sections are SO EASY that they are no use for any serious practice.


In my opinion, the best practice tests to take are those in PowerPrep and Crack-GMAT. Unlike Kaplan, Crack-GMAT has 5 really distinct tests with not a single question repeating from test to test. Also, the quantitative section in Crack-GMAT has really good examples. So don't miss this one!

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  • 2 weeks later...

Actual GMAT :

First attempt: 590 (Q38, V34)

Second attempt: 700 (Q44, V41)



PP1 (1 month before the test) : 640 (Q42 V35)

Paper test 28 (1 week before the test) : 660 (Q41 V40)

PP1 (repeat) (3 days before the test) : 690 (Q44 V41)

Paper test 32 (2 days before the test) : 710 (Q44 V43)

PP2 (1 day before the test) : 710 (Q48 V40)


I had just begun working on the [tooltip=Official Guide]OG[/tooltip] when I attempted PP1.

By the time I attempted PP1 a second time and PP2, I was halfway through all the sections except RC. The 590 on my (first) actual GMAT was a shocker!


I solved a lot more questions from the [tooltip=Official Guide]OG[/tooltip] before my second attempt. I also did a few practice problems from the Powerprep tests to get a feel of the computer testing environment.

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Real GMAT : 730 (97%)

Q : 48 v: 42


My practice test scores ....In the order I took ...




Q-49 93%

V-38 84%

TOT - 710 95%




Q - 46 V - 42

TOT - 710




Q - 37 V - 44

TOT - 650


(This test had some bug - It didn't count some of my correct answers )




Q - 45 V - 45

TOT - 720




Q - 46 V - 44

TOT - 720






I - 620

II - 680




Verbal - 36 Maths - 57




Verbal - 42 Quants - 50



770 (I knew all the questions)

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Actual 770 / 6.0 (50 quany/45 verb) november '03


Kaplan 550, 610, 590, 640, 620, 650, 640, 670 (in order)


I used kaplan and found they were much harder than the real test. my practive scores gradually increased after eight practice exams from 550 to 670, when I felt ready to take the real thing.


the practice exams helped me most with the actual format and setting of the exam. I practiced at my desk with no distractions and had a clock next to me at all times. this, and getting the first ten questions right AT ALL COSTS are the two pieces of advice I can offer anyone taking the exam again.


good luck, and hope to see you in classes in the fall.

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I'm completely stressed,


I've been studying for the GMAT for 3 months now.


I'm going to write the GMAT next week.


PP1 - 700

PP2 - 720

REA - 730

Kaplan Diagnostics 650

Kaplan GMAT 1 - 520

Kaplan GMAT 2 - 560

800 Math test (download) 90%


All of the practice excercises I've done on the Kaplan V.5 I've done very well usually above 80% (it doesn't scale the score). But I keep getting killed on the Actual practice GMAT CAT for kaplan. I mean even when I go through their answers, it takes me 4-5 minutes per question to write it all down sometimes. Their RC questions are ALL filled with words which are completely greek to me (nouns and Verbs) which makes it almost impossible to find the purpose, scope etc.


I am soooo stressed, should I postpone, I'm shooting for at least a 690 and I don't want to have to repeat it.


Does anyone know if the Kaplan software is set up to give you harder questions if you do reasonably well on the diagnostics? I'm thinking of erasing the diagnostics and seeing if the CAT gives me different questions (Easier). I've also been going through the Kaplan 800 book and even THESE questions are much easier than the ones I'm getting when I do the full GMAT CAt in Kaplan!!!


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Actual GMAT: 700 (Q43/V42)- 3/11/04

PP: 690 - 3/6/04

640 - 2/28/04

Kaplan: 540 (got this twice - a few weeks apart, a month or so before the test)


I only used their Quant sections, and they were really good.

29 and 45.


Kaplan is crap. I highly recommend the Crack-GMAT Quant materials.


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Real GMAT 760 Q49 V46


Prep scores (in chronological order):

Kaplan Diag.	630	Q39	V39	
PowerPrep CAT1	750	Q47	V47	(before touching OG)
Kaplan CAT1	640	Q38	V38	
Kaplan CAT2	650	Q37	V40	
Kaplan CAT3	640	Q36	V40	
PowerPrep CAT2	770	Q50	V47	(after OG)

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Real GMAT : 710 (49Q, 38V)


PP 1 : 710 (50Q, 36V)

PP 2 : 700 (49Q, 37V)


Other tests in Chronological order


PR 1 online : 610

PR 1 CD: 680

PR 2 online : 620

PR 2 CD: 730

PR 3 CD: 670

PR 3 online : 680

PR 4 CD: 700

Kaplan Diag: 680

Kaplan CD 1: 630

Kaplan CD 2: 570


Both Power Preps were done before [tooltip=Official Guide]OG[/tooltip].

Good Luck All.

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Used only ETS paper tests, no PR etc


Paper test scores: 610, 650, 630, 740, 680, 690 in that order


Real test after about a month of paper tests: 700 (Q42, V45)


IMO, paper tests are the best way to prepare, as they are actual tests that include the scaled scores and should be deadly accurate if timed.


The real GMAT (CAT) can be a bit more unnerving due to the fact that you get a harder question after getting the previous one correct, etc. My strategy for the Quant section (my weaker subject) was to realize that, unlike on the ETS paper tests, once you get to a tough question it sometimes pays to take a quick guess and bring the level of questions down a bit. Otherwise, if you're intent on solving questions above your level of difficulty, you will waste too much time and fail to complete the section.


I think that the CAT is a more accurate assessment of skill level because the paper tests allow for a wide range of possible scores depending on the success of guessed answers, while the CAT "reigns in" your guesswork a bit.


Those of you with 99% Q scores don't need to think this way, of course...

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